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Dec 2020 · 118
City love
Chase Pamplin Dec 2020
I always say the city looks so perfect at night, on the five headed south bound downtown where I can see all the city lights. Mesmerized with some intentions of inspiration, thoughts flowing through my brain ready explode but there’s no button for the detonation. Let the count down begin, but for my sake please start from ten. I want to soak it in, I want to feel alive once more all the way to my very end.

I love my city San Diego, CA
Dec 2020 · 397
Loving you
Chase Pamplin Dec 2020
I can’t imagine life if there is no you. I’ve trained my mind to never have unwanted thoughts of doubt. There’s no complications in the love you give, to leave behind the affection you provide would be something I couldn’t live without. So always remain you.

Dec 2020 · 61
I am home
Chase Pamplin Dec 2020
In a meadow filled with dreams, and the shadows with sporadic amounts of light resembles sunbeams. Footsteps kick up an ample amount dust, there’s no words to use, so there’s no reason to fuss. Keep calm, keep the thoughts at bay, I know you are near, my heart beats for you even when your away. My arms are open awaiting that sweet embrace, this is home, this is your safe space.

Dec 2020 · 131
Chase Pamplin Dec 2020
Thankful for life I live, thankful for the love I give. The vibe of the people created to become equal. The tribe of one can never overcome: the support, the transitions from a group that amplifies your ambitions. For the growth that allowed me change, just know the peace within myself will always remain the same.

Nov 2020 · 205
I feel it, you feel it
Chase Pamplin Nov 2020
I feel it.....Complications in communicating has me misbehaving. In every relationship the ship sinks and it simply isn’t worth saving. I didn’t care who it hurt more, one hundred percent satisfaction not guaranteed, me treating you like you were the only one is a misfortune in my misdeeds. These actions aren’t like me! The will to change is just unlikely! I can feel it in my core. When there’s drama I tend to only call momma, voicing my actions when the road is slippery my mind has no traction. From the younger me to older me I seen mistakes I knew to change but remained the same. Being a nice guy to an ******* I closed off my heart to everyone else, but I closed off my heart to no one but feel it.

Make changes in your life to open new doors. If you close off emotions, and not deal with your past you will continue to hurt not only yourself but others as well. Make the necessary changes to grow.
Oct 2020 · 117
Calculated problems
Chase Pamplin Oct 2020
She wants a lot of love but I can’t force the body to consume what it doesn’t digest, to be fair we were young, in love with our toxins, and slightly obsessed. It’s kind of hard to part ways when you once shared better days. Tears falling from her porcelain skin, I stepped in like ancestors in the form of guided winds. I uplifted you, showed you that you are worth more than a number from the mouths of many men “she’s a ten”. As we both walk away from the pain, the love we have for each other will always remain. Bad relationships have knowledge in the end, the take away is.......****! We should of stayed friends.

When you are young with no experience. You accept certain people. You don’t know what you have you just know you like that person. But when you grow, your eyes start to realize that it’s not what you want.
Oct 2020 · 402
Opening Up
Chase Pamplin Oct 2020

Oct 2020 · 229
Chase Pamplin Oct 2020
I’m trying to find the words to say,  but my brain can’t keep up with my mouth so it can’t be processed. Beauty isn’t everything but when you speak, wisdom pours out and I’m slightly obsessed. I like those earth tone colors you wear, it lets my mind know that you are all the elements combined into one. I love candid shots from behind when your backs against the sun. Even your silhouette is beautiful on my camera screen these pixels tell no lies, perfection in my eyes look at the goddess you’ve become.

Chase Pamplin Sep 2020
In this dying age of not so manly men. Suppressed our emotions, we use to bury them. Crying was portrayed as being weak, if you get knocked down, dust yourself off, shake hands, you win some you lose some life is bitter sweet. That’s what real men did! Nowadays you’d rather take a life instead of getting your *** beat! A fake man behind a gun, what would you rather teach your son? Would you rather him sit behind bars from banging in the streets, thinking “man that was dumb” we’ve became soft this is what manhood has become.

