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4.8k · Sep 2017
My Girl From Afar
She walks down pavement
She makes the government’s infrastructure look like beauty
Her beauty turns away the rules of the snooty conservative government
The constitution loses its soul
When she bends over to check the hood of a car about to roll
Her boyfriend accompanied by other boyfriends who hit on her
I stand on the sidelines
Problem is I murmur
You probably thought a stutter was worse

She’s such a high class gal
Despite her sultriness and I’m not judging
But I must mention she goes to Church
So you might still mistake her for being an uptown sister
She dances to rock music
Her head doesn’t even sway to the EDM that the plebeians surrounding her play
She’s an anachronism
But she just needs me to introduce her Monet’s impressionism
I bet her cultural values force her to mould Picasso’s Cubism

Even though I’m not a man’s man
She without influence is not enough
Because influencing is love
And I hope it is to this cute rebellious dud
I suppose from her house she ran
When she looked morose in school during period nine
It was English Drama and suddenly she couldn’t seem to remember the line

With her friends flanking her she walks and talks
She’s on the phone while she’s wearing her socks
She’s on the prowl she’s an active girl
That women is close to my heart
And I hope to treat her like a clam treats its pearl
Don't confuse this poignant lad to be a ******.
2.5k · Oct 2018
Natural Sex
Your nature is rather expressive
It creates dialogue in chirping happiness
Of birds climbing trees
But seemingly, doesn't lie in the height of apricot trees
In fallacies of piety
Like climbing from the apple flowers
To the suckling bees nestling in the flavor
Of the honey that comes from the *******
Of your breast that taste like apple and honey
As the petals of an aeolian wasp
Follow the areolar cusp
Hungering was part of the motivation
It was primal instinct of the ecstatic elation
So what about the leaves that turn brown
A Gilded crescent moon
Brings tawny owls in the night
Who can tread upon
But still see them leaves
Auric alchemy covering your ******
Like I can navigate your entire patina
Bodied with my left hand
Cupping your breast with the righteousness of writing
Now I'm ambidextrous
Teasing you with the tension
Of impressionism in my sensual seminar
Promising to pluck those flowers
I keep them in colored waters
So there's coruscating change
Within the cleft of the *******
Somehow I've found that to be trenchant theft
Of your virginity
There's more bliss in these pecks of mine
Except like woodpeckers pecking the bare-backs of fir trees
Inasmuch the resin falling
Keeping the Apollinaire's oil lamp of sin
Much alive
Earnestly timed
And the poetry reasonably alive
A thought of fire in a rustic cage
Like Pandora's box
In the Coming of Age, mysteriously
There's more bliss in these perks of mine
Unlike aphrodisiacs in the sea
The Cupid's bow keeps
The aquiline philtrums intertwined
In pilfering perfection
Even in the decorum of our moaning
In the face of the coitus and chorus
The suspicion of Venus
Doesn't keep out the lust
Of the allegory
That included symbolic Folly
But Folly was just a face
Realizing the purpose of her
Was just exploring pleasure
Emanating with your caressing climate
To leave no leaves unturned
When it came to my gruntled grunts
Then came the ******
Unoccluded and unencumbered
Of every language, pulchritude placid
"Love flows away
As life itself is slow"-Le Pont Mirabeau, Guillaume Apollinaire
2.1k · Oct 2018
Dark Alley
Shadowed windowpane
Walking under the ladder
A black cat with glassy eyes
Crosses the street
Where am I?
I'm stuck in a cul de sac
"The Sphinx-riddle. Solve it, or be torn to bits, is the decree.-D.H. Lawrence
2.0k · Nov 2018
Breathing In A Blackhole
Sun's flames
Burning with incandescence
Like Jupiter's
Of fluidic gases,
Valiance of the brightest blue
of a reasonable red
Carves cerulean into my
The pernicious
fissure releases
from my colorless possessions
Approaching the regal Sun
I am coruscating
As I concave
in the Solar nucleus
Nervously fused
Chemistry expedited ethereally

I am a celestial person
In the interstices of intergalactic expedition
Probably fluorescent green, yellowish-orange or a magenta color
Probably a supergiant in the existence
Of a dying solar
I feel my death bringing
Reality to a closure
Seems the closer
I get to coming closer
The nearer I find myself
Believing in
Suns touching horizons
In the open ocean
Of parallel universes
As a pin-point in space
Touching upon stars, every
Parallel thinker says
My metamorphosis was
I'm a black hole
That spaces out
Now I just say "Hello"
To the silence
A brilliant black hole
Mass of Jupiter exceeds all the planets. Near the asteroid belt seemingly colorful in a variety of patterns. It expresses fluid dynamics in frenetic variety in the keeping with the expanse of the universe. The quantum physics of science make us realize predictability in a parallel universe is just a matter questionable unpredictability. We can pretend that life is easy but when reborn, a set of rules forces us to work towards understanding each other. That makes us awkward as a new generation. Reborn to relive our mistakes. Extremely awkward isn't it. Struggling with our thoughts just to say "Hello" to our loved ones. Like black holes in a parallel universe vacillating between absorbing stars or learning from them. Parallel or not we all have matter and that makes life. In a parallel universes, we would expect the different axes to be in unscientific spatial arrangement. As a black hole, has a ton of mysteries leaving the singularity as an enigma and point horizon as a conclusion of all the arrangements of time. Past- the time that once was, Present- the time that stays, Future- time that has gone away with Destiny.
In similarity, I suppose that people can have awkward moments fitting in this world and expressing their desires and thoughts alike their needs and wants. But a black hole as a single purpose after a star dies it is to create space for the universe occupied by light and not-to-mention gases.
1.3k · Nov 2018
Times and Toys
Wandering the streets
Feeling in the rain
Keeps my love
In the air
Gray in the day
Evening keeps my love alive
So I wake up with her in the morning
Unrest at the night
Feeling the sensual senders
Take my angel's breath
1.3k · Aug 2019
Mother's Crying Breasts
In the dead of winter song
Heavy with the boughs of blue blood
April is the cruelest month for virility
Dreaming up trains of thoughts alive

