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Mollie 2d
who knew a soul could ache in this way
Mollie Jan 21
she spread her huge wings and
flew up to the sky
she asked all the gods when it was
she would die
they responded in grief:
"your time will come soon.
but until then, dear girl,
you're destined to bloom"
I'm feeling numb. Disheartened. I question daily my worth, and the value I provide to this earth. Sometimes it gets so much that I just was to...disappear. To never have existed. It takes a lot to remind myself that we all have purpose, and we're all destined to bloom.
Mollie Nov 2018
burdened by the intense understanding of their anatomy,
their mortality
the human condition was to often forget how to live, for they always knew they would die.
from the tissues of the brain,
to the arteries within their hearts,
like psychics hovering over crystal *****,
humans saw themselves decay
and their world decay
with the pollution and destruction
they saw the effects of their reality forced upon those not aware enough to have a choice
how could they know that the creation of time would allow them to track every second
of grief,
every moment of pain.
time became an instrument of torture.
the days and the nights,
alone. the clock ticks,
tocks, two seconds.
two more seconds alone.
the compilation of pixels on a screen which
promotes entertainment
opened them up to the realities of the world
and children screamed
and choked
tear gas burned their eyes.
desensitised to violence,
they lied to them, their children...

Not perfect, but this was my stream of consciousness upon hearing the news the other morning.
Mollie Jul 2018
sometimes it feels like fire ants
crawl through my veins
masquerading as a bleeding,
pumping heart
they nibble at my nerves and
catch against my skin.
am I buried in the ground?
an indescribable weight against
my chest,
is it soil?
is it pain?
what's the difference, I am buried either way

- mollie traylor
Mollie Jul 2018
you know how
sea water stings
fresh cuts? it permeates
the skin
feeling almost sour,
like when fizzing candy touches the roof of your mouth.
thats how it felt
when I held back
salt water tears
and allowed them to coat
the wounds of my broken heart

ribbons of black
themselves over the curves of my mind
I'm swallowed by darkness
once again

— The End —