Grew up around what society has labeled us to be. We make choices, we have choices, we don’t have to become what people say we are.
Sep 2020 · 138
Beyond the matters
Chase Pamplin Sep 2020
Beyond the matters I was guided through disasters. Every tear was due to fear, all the pain, every scrape equals a hefty amount of blood stains. No games we’re all human, we’re all built different but equally the same. What a shame to not see the difference! Our actions and words determine the reference, our backs are always on the wall, heads down because we are constantly on the defense. What position do I play? What’s the role of the day? Living in a illusion every day. What’s that they always say? Stay strong........but how can I nowadays?

Chase Pamplin Sep 2020
My heart hurts,
Trying to be open *****,
I’m in shambles,
I’m in my feels,
I’m in my head
saying ***!
Aug 2020 · 240
Love is At A Distance
Chase Pamplin Aug 2020
Words are coded
and love is at a distance,
I felt the hurt in an instance.
Smart enough to comprehend this, to bad my heart couldn’t understand the difference to prevent this.

Aug 2020 · 209
Miles a minute
Chase Pamplin Aug 2020
The body is relaxed, face expressions are lazy. If I was hooked to a polygraph the readings will indicate my mind has been going crazy. Thoughts of: What to do? Where to go? How to love? Who are you? How to succeed? Scraped up, scared up until I bleed. I’ve been working my soul, sometimes I feel like my spirit is on blow, I’ve been working on goals that nobody knows simply because the world doesn’t need to see. Do you feel me? Yes, no, maybe so, indeed!

Aug 2020 · 326
The choice
Chase Pamplin Aug 2020
I choose to constantly break myself for you. You’ll never have wonder why or beg for clues. I’m always guarded the walls I’ve put up are finished but the process of tearing them down I’ve started. Life is hectic, chaotic, and slightly *******, a society lost in translation is what’s for sale in the market. I’ve upgraded my silence, the chemical compounds have been mixed up in our science. But I’m better for you, I’ve lost myself in the past, but I’m subjected to you, I have fears I’ve made that clear, but I’m here always my dear.

Aug 2020 · 138
We are good.
Chase Pamplin Aug 2020
Quiet nights,

Sometimey life,

Too many questions like
“what’s wrong?”

when things are right.
Aug 2020 · 162
Feel for the mind
Chase Pamplin Aug 2020
I flipped through the scriptures in my scattered mind. I’m not lacking substance, I’m not lacking abundance, I’m not lacking love. If everything else fails when it comes to push and shove, all I’m wanting is consistency with a heavy amount of trust. My heart feels no misery, my heart feels the chemistry, my body feels lust, the strokes from the ******* creating a mental bust. Who needs stability to love beyond measures? Grab the tools because x marks the spot on your heart that reveals the buried treasure.

Jul 2020 · 163
Water she is
Chase Pamplin Jul 2020
Soothing sounds from the crashing waves my soul is at ease loving these peaceful days.  So please may I have another? This boat is rocking me to sleep like a new born in the arms of his mother. Time is a factor but I don’t pay attention to the clock, water is a whole entire energy and I love the way she talks. The moon is shining from the stillness of her body, she can’t be recreated, she can’t be carbon copied. Rejuvenate the soil from these manmade spoils, you are damaged with trash, sewage, and oils. Wrap me up like a coil, I won’t try to fight back, instead of going with the flow I’ll work on what my character truly lacks.

Listen to her speak. She will guide you.
Jul 2020 · 365
Only the lonely
Chase Pamplin Jul 2020
Only the lonely truly understand how to love.
It was given to us but we can’t feel it, if you’ve closed off your heart we want to heal it.

I’ll never let you feel alone inside.
Jul 2020 · 124
Stable for you
Chase Pamplin Jul 2020
What’s the monthly expense on mental health? About three break downs, a bunch smiles turned into frowns. I’ve mastered the technique of stealth an unwanted characteristic of ones self. Emotions I don’t speak of to much, I’m in my mind a million times picturing how moments should be to much, these thoughts are brewing like a potion, so cheers! bottoms up. I have a countless amount of fears, I dare not show my tears, I’ve been roaming around for years searching for bars just to get the signal clear. I hope you hear me! I’ve knocked a hole in the wall just so you can feel me. A written persona of my own truth just so I can heal not only me but my surroundings.