Sitting atop blueberries like buzzing honeybees is a clime
The flight of the butterfly oft' climbs
The heap of broad doors, and starry floors
There are simply dream catchers clutching the strain of woes

Clouds rush magically, my Hyacinth house and my children
Roots are taking shape, focused on Cyprus' canopy
Absorbed in hollow men, I called them friends

Green grasshoppers stood the test of time on the autumn limbs
My stamen, my besotted earth, ashes to ashes
Brother nature lives in this neighborhood, simply human

Nature set you apart from me, put sleeping flowers, please
Fantastic vines hang from the life of motionless nights
Give me the night, we are worlds apart from mercy
He was tired of frowning and sang us to sleep

A heart that can't love, eyes without a home
Cold waters of heaven's pearly gates
Smile and dry your wetlands, mother's bedrock

Shedding mercy, making homes, children have left the street
The trains of thought had found the end of the tunnel
Bringing us tea instead of milk from the spinsters of Utah
Change haunts me
1.2k · Mar 2019
Anyone Hungry?
Swimming in deep waters away from unchartered routes is prohibited except, Ahimsa is a word of the derived quality that has now become a normative statement on the state of violence. If you travel a path you’re not sure of, you will be stuck in the crossroads of choices that all seem delusional. Let’s see how raw fish can a polite example of simple resolution to preserve the flavor of delicacy. Watch how one can believe in a delicacy of cuisine, as well as education, and a person earning a stature in modern-day culinary pilgrimages. If you cultivate a habit for chopped purple seaweed and a crimson tide of sashimi, then it is a numinous moment.
Therefore, do not be stranger to choice. Try everything. When a moment of ahimsa and a path of delicacy are considered, Sashimi is flavorful, salty and jellied in its deliciousness. Therefore, well-seasoned fish can bring pure umami in life.
Business is flourishing to in Japan with the currency going down and the people in a myriad of bars explore a sundry of choices of whether to drink or eat. Sushi and sashimi have become cultural to Japanese cuisine and are served as with a plate of honesty and solid craftsmanship. Japanese take pride in their food and as a result, their food is in a very intricate fashion linked to their illustrious culture. The dresses are black with strobe lights. She claps and the colorful atmosphere lights and she realizes something. A hurt ego is like a hurt heart. She forgives and continues to eat the delicate fish to her fill.
An essay on ahimsa with shark meat
1.1k · Oct 2018
Love's An Erosion
Romantic oceans
emulsifying notions
of pain
making a love potion
Affected by the motion
Of the brain
"Love is the flower let it grow"-John Lennon
1.1k · Jul 2019
Something Long (Oborete)
Someone's got it, the glancing star is at bliss
You stuck around and it showed in your dancing in the petrichor of sudden starved preaching and feeling
Thy say I shorting my way in the life for winners of the immunity pin
The reality showed me peace, the passersby were eerily in the indolent about immolating themselves in burning risqueness
In your treats with cotton candy and the pulses of the pleasure drops
And the rapacious circus rang the bell of the repeated ensemble
Of raucous laughter, everything has to be political when you make bellicose blondes in the visions of curtains in your room
Clowned in the foolish day, the sun still how to reach me in disease
Pretention is the greatest presentable symptom of miscommunication with self was winding up for a start
I fly like bilingual, and prying into the side of the lull of the power of the fool in the tangled feud, I need a girl for loving my laugh
Pleasantly, certainly yours and of course, I used a little too much force and I resigning fighting my way through this crowd
You probably understand that I embued some love for the faltering remorse
Looking for someone lost in a crowd
Poe said you're black as the cat
Crossing the street
This is no regret
Plausible deniability and the billing is so clear, and the reading is so pompous and overrated and the laces of childish shoes
Get the milk from the next door south
I went with the bullish look in the *****
And the rage in her countenance full of misery
The spilled milk meant that it was a news boom
Went in pilfering all the newspapers under a lone streetlamp for movement of moving tears
Your people are suffering, but, still don't know how to preach
You reap the education of the sold out, and the mending ways and weltering of the piped hot iron
The compost was full of iron and gun powder
The seed germinated slightly tasteless on my mind
And the singing windy signs took away the cotton cotyledon in the breeze
The success is for other people leaving you in the worst of your times
For the next vacation, you can have a good life without my memories
Tumbled by boiling blood
The flesh and blood, stuck to the bones to the lord
The feet of the lotus, and the getting in the mud
I live my life with never thinking about the most eloquent book of poems
Although, I live in the belligerent era of poems of resolve and truly jaded and delinquently dusted and kept on reconciliatory idiot's shelf
You're left on the frescoed streets of wandering like a nomad selling the storm its gain and living in his stride and rabble and babbling in the fall of the era
Of a fallen human, and a fan no more, and the grimace of the stoic solidarity rang in his soul
Hell, felt alive
Better to arrive lost
That's freewill
The blows and I still did not die
In life often of honesty, there are some cutting you
And sometime's a place of a tainted phlegmatic nature
Cashing out his oblong church clergy, and the existential philosophy might be breaking down the altruism of Buddhist and Christians in a bar together
Too bad, none of them drink, but, they grew closer over the agreement that alcohol was meaningless
Unless you hadn't observed the entire human race intoxicated by the beauty of the thirteenth-century poetry brought you in this dust of more words
Then have a lack of people to oppose it at the very last, filibustering the argument of the blowing wind in the gestalt of this
Words are barren, as the winds that blow in dusty forests
Likewise, the specs of time fall through these lifeless particles of mankind
Hindering and calling someone an idiot, and the perfidy of all the hellish doubt
The talk went down on the south of the majority bringing forth talk of real changes
And the predeliction of prepossessing promises of probable chaotic causality,  circumstances are for indemnity from the prisoner's dilemma
We will never have that pelican of possible doubt
Petulant about the food all around
Picking up on those signals
As a simple man, I saw the ligature of the sculpted eyes
Of the niggardly picking up the leniency through the signed autograph
Head in the cloud left my limousine, stepped on the gasoline
And the peach diesels are all across the streetlamps customized for the stolid heaven of riding the roads which are meant for a moniker taking the molly out of your ecstatic pockets
Your drugs are under your eyes, and let's not talk about the brunt psychedelia of this crimson red Andalusian theology that makes half our rain in Spain, like the linguistics of pronounced verbs
We are lacking the grammatical error of our ways
And writing in the wrong notebooks
That cause suicide
Studying is like a debt to society
Penury by the following of snipers looking at you with the simple complicit exchange between a warrior and underdog soldier
Is the perfect affair wasn't it, heavy breathing in life as a boy
We cry when we're born, and the laughter comes when the breath is gone
I ain't talking about dying, it's just freeing your passions
The perishing pretentious old presiding rhyme of reasonable doubt, these are the words of fire (pleasant devotion)
While I heed my time and the poetry you wrote for your own lazy humor and nervous curiosity.
That's why they rhyme, and the possibility, for your time is an era
The zeal was everywhere furthermore
For, the present time I like to stick to meters and I'm imprisoned at my loss for words, and the ice of life lit by contrite tridents of doctrines for this life to full of the determined profession of love, and it just becomes indeterminate of how we are really
That's how we usually described literary Zeitgeist, pockets of crumpets falling
In the presence of mind to have ideas better for other poets with a brimming a half-empty cup of tea
With the ponderers had sipped without looking at it, it's good times for the winning ride, what if you don't take one other with you, really?
On the tray, the road had the natural and peace of the streetlights of the modus operandi of the chanting of "Nyum Myo Hum Renge Kyo"
There was some truth in the protest march that woke me up
But, I realized that person's need and spent my religion on the
for righteous life with kindred spirits here in the preferable deposit of penned writing
The darkness on fighting it with darkness in the dingy library of human knowledge in metal brother with ubiquitous knowledge
The hopeful the epiphany is healed by knee-deep kneidel, and the bread we shared with our mothers was the love is to share
Hopeful, the benediction creates some dream, I like the long poems, and I feel for the science that touches
The flow of the person next to you with the same DNA, and manipulates information like you
That keeps me interested, and the verses come from the person inside and precocious teenager in you was a bit of a cry-baby
That likes talking, that's why like haikus as they speak about the Edo-era Japan, you determined people read about the island beyond the land of doubt and the exploration, and the free-flowing verse is linked seamless thought of philosophy
And the 1600s of the Restoration period had some simplicity in lovely complexes
Antediluvian powerful lord in the wide trees in thee hillside, singing the song for the life time
The vital spontaneity has because is in the underweighted children in the valley
A song for the sowing and germinating lackadaisical surmise
The thing that I must ask of you, is how much you like philosophy and life, and you fall to a poem for my fellow writer, how much respect wondering about your coveted convivial feelings I could gather from a pack of sisterhood pacts
Existentially, I am in a place that is metaphorically alive
The life and the religion and the spotlight breaks when a spoken word has shadows of God's metaphorical musical called ballad, poetry is just an essay on song
Don't write it twice, you're sad and done
It's alright, I'm on the darkness on the side of the road
A painting is complete when it has the shadows of God.
831 · Sep 2017
My Friend My Love
One wink and I’ve fallen
You've always noticed my every step
I didn’t want you to pit me against girls with bad reps
I’ve been noticing you crestfallen
Why honey you’ve been increasing your reps
But me being me knows that it isn’t all about the muscles
But it does equip you better to handle fights and tussles

