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Jack Dec 2020
there is no such thing as perfect,
try and try anyhow.
live selfishly by doing things that make you smile.
successful is something you make up along the way.
walk your own path, day by day.

the world is dark and frightening,
that's what music is for.
the Earth is made of the same dust you are, (stardust!)
      so you can't disappoint her.

there is no such thing as time,
we've got what we've got.
      say, "good morning" to everything.
      how amazing,
                to be.

dance, cry, hurt, make, –––  free.
sometimes i can't remember anything about my Pop and it breaks my heart, other times i can hear the things he'd say, clear as day.
Jack Jun 2020
a cry for help takes effort
lungs inflating over time
courage paced

whispers at first
feeling like a waste of space

I reached the point of screaming
into loved ones ears
they didn’t hear
You are not alone. Keep screaming.
  May 2020 Jack
migayle ocuaman
Tell me how mad men sleep and dream,
Yet with tired eyes and trembling scream.
Jack Feb 2020
I wish you loved me enough.

Enough to hold me.

I give you everything and you don’t even love me that much.

It’s not enough.

Stop asking for more. I’ll break.
  Oct 2019 Jack
They tell me
I am so adventurous
Because I moved to another

But little did
They know I was
Simply running away from

They tell me
I am so successful
In finding and creating my

But little did
They know I have failed
At the one thing I meant to do;

Jack Oct 2019
To fight for the right to exist

Is to be unalive

To be half of the person you could be

To exist in spite of adversity

To fight for the right to exist

Is something not commonly experienced

Those privileged to exist without adversity

Cannot empathise with the fight

To fight for the right to exist

Is not necessarily activism

Is not necessarily bravery

It is often scrambling from dark corner to corner in search of safety

broken and bleeding
If you think this is for you, it probably is. It’s a historical battle that moves from group to group but seemingly never stops.
Jack Dec 2018
I don’t miss you

It’s like you haven’t left
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