Jul 2020 · 106
Chase Pamplin Jul 2020
Don’t waste your time, you’ve lost what you couldn’t find.  I’m not sorry for searching for the person I want to be. Growth is a choice and I’m trying find my voice. I don’t want to be seen, I want to be heard if you know what I mean. Stuck and stagnant is the same resemblance of my mind, finding the truth within myself is what I’m destined to find. Current just like the waves, no guidance so I misbehave, my thoughts are treacherous to my soul so they’ve made me a ******* slave. Live with my actions, life is like a bubble with no captions. Please god don’t put those walls up, please god those doors are shut, please god is there a key for me? So I can speak to my guardian angel who was suppose to there for me! Is there a cure for the blind to see? What’s good for you is hopefully good for me. If only I could truly be set free.

Jul 2020 · 372
Chase Pamplin Jul 2020
Her affirmation starts off like: No foul play to my heart no worries on my soul. She’s been churning solutions since day one in her mixing bowl. Adding the right ingredients for someone who’s disobedient, manners but shows defiance a loyal subject with some guidance. Her neck bent up to the heavens above asking is this love? When she’s stuck in a prison words of wisdom she is searching for when she’s feeling so alone. Her search is finally done because when she sees me, my arms are open telling her she can finally come on home.

Be her safe space. Be her protector. Give her guidance when she’s searching for it. Help her. Uplift her. Make your energy feel like home for her. Understanding your equal is understanding the world.
Jul 2020 · 600
Thoughts of her
Chase Pamplin Jul 2020
Today I dreamt of ocean blue because the tides represents you. The sun enchanting the clouds with a burnt orange reflection, the love I have for you has no reds flags or interjections. You are someone worth having, you plugged me in so I can feel our connection. You know what they say “tough skin builds after the scabbing” you’ve had previous wounds but I’ve listened to your heart beat and it sings a different tune. Especially when we touch, especially when we fu...... I mean let rephrase that! Especially when you ask for me: to tell truth, and be open with you, I love it! You aren’t asking for much. But at the end of the day you know my heart remains, you give me life and I do the same.

Jun 2020 · 135
Chase Pamplin Jun 2020
He said: How many tickets do I need for the prize of love, sorry kid you don’t have enough. Scrapes and bruises, knock me down but I’ll get back up, life shouldn’t be this rough. Man made misguidance there’s no artificial flavoring in my defiance. I’ll take what I want! Yea you heard me! Check the facts! Roman numerals IN ALL CAPS! Double space the scriptures in this western medicine philosophy to push pills over tinctures with labels that says “Swallow Me”. No deliverance in my Holy Spirit, there’s demons in all of us screaming to be set free but society has air pods in and can’t hear it. I’m a rebel with a cause so please sir let me be there’s chemicals flowing through my veins because I am unbalanced. Look what this world has done to me I’m slowly being dissolved if only you would have taken my tickets for love but no one wants me simply because I am now “damaged”.

People ruin good people. Everyone wants a bad dude over the good dude. Until that good dude doesn’t want to be good anymore. Then you hear “you’ve changed”. Thank you I wonder why.
Jun 2020 · 370
Melinated Queen P2
Chase Pamplin Jun 2020
It’s captivating to watch you think. You refuse to fall like deteriorated minds that use to surround you who can’t float but would rather see you sink. Every breathe you take has airwaves of knowledge in it, I can feel every word you speak. You love yourself, you know yourself, you’ve out grown yourself, indigenous one you haven’t even reached your peak. The trail of footsteps leaves remnants of lights behind you, numbers don’t lie but you don’t let them define you, the heavens do cry for our people and everyday the world reminds you. The fabrics you wear compliments the glow radiating from your skin. Unfortunate eyes belittle you, the hate they carry within. They see you as brown, you hear them talk down, it takes forty three muscles to make a frown, so instead you smile while holding your head up high to let them see a queen rocking her crown. The universe just wanted you to properly bless them.