I’m not asking for attention
But I don’t want you to look down
I’m there for retention
In case your moments as class clown
Gets too much and you get detention
I’m there for all your goofiness
Although I have my assignments and assessments

You know me as your close friend
That’s why I’m not in your league
So in the end
After we’ve passed out I’ll probably still be your colleague
Even though I have no hope turn again from love or your gift
But however when the time comes I’ll probably accept another man’s lift
I’ll remember and reminisce our friendship and how it could have averted the calamity of being adrift

I hope to never open my mouth
To have the tolerance to keep things from going down south
The boundaries of the friendzone.
815 · Jul 2019
Team A
Verde Nero (The Fresh Market)
Sleeping in the winds of the lonely streets sweeping the streets, the piece is sewn wisely

Maschera (The Ball Dancing)
Protesting, **** wearing glasses to keep out the stoners
Plain speaking and rhetoric in monolithic's splitting city in this rubber English, covers our converse

Aida ( The Girl Weeping)
Tellers  followed nervous brick kick-downs avert the pother of rivers
Tocsin compunction in gumption of broken biting quote of Ides' bridling bust of Cesium on the betting of nickle dimes
In terms of bigger times

Corsaro (Cling And Fling)
Center popped the plenty lurid men crying crime ******* copper pottery decree from the street
Note, letter to yourself might be the first rhetoric device
Selling your self-evident truth untow'rd temerity unnerved didactic spell

