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Red and white blooms, their leaves blowing, left my mind ubiquitous.
I felt in love.
The vision sublime.
Remember how I would write poems through the night and everyone near could wonder why?
Those were priceless moments.
The times I tried painting the picture of my love for her.
As I poured onto paper all my emotions in ink.
On the cold winter nights and rainy summer days,
I could write of happiness and pain, puppy love and how flawless she was and would forever be.
Trying to capture the inner peace.
I wrote and wrote once more and more
Releasing gently the words, both happy and sad but true.
I knew tears would fall someday, let them be.
Poetry from the beyond repair heart.
A sonnet that only you and I know.
A sonnet that could heal my broken soul.
A sonnet that its rhyme and melody flow,
Missing thee with evey inch of my soul.

Its beat must go with the one of my heart.
A sonnet that when I listen to makes me cry,
And paint the feelings of your heart.
A sonnet that will save my soul not to die.

A sonnet that will make us stay true.
A sonnet that will be umbiquitous
And make me smile when I feel blue.
Sing me a sonnet with a message for us.

A sonnet that will be gentle with my feelings.
A sonnet that will bring my life deeper meanings.
Notes (optional)
I want to be your Valentine.
Darling our love is simply divine.
With you I feel so very fine.
Oh, how I longed to make you mine.
I fell in love with you from the first moment I laid my eyes on you, Precious.

I love you more each day.
I love you more than this poem can say.
I will love you until our hair becomes gray.
Oh, darling promise me, you won't go away,
Our love will never fade away.
I would kiss you, if I may.

You are the light in my life.
I wish we could be husband and wife.
I can't imagine my life without you,
For I have dove with you in the ocean of love.
We will live together forever, like doves.
I will be your cartoon and act insane because I know how much that is going to make you laugh.
Please say you love me once even twice but never avoid my effort when I try.
Dedicated to the one that my heart love and disire.
The monster that lives in me,
Jealousy growing by each moment,
Makes life seem too greet for you, while I am drowning in pain.

I don't want to imagine your hands with him intertwined.
I don't want to imagine you with him sitting together, laughing and kissing,
While I am left cold.

Jealousy grows each moment I hear you calling his name smilling.
I hate it when I happen to see his pictures all over your phone,
Because you never once had a single picture of me there.
I feel poison burning in my blood stream.

When I think of how happier you're with him and not me, anger and hatred grows and I become insane.
Oh! I wish I could forget you completely.
I am still madly crazy in love with you .......
If only I never met you.
Nothing hurts more than to see you dancing with another man,
While I still crave for your love.
I love her oh yes I do and I will forever will.
  Sep 2015 Mlangeni Lindokuhle
it's not that special

what i do

because all i do

is put down


that sound cool:








there's no rhythm

in what i say

all i'm doing

is breaking


and adding

s p a c e s


(yes, sometimes)

i put my words

(in these)

in things we call parentheses

and sometimes

(yes, sometimes)

i repeat myself

and call it



on occasion

I might rhyme

but that takes thought

and that takes time

cat, hat, bat

late, hate, date

fat, gnat, mat

mate, fate, eight

sometimes syllables

can help your flow sound better

much like a haiku

if i talk about angst

death, love, and self-hate

(cliche topics)

it's deep

but my favorite

poem i ever


was about bacon

and god forbid

i capitalize

because that would mean

it didn't look artsy


Neither is this.

no punctuation

at all

people say my poetry

is beautiful

that I follow all the rules

but I didn't know there

were rules

to follow

really all I do

is put random words

random phrases

in random patterns

and call it art
Love train:
Kushu! Kushu! Kushu!
As it start to move and accelerate
From my heart to yours
By the aorta through the ateries and back
From your heart to mine
By the veins through the superior and the inferior it goes.

Love train:
From the love factories - our cardiacs
All over the rail ways - our veins
Transporting minerals - our feelings
Boiling our blood hot evaporating

Love train:
Keeping us connected even when apart,
Breaking the bounderies and passing through the caves and bridges of hate.
My first poem at Hello poetry and I would like to thank my friends Thomas A Fletcher and Cathy N who made my dream possible.

— The End —