My queens are out here suffering. Not getting the love they deserve even by our own men. As men we need to do better and show our queens how much they mean to us. Little words of care and love will turn the whole day around.
Chase Pamplin Jun 2020
I wanted you! What a Kodak moment, you were a keeper with tasteful features. I thought you seen the bigger picture, in my head you provided the correct ingredients but there’s no flavor in the mixture. Binge drinking for days trying to drown out old memories, no one tells you heart break takes seconds but the process of getting over it feels like centuries. I’ve been down this road time and time again, the same plot with a beginning, middle, wishing the pain would stop but there’s no end. The love we all feel it, the dealer is in front of me, I have ****** cards but I didn’t deal it. By any means put these feelings to rest just **** it.

To take off the mask in the mist of deep love from a person that treated you as an equal hurts.
May 2020 · 98
Chase Pamplin May 2020
Box me in! Cage me up! Throw away the key! I’m in a simulated world were the choice of my skin determines if I’m free. They said I couldn’t read, they kept knowledge away from me. I am not dead but on land my status says that I am “BLACK!” A name that was pasted down from generations now onto me. He who has the power has the ability to change our history, so “BLACK” I AM BORN TO BE! Wiped out where I come from! Christianity pushed down upon me. Took away my gods and told me who I should now pray to, but master this man doesn’t look anything like me.

May 2020 · 417
The tension
Chase Pamplin May 2020
The way she’s speaking and spitting her words using v-e-r-b-***. What’s the nouns and adjectives that I can use to get you undressed? Her body language is heavy, throwing me off but throwing out signs. The ****** tension between us is boosting up like turbines. This is no tragedy, her body is in agony, tossing and turning and yearning to cleanse her sins with the simplest touch. In my head from what I read, I hope what I’m translating isn’t too much.

Read between the lines. You don’t always have to get into her pants first. Tap into her mind, learn about her, she will show you more than just ***.
May 2020 · 354
Chase Pamplin May 2020
Let’s drown in the currents of our emotion, I’ll swim up stream for you just to show you my devotion. I’ve meditated and asked my guardian angels to watch over you, I’ve been dedicated to show my love because my heart beats for you. I’ll give up my whole being just to see you smile again, but don’t worry in the next life I will find you and tell you how much love you once again.

The appreciation I have for you
May 2020 · 347
Her P3
Chase Pamplin May 2020
Frost tipped roses shining from the midnight moon she’s healed her foremothers every solstice with a cleansing of the womb. Her skin glows perfect when the sun reaches it’s peak, guided travelers with an ample amount knowledge is what she seeks. Don’t open up her heart and tamper with her beliefs. If you aren’t going to love her like how she should don’t interrupt her peace.

May 2020 · 115
Vessel I Am
Chase Pamplin May 2020
I’m a walking vessel but my corps is out to sea. I walk this land pretending to know who I am. I pass different eyes everyday and all they see me as is the straw man. In the flesh I know exactly who I’m meant to be but on documents an paper a disclaimer, false identification, the g.o.v. has taken my name but you won’t believe me. What is it that my soul has felt? Whips and chains, backlashes from a belt, aches an blood stains. A slave I still am but that’s something I had to rediscover, I demand more pain....please sir may I have another?

Apr 2020 · 131
Love is meant to be bent
Chase Pamplin Apr 2020
The master with the power to control, we aren’t voting for love but there’s enough numbers on the tole. There’s a casting call for all weary hearts and we all want the role. Place yourself in another’s shoes. Who’s a mind reader because we need answers for the hidden agenda behind the question marks with clues. A magnifying glass to read the fine print. Is that you I hear calling out for me? Love in its true nature has curves it’s meant to be bent. Just know as a whole you are the one for me.

Apr 2020 · 495
She said
Chase Pamplin Apr 2020
She said: I love consistency but I lust for trust. If you haven’t healed from past traumas then there won’t be an us. I don’t do the bare minimum! What I need is for you to stimulate my brain, our conversations need depth. I’m simple but if you have nothing to offer then you will get left. Up keeping my brain helps me maintain stability an willing I just won’t open up. You have to fight for what you want even if it may seem to tough. But I was built to last, I’m me, myself, my own kind, just like shucking for pearls I am hard to find.