Cover yourself with the fuliginous wetness, wipe the posters of red "I love you" in simply cheerful spirit
Idyllic, how you ensure our homework cries in fishing in ponds lighter then brightening by the pencil of sketching serenity
Oleaginous and oceanic oeuvre in ostensible cerulean seas
797 · Nov 2018
Love is a Disco
Sometimes in a disco
I find myself lost in the music
Immersed in the lyrics
Of the sounds
Like the wasps *******
from the nectar
Unaware of the pollen
Flower dances
In the love of creation
And nuance
"Love is a flower you've got to let it grow."-John Lennon
775 · Oct 2018
Blitz And Blonde
Blue and blonde
Blonde and blue-eyed baby
A hair full of bliss- Blonde
And head and heart learning their ways in the race- Blue

Jewish possessions in ruins
Camps with poisonous flames
And burning hands
Burning in
Brick kilns meant for glass
Prurient Anti-Semitists dancing to their tune
Wie spaß
"Reality leaves a lot to the imagination"-John Lennon
Started with the a feeling of theft of the rights to their own country. Turned into a segragation of race and the economy.
751 · Oct 2018
Get up, Stand up
Stand up for your rights
Don't believe the hype
"Life is our dictionary"-Ralph Waldo Emerson
719 · Oct 2018
Blood Of Red Wine
I witnessed ******
The body inside
With inside frigidly
Probably tampered with
After the authorities left
The same lascivious lady
Was in the house for couple of seconds
Before I had entered
I had just run my errands
Knife lay on the floor
Gun lay far from the door
Policeman probably accompanied
The criminal along the way
Carry the along the weight
Disrupting the interiors
As the rug
Makes the crime bloodier
Of Red wine
Lay on the Floor
I managed to break
678 · Aug 2019
Bloodless Sky
I joust myself into jovial life
Jocose tatterdemalion and stygian salaciousness
Umbrage abrogating merit like swamping locusts
The mammoth chip on shouldered kids starving for life
I'm waiting on purgatory, and I'll wait for you with knives out
Cemetry of the artist stubbed beards and pubescence in the Phoenician Lands
He said she should have left the house
Tomahawks can still cut the vineyard, make my loquacity into beer-tap poetry
Flowery, murmur, kumbaya, kalimba de la soul and all thoughts aside
You're hoping music brings the song to my speechless heart
Your dance sounds light the motionless night, only the tapping of starry footsteps
Hob-nobs, more and more, knobs of heaven's doors open to every hippie with angel hair
Crossing the wires of substrates
Sonatas and partitas can be lugubrious, yet, elegantly examined
Nocturnes, from the centuries

Of ten old centurions
Came down to the Colosseum
Gladiator enthralled the chariots of fire
I was with ten ants, burning under the microscope
Tenants of this Roman Empire

Fighting for your rights
Fighting for the people who cannot fight
For the weak, requires peace and understanding
Shiny, homeless people lost the soul to the drugs and marijuana smoke under streetlamps stretching to infinity
This earth is an orchard of flowers
Slightly plump in the middle, it's mother nature
Not zaftig, it has latitudes and longitudes
Lavish life, garish fiefdom, stretches across the bent imagination of perverse minds
Looking for a kiosk in the peak of red skies that do not know blood and aggravation
New Year's Day, the cyka cry Mother Russia and SOS
Shooting flares into the sky
To reach so low, and to reach so high
Shouting slogans, written by the poets
Passion, prejudice, sensibility, comradery these are metiers of poets
Secrets strewed across the bloodless sky
Wishful thinking tantamount to head in the clouds
The clouds have different shapes and size, the fire of the greater existence lends us words in thoughts
663 · Oct 2018
War Of The Words
Bloodied by the day
Murderous by the hour
The pen of journalism
Has got us
Hooked by the power
Swords are history
Still they are the fences
Of conduct and the boundaries
A tip of the hat
To old society
So I guess the pen is mightier than the sword
When you take down flowers
When you look at the newspaper
By the war of words
“Your very flesh shall be a great poem...”
― Walt Whitman
636 · Nov 2018
Kid With the Telescope
I could call ghosts
Closer, yearning for youth
If they were afraid of affection
Hey, they couldn't feel our love
For Raphael too
They couldn't paint white on our faces
Pale as the moonlight
Fearful of the darkness
In case it overshadows the sun
In the blindness
Which is a touch truant
Incurring divinity
Keeps us from our stars
And luck keeps us in ours
Luck, Celestial
Flows through the solar system
614 · Dec 2018
Poetry Cake
At the iciest  places your
Thoughtless  Calmness  brings
   Heart  Warmth   and Innocence
          Selflessly  Loving Daily      Is Easy        
    Only    ,    For  you                    But    
            Solemnly  Losing You         Is Very           
    Hard for some of the kindest in
    Our world missing you deeply
   At the warmest earthen core
Wild thoughts are like
Safer in the quiver
When they shiver
and grow
Shaky when they dive
Poetry says Hello
Make A Wish My Love
If you're drunk too much
You're sleepin'
The child's gone
The slave's life is forgotten
For a couple of bucks in vain
Should help you make it the through the wintery night
In nature, we see the light, if the dark persists in the cloudy night.
606 · Oct 2018
Peaceful Bleach
In the evening
Demands of fluttering hearts
The swaying of
Through the dusty breeze
A priest that preaches
about the fruits of life
I guess I'm just fond of
In a season
Of reasonably rose peaches
'Blondes make the best victims. They're like ****** snow that shows up the ****** footprints.'-Alfred Hitchcock
600 · Oct 2018
An exam
In the subject
For a better life
Wise men talk because they have to say something; fools, because they have to say something
595 · Nov 2018
Cold Year Of Togetherness
She made life
Out of loving
Lips touched with ease
Hot and beautiful
Her sultriness
Add their
Towards each other
Like Heads
Cold Water
Keeping each
Other worldly and warm
577 · Aug 2019
Sitting on the bench, hontoni arigato
Brushing my hair, thankful for a different language
Touching my knees, thank you errantly erroneously
Sit and gardens stare
Wildflowers in two words
Twos often wonder what was the word
Parallelogram vans wish they could be sentences
Pass me with the deans
Two summers bravery Illmatic plays
Slavery washed on me and flowed words with wabi-sabi
Ignorantly searching for simplicity, and intercepting
Lugging learned that he was sober and insighting
Things change inciting when he says I love you, but, I lost Arizona, leaving with LA pallbearers speaking in hymns for the lost weekend
When the two words, change to three words
And the different hangovers for different times
For the lively souls, rap still pays a visit to the nation that held millions, front and back
There lies a line of shining boundaries on the war that fire
Moving like a lava lamp
Back again, frontal lobe pulsates those ups and downs
Delightful lively and where did lose my shine, and the fire of eyes flickers with the midnight spoon of flickering night streets
Uh soon, **** is a disease masking the ability to change
Politics is where greed wears the mask of morality
But, **** man the less I know them better, right
in the circus of an ersatz clown, as the frugal fire of the murders of the shining and the power of music, burning your conviction in my heart
Dying with the fires of hell, anecdotes of simple fools who can understand simple things
Fools are the wise men when they learn to sharpen their knives
Leave themselves in the sharp mouth of gorillas in the lava iridescent friends, grins writing your heart, your light, your life
I miss your thoughts and knowing, and adding what's my own
What can add to New York Estate of Mind, does the midnight strike the good night, and ask it to be gentle
As morning cup of team of burning brilliance of dull months of April under the arid love, that's a moral desert I cannot stop, I'm on the road of life, the battered suitcases catch the candor of deserted times under the train, had it told me you'd to leave the intrigue of the speakeasies, with your French look and glib iridescence of shyness, Canadian stealing cars under the mobsters that leap out
Falling in love and breaking bad, understanding good and evil, I've been the prisoner of the moonchild
Antediluvian time and all that crap, mice among men we crawl the streets in the friend that remembers on the outside
Familial uproar bringing up the baby under the ****** footprints, under drama and cine lights
Life needs a little soul, and a little love to grow imaginative
These years go by, and the pensive life doesn't find solace in good company on the streets belonging to the streetlights, and angry streets with desolate angels

