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ML R Nov 2018
I want my mind to finally go silent.
I want to be buried six feet deep with flowers above me.
I want to hear the world finally go silent.
I want nothing but the darkness as my company.
ML R Nov 2018
I just can’t keep up
I can’t close my eyes, can’t rest
Awaiting the end
ML R Jun 2018
You were always asking if I was alright
Reply was always " Yes, I'm okay"
But deep down something is wrong
Believe me, my intentions aren't to lie.

Please just leave me out of the limelight
I don't know why, but I can't take on the day
I cannot be strong
This unknown pain beginning to preoccupy.
I've been feeling terrible with no real cause and I am unsure of how to explain the pain I feel.
ML R Jun 2018
Flirting with death,
Dreaming of abandoning this life.
My skin begs to see the sun,
As I spend  my nights drowning in the shadows.
You were my everything,
Now I make sure I have nothing.
The power of the voices in my head,
Make me want to fill my brain with lead.
ML R Jun 2018
Keep trying till I overdose,
Pushing until I'm comatose.
Searching for something to dull it all out,
While my happiness is in a drought.
ML R Jun 2018
My mind full of thoughts of you
I'm overwhelmed.
These cold feelings tried and true
crying myself to sleep, begging to be held.
ML R Jun 2018
You say you want to see the real me
So take my hand and we shall coast through
The darkness in my mind that’s consuming me
Leaving everyday blue.

I say I haven’t always been like this
But I can’t remember a day of pure bliss.
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