Apr 2020 · 61
Chase Pamplin Apr 2020
Being chosen to be born into this world, the universe has blessed me. But due to trails and tribulations the learning process of “trying” to be perfect has stressed me. Insecurities, anxiety, drunk thoughts but this is sober poetry. I’m free falling in my dreams with nobody there to catch me.

Apr 2020 · 54
Fallen People
Chase Pamplin Apr 2020
I wish peace to far the east for our fallen queens. Complexion of our skin doesn’t have hate written on it but history has a hidden truth behind the scenes. We’ve walked the plains for centuries, forgotten past but when we tone to the frequency we can tap into old memories. Back when we use to own, back when we had a language before it was stripped away an became unknown. Pages of life have been ripped out, tv only shows us behind bars, being shot, slowly being wiped out. Health is wealth in the mind and that’s without a doubt. An unknown race without a place or direction, In time if we pray we can ask our ancestors for protection.

Apr 2020 · 111
Worth it
Chase Pamplin Apr 2020
Kiss her tender.......make her remember........why you choose her. Take her home and make love to her like it was the very first time. It was tricky, specifically in order to get to her heart she made me use my mind. Plenty of fish in the sea, this was challenging for me but she was worth the find. Universal ***, a divine connect, chills down her spine, her portal is one of the reasons why she remains forever one of a kind.

When she worth it all.
Apr 2020 · 466
Chase Pamplin Apr 2020
Levels of various experiences. She only wants one! Whats done has been done. What’s equivalent to another meaning of L-O-V-E? There’s always going to be a you and me or maybe a you and I. But we can’t strive together if we can’t see eye to eye. Evolved qualities understanding a love is someone who will cherish all of you. Making you my equal and putting no one else

Let her know she’s your equal. She’s not just a girlfriend she’s not just a wife. She’s apart of your life she’s the love of your life. Side by side, through thick and thin.
Mar 2020 · 233
Thanks to the mothers
Chase Pamplin Mar 2020
I have to thank the
universe for blessing
your moms womb for
choosing you to
come into this life.
Words of appreciation for you and your mom.
Feb 2020 · 194
Chase Pamplin Feb 2020
The mind took a toll on the joy you once freely gave away. Affected by your words! For someone with no soul my heart is something that slowly started to decay. Karma caught up to me! It wasn’t by choice but the universe decided that I must pay. You can’t run, you can’t hide, no one really has a say!

Feb 2020 · 533
Let her teach you
Chase Pamplin Feb 2020
You taught me to be at peace with myself and make life serene.

Where would I be without my teacher?

Better yet what would I do without you my queen?


Ask for a teacher and they shall appear. Women bring the balance. The yin & yang.
Feb 2020 · 129
Chase Pamplin Feb 2020
The masses, the one percents. A collective group, they’ll follow through with a cover up for who they choose to shoot. Pharmaceutical money, some funny business going on around here. But molasses is stickier than honey.  No growth for our fallen, our youth is out here swallowing pills. Depressed from all these bills, no action from all the knowledge we are lacking. Older folks are looking at us shaking their heads but not speaking is something they are truly slacking. We won’t manage, we are damaged. I blame who runs the planet. We are bored so we create an **** like rabbits, the womb can’t heal itself because we’re stuck in our ways. In the beginning I was free but now I’m trapped with old habits. Controlled through routine, I hope you feel me, I hope you understand what I mean. Life’s a ***** but I’m a feign.

Feb 2020 · 343
Her P2
Chase Pamplin Feb 2020
She’s my personal sunset. Her aura glows, honey brown eyes when her eyelids close. The words out of her mouth is poetry, it took an equal amount of knowledge just for her to notice me. Her body language speaks action and it shows. Her love is a lullaby, I’ll hear it wherever she goes.

I listen to you. I hear you always. No matter the distance, I feel you.
Feb 2020 · 163
She use to. I see you
Chase Pamplin Feb 2020
I seen her for who she was. Scars on her body looked like shooting stars, cutting herself use to be her favorite hobby just to release the pain. Just looking at her in her natural state let’s me know she was sent from the heavens above. She loved holes in her shirts, bandages, and blood stains. I’ll take you for who you are. Love you for who you are. I’ll collect your thoughts even if they are to far. I know your not dumb what a beautiful mess you’ve become. Her childhood was truly dramatic, but self growth overcomes the traumatic’s.