Desolation angels looking for their place in the sun
Fortifying a lot of observation, and marching band with their meters
Challenging themselves, music and jazz, we talk about in the consistency of the eon
Poems, of thee Buddhahood looking for a friend, in the supernatural darkness
Sagacious beams from the life dedicated to accepting the life of cause and effect
My faction of the Eastern Bloc, we are looking in all directions and running in de jure circles
Facts of scientific, joking in your book and hysterical and naked surly curs on the fruit of the handful of dust, I need to embellish these claps
In the fire times, of the watered Cupid in the Venus allegorical girl
Beezlebub lost his paragraph is Hell, arrived in Lucifer on the cross steeple
In the land of milk and honey, in the passion of the church
I'm laughing at my typing, and the technology has changed and so have the women
I'm the living embodiment of a ceiling now, spinning like a fan
How am I gonna survive on the ability to live like someone has committed suicide for me tonight as grow hoarse
Stand the generous suicide, it was painless
Yoko one still has madcap laughter at her sound something, I don't know after I climb the ladder and yell this is the answering bell to door's of Heaven and Hell
Virile yelling on the catatonic piano, we are imagining peace and lost like a dreamer, just like the flower that grows like the uncle in Albert, we just lost our only photographer from the ashram
Lost weekend- May Pang
577 · Nov 2018
Streams Of Lifes Themes
Hard rain falls
Whilst fighting fists ****
Power rules them by scarily deep drawl
"War cries"
For them all
Off with them all
By the time of the fall
We'll **** them all
Dying in the midst
Whistle blowing
In the warring wind
Making our stand
Fighting for our rights

Get up stand up for your
Don't crawl
You may fall

In the sailing squall
Our worst hurricanes hold
Your home in its waves
It cascades the grace
Towards the direction of dreary
Eyes that can't dream

Looking at your resting reflection
In the greener waters?

Sea of the hooded sharks
Fins keeps us in the view of danger
In the transparent waters
Maybe the ranger will
Save you from the storm

Hoping storm troopers
Make you a service ranger

Kids stuck in the Syrian war
Are they just children
Dying for peace
With their dreams
Resting with ashes
That should have belonged
To the seas

And lot of watching
In the end just believing
That war is a belief
War is Peace
Orwell oft' is right
Ignorance is Strength
Freedom Is Slavery
God watches
Fighting with his ignorance
With enslaved strength
Freedom Is Strength
And it is powerful
Since, it prays
For praise

Like Madonna
Painted on the oil
Thou art Hope
"Your art ropes me in"

In The Cathedral
Your Hope brings art
To the ghouls
They are,
The ghosts of the many souls

And the Jews
Chambered in the gas
Breathing through a mouth-piece
"I'm dying, the fumes"
They're tearing my lungs to pieces!
Where is the crimson tide
Is it peace
Whilst drowning in
The horizon?

In red hues
In the death
Of the dead sea
The laurel wreath
Lies floating with the breath
Oh capt'n capt'n  
Of the sailing wind

Nails to the coffin
The wind whistles
Jesus Is Dead
Jesus Is Dead
Jesus is the dead?

