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Chase Pamplin Feb 17
The mind took a toll on the joy you once freely gave away. Affected by your words! For someone with no soul my heart is something that slowly started to decay. Karma caught up to me! It wasn’t by choice but the universe decided that I must pay. You can’t run, you can’t hide, no one really has a say!

Chase Pamplin Feb 12
You taught me to be at peace with myself and make life serene.

Where would I be without my teacher?

Better yet what would I do without you my queen?


Ask for a teacher and they shall appear. Women bring the balance. The yin & yang.
Chase Pamplin Feb 10
The masses, the one percents. A collective group, they’ll follow through with a cover up for who they choose to shoot. Pharmaceutical money, some funny business going on around here. But molasses is stickier than honey.  No growth for our fallen, our youth is out here swallowing pills. Depressed from all these bills, no action from all the knowledge we are lacking. Older folks are looking at us shaking their heads but not speaking is something they are truly slacking. We won’t manage, we are damaged. I blame who runs the planet. We are bored so we create an **** like rabbits, the womb can’t heal itself because we’re stuck in our ways. In the beginning I was free but now I’m trapped with old habits. Controlled through routine, I hope you feel me, I hope you understand what I mean. Life’s a ***** but I’m a feign.

She’s my personal sunset. Her aura glows, honey brown eyes when her eyelids close. The words out of her mouth is poetry, it took an equal amount of knowledge just for her to notice me. Her body language speaks action and it shows. Her love is a lullaby, I’ll hear it wherever she goes.

I listen to you. I hear you always. No matter the distance, I feel you.
I seen her for who she was. Scars on her body looked like shooting stars, cutting herself use to be her favorite hobby just to release the pain. Just looking at her in her natural state let’s me know she was sent from the heavens above. She loved holes in her shirts, bandages, and blood stains. I’ll take you for who you are. Love you for who you are. I’ll collect your thoughts even if they are to far. I know your not dumb what a beautiful mess you’ve become. Her childhood was truly dramatic, but self growth overcomes the traumatic’s.

Seeing people for who they are an sticking with them through it all so they can overcome anything is being a true humanitarian. One love
Don’t complicate the issue when a man says “I miss you”. Maybe it’s your essence, maybe it’s your presence. Yea we make mistakes but maybe it’s your motherly soul that was born into existence.

Men search for women that care for them like their mothers. We make not speak on it but it’s true. No one is going to love you like your mom. So if she cares for you and loves you the same way. That’s a blessing
You give me reasons to think, you are the reasons to why this little boat won’t sink. Motivations from a strong woman, there is nothing I wouldn’t put above you, you are god given. Heaven sent, she can’t be bent. Diamonds never fold under pressure, you have the map to your beautiful mind. How many footsteps it takes to unlock that buried treasure no man has ever took the time to enjoy that wonderful pleasure. The hardest people in life are worth keeping, you are pure inside and out, you deserve a lot of affection, you know how to keep my attention. You are the woman men die for and worth seeking if I haven’t failed to mention.

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