Seeing people for who they are an sticking with them through it all so they can overcome anything is being a true humanitarian. One love
Feb 2020 · 568
Motherly Soul
Chase Pamplin Feb 2020
Don’t complicate the issue when a man says “I miss you”. Maybe it’s your essence, maybe it’s your presence. Yea we make mistakes but maybe it’s your motherly soul that was born into existence.

Men search for women that care for them like their mothers. We make not speak on it but it’s true. No one is going to love you like your mom. So if she cares for you and loves you the same way. That’s a blessing
Feb 2020 · 911
Chase Pamplin Feb 2020
You give me reasons to think, you are the reasons to why this little boat won’t sink. Motivations from a strong woman, there is nothing I wouldn’t put above you, you are god given. Heaven sent, she can’t be bent. Diamonds never fold under pressure, you have the map to your beautiful mind. How many footsteps it takes to unlock that buried treasure no man has ever took the time to enjoy that wonderful pleasure. The hardest people in life are worth keeping, you are pure inside and out, you deserve a lot of affection, you know how to keep my attention. You are the woman men die for and worth seeking if I haven’t failed to mention.

Jan 2020 · 215
Body Damage
Chase Pamplin Jan 2020
You’ve failed to manage, I’m Screaming body damage! No means no but yet you still took advantage......of my innocence. The ignorance in your arrogance has took a toll and I’ve failed to manage I’m Yelling body damage! I’ve took abuse, I was art, I was a muse, a unapologetic way to ******. Your eyes scrolled up and down at me like a page for someone you desire an tried to seek. Just because I dress certain ways doesn’t make me a freak! You’ve made it hard for me to manage....this is body damage. I’m no *****! I’m no ***! Just another another victim and nobody knows. I took a step back on all my goals. In therapy wanting to speak! It’s confidential, it’s discreet. I’m having day time flashbacks. Nightmares of you in my sleep. You’ve made life traumatic, this is body damage!

For the voices that can’t be heard. For everyone that’s been taken advantage of this one is for you.
Jan 2020 · 56
Chase Pamplin Jan 2020
What if skin tones had a voice?
Would racism be a choice?
Would they connect with the heart?
Would our souls rejoice?  

We’re all crayons in a
box coloring pictures
trying to stay in the
lines until we color outside
them and figure out that
it’s all fine.
We are all divine!
if we all came together we
would all cure the traumas
that was created throughout our time.

Jan 2020 · 126
Body Sensation
Chase Pamplin Jan 2020
To move the chills

I give you within your skin.

Every muscle to create a graceful smile.

My eyes have already captured an endless amount of your time.

You are no doctor but the prescription of your presence is something one should always recommend.

Let’s make love Retro again.

To make the love one cherish fell every sensation in their body is a privilege. Connect with their mind. Create with them. Love them. Hold them. Do it all just because. The energy between two beings is everything.
Jan 2020 · 132
The Distance
Chase Pamplin Jan 2020

                             You can keep
                                 my heart.
                                    It isn’t
Jan 2020 · 34
Summer love
Chase Pamplin Jan 2020
She’s said: you’re words cut deep every time we speak. I gave you my whole being. Your eyes were open but you weren’t seeing. Emotionless, but I still gave you my heart. I had a light inside but you hit the switch an now all I see is dark. Why’d you treat me this way? You sold me hopes and dreams at wholesale price like I was shopping on eastbay. But with each day that passes by an I still hold you close. I wish you nothing but a better life out there on the west coast my summer love.

Jan 2020 · 108
Chase Pamplin Jan 2020
The true nature of myself is resurfacing.
X and Y chromosomes split.
This is a rekindling a natural born re-birthing. Don’t regurgitate what life has once fed.
Let’s review the topic of what ones eyes just read.
Let’s bury the old me and keep his simple *** dead!

Let’s keep the past in the past and focus more on our present growth. Let’s live with wanting more out of life than what we can buy in the stores. Cherish it all, and don’t waste time.
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