Resurrected in the end
"If I know what love, it is because of you"
564 · Oct 2018
On The Blazing Bus
The Oranges have a deeper blue
For Us
Than the what we've read in the news
The smoke
That billows
The education that
You could've sold
Rising with the use
Drowning in the fumes
Silence is argument carried out by other means.-Che Guevara
532 · Mar 2019
Footsets of Reality
Nous sommes
Que c'est que? appelez vous? oui
agreable de amis
comme ça va possédez sapplez vous décrié liberté
War and
Other enemies
There is an anthem of the old son
Called Jesus Chirst
Some proximities
I know you have made a magnificent design
For your home and your soon gone
I've missed you and your talk
You're an old friend and we are just laughing about
Talking about the dreams
There were dramas yes I know
But enough eloquent speeches improptu just as a superiority symbol
Every word you say is used against
What you're gonna see and sometimes in the midst of dusty storm of equivalence
We can't the see the balance the show of power
The jam and slow on down
Take it on
Tempers rising and building a hearing
A limb out here
This is my slam
Check it out
Somewhere in the real fuming summer of my neighbourhood
I was attacke4d by the soldiers of the government
With the truths
And the footsteps of reality
With the presence of temper
I am angry and you shouldn't get me mad
**** it son, you care for a hype
You live to fight
And are stuck in a part of your heart
What's part of an act?
Whatchu talkin about?
SOme rhyme some real reason
Some global phenomenon
Engaging with every prison
Social change is a game and tis for winners
Lets breed and change a grip on remembrance
CHange of scenery ona forever trip of sometime
Here's a resonance
OF bright sunshine
There's the daybreak
And the surprise twist
And the gripping waves of the summer breeze
As they channel through your feelings under your skin
Loving touch
And each hungered one
Sometime's a tribute is killing me in the name of the Lord
Sometime's a tribute is killing me in the name of the Lord
Some time's the name of a God is enough
In the name of;
In the name of;
529 · Sep 2017
Mating Season
I walk through the Savannah
I've learned to crawl
To hunt and at my prey I gnaw

My stomach's bursting with 20 kilos
My thirst is quenched with 5 gallons of water
My fate away from nature's gallows

But when I think of you
My mouth gets back its piquant affinity as if I can still eat
My throat gets dry because of your charms and heat

Your love brings a sense of emptiness
And your *** brings back the youthful craziness
My first nature poem. A lion in mating season.
529 · Sep 2017
Black Man's (Slave) Farm
I ain’t gonna work on Maggie’s farm
No more
She’s my loving me indeed
But she won’t hand me a part of the deed
She told me this in the stable
In the morn’ at four

I ain’t gonna work on Maggie’s farm
No more
I was serving dinner on the table
As she suddenly took my blackened arm
In servility I took her lustful kiss
And as expected she sent me away to the stable

I ain’t gonna work on Maggie’s farm
No more
She’s treating me like fertilizer
Only I’m not white
And out of her food I don’t get a bite
Out of her blood I don’t get a right

