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Walk me into the sunlight
Let me lie down there
Perhaps upon a hillside
Where shadows do not care

Here on this grassy shoulder
Of a giant long at rest
Who fought against the titans
It was said he did his best

From here I’ll say goodbye
To Apollo, Ra, or Sol
I do not know a true god
So I better thank them all

A thousand bowls past
A million sips of whiskey
Mary Jane and Beam
I think those two will miss me

Let me look into your eyes
Ah they make me smile
Would you care to sit with me
For just a little while

I promise not to keep you
You want to see this land
I would have liked to join you
But it isn’t what was planned

I’ll catch a shooting star
Holding tightly on its tail
And we can say goodbye
As if I’m off to sail
Driven out from your dark corner
everything feels in a disorder
i'm guessing that your comfort zone
was just a grey zone
fulfilling nothing but pleasing
untitled, meaningless desires.
Life you say is grey too but at that assumption  
you forgot about black and white
you forgot the vigorous emotions
that made you feel alive.
But don't forget you are human not some narcissistic being
pretending drama, craving attention.
No matter who you are you do not know
what kind of man you've become
until the very end.
 Jun 2018 Ma Cherie
Melissa S
The battle between
darkness and depression
is onslaught for any troubled soul
for it takes place much deeper
than any dug out hole
This darkness seems to just find me
Takes over my world into my sanctuary
It settles around the iris of my eyes
Turning me into someone who just seems to cry
Rooted in negativity and lost in my pain
Through my eyes it enters my brain
Corrupting my each and every thought
Breeding unwelcome memories that like to haunt
Spreading now like poison through my veins
Trying to take over till nothing remains
Writing words is my only defense
When nothing else I do makes any sense
The power of prose keeps that place deep within me
Safe and free from this darkened toxicity…
Sometimes writing is the only way to get it out my crazy and I know that other people out there also suffer from darkness/depression so just trying to hopefully help others in the process
the darkness I cling to
is easily gathered by the midnight madness
that is instilled deep within my empty heart

and my only thought is to speak of you

dark and ruthless
I am witness to your pleasured moans
as your blind mouth is lulled into sleep

oh poor disheveled soul

ravished by your lustful ways

and I
born a harlot of the night
upon bended knee
your heated desires
as my own

I can only warn you
that the night is now at hand

and we shall only reap
what the dark gods have sowed
for we have only known surpassing vanity

oh pray the earth and our sickened hearts
for we are nothing but dust

and I weep as a child for the past

spreading silence shot across empty skies
and the hills are left shuddering
such pale hands held on high
I toss my troubled hair to the northern winds

burnt burgundy lips
mouth so sweet so poisonous
tortured hands so white

I beg thee

reveal to me

that forbidden place

where the wicked meet the divine
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