I ain’t gonna work on Maggie’s farm
No more
I gonna **** her
I don’t want live to die no more
I want to escape
From tilling her land
And her life shall
Go to Lucifer
To save me command
I’ll accept my title
As landowner
But I’ll still be a farmer
I ain’t gonna work on Maggie’s farm
No more
'Cause she's a *****
And I won't ever use my charm
Because I'm a slave not a love fool
527 · Jan 2019
Lovers Are Sinners
Ninety nine cents
Stay in pockets
In '98
With the scent
Of your broken
Stupid ****
How fickle you gonna be with
The *** you're gonna shoot
To get a house for the death of a lover
Tracy kept me in here place away from police
It was great
I was smooth like butter with her *****
Coming for 2 years to that same neighbourhood
I had seen your girl
Maybe killed her
Used to the folks at the case
The lawyers and the attorney needed a settlement
I had fingered and got arrested
The evidence was a dead ringer
I was innocent
The judge kicked the case outta court
This was the black *******
Accused for a white crime
Killing rebels and making rhyme
I just missed your case *******
I came in your wife's **** and dress
Looking straight into your voyeuristic convinctions
Your brothers told me to go your mother
Tell her that your son's a killer
Deriding the cops and evading the law
The attorney had done interrogation
I had never seen you
In my life
Coz your wife dead in box
Right at 9:08 on the clock
This is a rap
I'm telling you babe
You pretty
With your right talk
I could stay with you for a power nap
Among bowing people
Some have their heads down
In the silent transience
Of tunneled sound
From the listeners, the caprice comes out
From Hakagawa bows to cognizant thinking
There's more to life than what meets the eye
There's more to life that's buried under the soil
Free from eternal toil
The ghost is a part of planetary motion
Some of our ancestors' were peckish for the universally jejune
Apparently, they went so far as to leave civilization to understand their place on earth
The human race is like a band running out of inspiration
481 · Oct 2018
Siberian Huskies
In fossilized forests
Of evergreen
Streams flow
Because snow hides
The furry canine species
Away from the caribou
Herbaceous and sought after
They approach the gelid waters
With the eyes of the wolves
Seemingly pernicious
And deadly
From somewhere
A hermit enters
Without any care
To hunt from the same shore
Ensnared by the bloodied river
Friendly, intelligent, independent and somewhat stubborn
477 · Nov 2018
Helix and Terra Firma
The bubble gum
That pops
Covers your pop art
Or the Cherry Pop
To my misconstrued virginity
"Women who seek to be equal with men
Lack Ambition"-Marilyn Monroe
The poet in me washes away
The calling card of the hero
Fades away like age
Tossing the leaves in the summer breeze
For the old people
With my hand
I look at the secret spot of poets
It's under a sycamore tree
Full of metaphor and rhyme
My hand is raking leaves
As I search for my deeply buried
American Beauty- Grateful Dead
470 · Oct 2018
Comes across
Ages celebrating light
Sages in White
Tricked into
Sharing the magic
"All those who wander, are not lost"-J.R.R Tolkien
456 · Jul 2019
Breathe Of Bees
Creativity and ambition is real
And the feeling of risk and intelligence
Are asking for damnation please, placidly
Birds among many things that chirp around your soul that wakes up the dead
Cheering up the party with the talk of apartheid, black and white
Competition is the last word, and talk of lost causes and intellectuality
Est mir leid
I'm up in my knees with Bukowski, they call me old-school Burroughs, the Kerouac rings in the philosophical Barry Manilow
Barry Levinson, please don't make my death bed, you're plot points make sense ambivalently too in case I touch upon Bacchus
The dichotomy of the bridling ***, I suppose you switched with the surface of the country full of dunes and locusts
The swamp of the divorcee storm saves it for the orgie and the promiscuous dollar ride and melee
435 · Jul 2019
The Brimming Breeze
The bells tolling and gallow stools
Carved by a crisp knife sharpened by a stone flint-shaped among the garden tools
The molded and weak rose like the solid and stolid coveting
The dolorous limelight seekers were sure about the fun settling
The call-in your wake is sure to make you disagree, subversively
Pretentious till it leads me into ruinous states, with each verse
Troubled and telling about the stoic salacious dread, of your *******
The sins and arresting rebels brought you minister and spirit
The apologetic and shrieking in their walls their apologies
Am I the only one, who thinks
They don't change their disposition
Time I'm tearing you up into fragments
My stories are getting caught up in their endings
Caught by the hook of standing on the ceiling, rear-ended
The knee-deep hell, mountain high harp, what the ****!
Reelin' and rockin' in heaven, indeed purgatory calls your bulls and porgies
Greed and corporeal blood and recipe for dreadful disaster, and luck you yammer about out-and-out too
It's in your flesh and bones, ****** vain too
Feels like time is slipping and sliding out of my oval face and hateful hands
The friends you seek to hold you when you're ready?
Blows, busy days, France in its hey-day had some passion rather saints who come marching in
Are you ready to read your death in the newspapers, when your stomach lurches like holes in the air
Or here from storytellers like a burnt legacy, in the papers that herald flying guns and leveraging politics
And hate, rising with the ashes, the education burning blue like a phoenix
Apogee, really, after so many a doubt and clusterfuck of redactions, I'm ready to learn about counted visage among the many faces on a business street
About my attraction to nature and fantastic reality, I'm jumping with joy
But, smaller than the cosmic bubble that keeps us from dying
I can tell no one, this is our one and only time with faded humor
You're breeding and you're dying with famished and frayed daughters of petulant sons believing hilarious rumors
I am dismembered much to my won't, the stentorious frolicking reeks around astute anecdotes of my pain of having a name
Even it's a fake one and adopted by pretty old me
The antidote of all this, love and peace, it must be the end of fashion and integrity
Peace and love cradling the waves wandering in mystery
Walking among the feet of trembling rage hungry for power, our love is just an island, but, not the little flower that just matured
If I engender myself, I will be free from being prematurely always on
Smidges and shakes for the collared contingent of successful women
For the one, surreptitiously resting under the invisible sun, sticking out their necks for none
Smack her flesh across till light turns still
The center light pops in expectation of blue days and flooring her money on her mind
On the reeling hail, tying the wrong laces and pushing wrong buttons
I left the hall crazed and surprisingly fully-dressed
Snake-like heads facing away from each other with their smothering hands around my neck
I unhand my royal touch and my license for the cream-crop
Not sure about my violence and clammy hands, but, my old man didn't like it all that much
Handing the trembling papers of my record for another dispensary
The errands that I have to run, I would recommend this to no one
Watching movie reruns and playing my new dreams in my trailer park, every time she was the one
Tea and teeming, brink and livid feeling, reelin' with the great high upstart
Cosmopolitans and Neapolitans, I'm probably going play to Jupiter jazz for another meridian of Earth
Red rain splaying like the sand Andalusian like, waving my hands care-free, only to slam my self down easily
Into another speakeasy with a wake-up call and nightcap, dusk till dawn
The day seems brighter and the sun scintillating like the queenie-eyes on the resting sunshine on the iridescent soil
Ecstasy open miles ahead, the eyes lay in peace and capacious lamps full of soul food and meals
Like lamps and little lintels, the coruscating fire makes the colors of the day seem much more real
The tears in Heaven are adjusted for a place in my salvation
Vitriolic, but, mellifluous in it's surmise, you're sure about the music you're hearing
Crouching upon old times like washed memories
Or is it the waters of the ocean afar from snake-like repellent waves of the oceanic dreams
The snake passes by, in the time of your lifeless soul
You were just pacing yourself, the motto is "Always look your prime and best"
They are your true reflection, this is the one and only reflective surface I will attest to, lest I sound sanctimonious
Bo vine and in vino veritas, you're ecstatic about auriferous objects
Sheep and tipping civilization with the conquest of the times, and the same sundial from Eratosthenes that made citadels
The conquest of Troy is any different from the present oligarchy
Librarian of Alexandria, and the Trojan horse of cursed hands mixed with the opportunity
A couplet for a couple of composite numbers is enough to tempt the prime number
In showing up in your  classes brimming with achievers, some students among them
Eratosthenes' sieve is diligent work on simplicity, so yes, whoever reads this, the wake-up call is not a snake bite
This is Stoicism, and poetry is stoic writing cannot be duplicated
The moral could be looking at hopeless dreams, helplessly
Just passing by without shedding any of it on your probity
A gnomon is the part of a sundial that casts a shadow. The term is used for a variety of purposes in mathematics and other fields.
429 · Jun 2019
My Kauch
I was living without the need for education and grammatically incoherent truth. The books were censored beyond recognition. All of them saying "Communism is evil." Oh, the boundaries I lived within that. Dereliction kept me awake. I didn't care for what was further, all was within my simple ego.
Walk this way
Take it from the river down in the east
A place down the west
Taking the troubles of my mind
Johnny has gone south
With his guitar in the wind
The hearing's tomorrow Summer
Where's the bride
She's in court for the hearing
It's Bonnie And Clyde
And the sea of dreams
Turning upside down
There representation of something unique
A pleasant hook
Of reality
There is a pressure to create
And develop the time, I **** and feel
I know and breathe
Among Murderers And COnvicts
As one person among the dead
As many in dread
As many dread my exorcism
The hollow breaths
The ghastly sharp sensations
The terrible tools of simpletons
These ghosts just sift through your river Styx
Like me
Here's a song, my trending candidature.
417 · Aug 2019
Sweep Sleet
Once upon a time, self portentous reached the fuchsia ****** on the orient in the ghostly daze of Chinatown in tassel-blue linen
Ire of the bar-keepers can be surmised in the *** and soup
The express takes me from place to place, is this some sort of country comfort

Who cooked the wurst, livers of cattle in the pure savagery of the animal farms, dreaming of vegetables too
Hiding in the form of jazz cat hanging around speakeasies, pleasuring themselves in the ravages of good people
I have changed my mind on punishment and the ire of careless alcoholism on the angry streets looking for work

The good people tell me to get work
Am I stealing my time out of mind, I'm poised
By being an unemployed poet out of luck
I am positioned towards the west end

I'm stuck here in the east, wondering if we were always like this
The west wetlands beckon to me, time to get a job and turgidly ravaging beautiful women
But, that's something possible for a man in a western patriarchy
Adonis of Denver ******* in harlots in the west of Hell's Kitchen reminds me of well-acted *******
Making bad decisions in movies seems like a farce

Most of those beat directors are successful *******
They'd beat me if I'd crawl up their personality
Is this fate or am I part of the same successful capitalist Zen
I must be going mad in this monetary fund of scarce neon streets

You should hear me recite Heinrich Boll
The train was on time

For keepsakes, well obligated and drowning in debt
A trip to the orient wouldn't be bad, but, the fire in my painted house swallows me
Someone has to put it the **** out or turn the light cold
Years went by Frumpy went cold and murderous, no more old
406 · Dec 2017
Adventure (Go For That)
Sometimes my heart yearns for wonder
It goes to the forbidden land yonder
Looking for a false sense of adventure
I hope to lose myself
Instead of finding myself
In more mysterious ways
400 · May 2019
An adolescent change comes often
Sweeter than a swan's song
Comes to most in a damp ocean floor
For those living in paradise
It is beyond the silver lining
Of a stormy cloud
A room in the seclusion of a Sandy beach
Let imagination empower your mind
The storm of emotions of wash away like the tides
The time away so far from the country
A life spent living in motels and highways
This song's meant for the imaginative
Finding their way through excess
This craving makes me think
Happiness will rain on my face
395 · Aug 2019
I want you
To let your love come shining through
Because I share the same feelings as you
393 · Jul 2019
A beautiful girl
In need of help
Came to the wrong place in town
Left with a pocket full of dreams
And a head full of doubt
I probably love the truth
And the Truth is poetic
I propose that poetic lines be banned
Does that sound poetic
The Structure Of A Motion Picture
390 · Jan 2019
As friendly you are
You are always a mystery
Etched into art
Painted onto a colorful canvas

Colorful canvas
I love the colors you bring me
In the darkest night
On colorless cloudy days
Which are characterized by greys

Greys are the eyes
That look right through my soul
Appreciating my existence
An old soul
In her windows to the soul
Greyer than her elastic heart
I've fallen for her
Till her hair turns grey
And we turn seventy
Woods caressed with green
Of the ardor that I feel for her
Lean physique
Emerald-clad bare-backed dress
Haikus can be humor
If they
End well....

"All things are difficult yet easy"
Ending this was difficult
Yet Easy
383 · Jul 2019
Subliminal Mania (13)
Write some bad lines
Write my name in the stories
Write my vote among naysayers, make me feel represented

Pass through the pastimes, repose remember me
Post that letter to the postmaster, postman rings twice
Once for the future, to remind sleep comes in dinner dreams

Outpost claim lives by the millions, cramp up the camps
Concur with the general public, listen to the style of ghosts
Primrose reaper cut my rose another bush, with the cusp of cleavage

Do the drapes match the curtains, ignite them just the same
Diverging into the coursing path, that I should pace
I take hold of one and walk the other, like teaching and learning
The greatest scholars are not usually the wisest people.
380 · Jul 2019
Touch Your Soul
Sharab peene de is masjid me beht kar
Maharbaan karo hamaare is umar par
Waqt ka intezaar mat karo
Let me touch your soul
Excuse me, for being intrusive
I could touch your body first
Don't wait, for my consent, brother
Just drink and drink your eardrums dry
Deafening in the purple haze of messages in bottles
Meant for the significant other culminating in sobriety
Making mistakes, charming each person in the party
Higher than the kites, we were learned enough to tie ourselves
Lest we sing.
375 · Oct 2018
Benefit of The Doubt
Point was made
But the feeling of doubt
Seemed longer
"Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion"- Jack Kerouac
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