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2d · 18
Faces Of Death
Presently, at the most assured stakes
In claiming that had better read the first half of your excitedly short novel
It is fortunate enough for us, that we can look at it.
There's a chance there has been a robbery.
Where I knew that Mr. Adams was up to no good.
Ken is always up to good.
Well, he's your son.
Well, I suppose he can be excused. Ask the postman if we have any mail in yet.
I suppose we could just skip this thing with Adams
However, captivating that might be.
I have a meeting to attend to.
Well, I'm sure to make it.
DId you find anything in the mail?
Yes, a letter with peculiar postage stamps from...
What is it, Watson?
Seems like I've forgotten to mention that Mary's died.
Has she now?
Well, suppose we could look through the case files.
No, that is unfortunate.
Imagine you were never alone.
Without Katie and Mary.
Of course, that would be unusual.
Came to my knowledge that I had to offer you a benefit of the doubt.
I suppose Adams, Katie were your best friends.
You wouldn't be wrong. Mary's fortunate enough.
Also, want to introduce some true respect for people in other's narratives Watson.
You started taking off time about Mary again didn't you?
Katie wasn't really there she was.
"You know I guess. Tu recht wie immer."- Watson
"Did you now. You didn't even stammer"- Mary screams
Watson claiming he couldn't place himself to speak
Here's a good one.
Maybe you're thinking
You just don't know it yet
If you go looking for the best quality things
You end up looking for the lovely little things
T keep them clean
In that insecurity
Of cherishing non-entities
There are no doubts that what you did was well-deserved
But rest you haven't heard
There's a sleeping dragon in my yard
What the **** you mean you forgot it you ****** fool
If the box under the maze of fire wasn't bad enough.
Well, he just accidentally lit his focus on fire.
Was he looking through that
Purposely, if he were mature
He could perhaps, but, there's no certainty Vicious will need it.
Vicious needs focused and important Red Dragon defuncts and he's looking for these criminals for now.
2d · 24
Shades Of Darker
I see her standing on the beach
There's a place for the two of us
There's no reach
It will get better
With the two of us
If the syllables stick there's some strength in your character
Strong as an independent woman I've ever known
It can be cooler than
Any rap you're reading out to a woman
THere's a no place better than home
Why don't you take it back to my place?
We'll drink beer and sit in the shade
Drink a Tequila and may not even think of going into the physics
Uff we'll never meet.
The silken cradle of emotional feelings
A simple sympathy for someone who is need
There is no excusing a person for the wrong reasons
You are in a prurient fantasy where love's not real
If you make feelings complex
The world could be a whole lot better
Frisky as the jints in the town
I lived without an uncle
I lived without a crunch of jungles and the sound of grunge hood
The 90s were **** I know it's rough for you kid
But's this place is no scenario for resting your case
Before the jury
Onto the Yeats, you've read in college
Your deductions on Eisenhower are great
But, how do you do with a good drink with Pablo Picasso?
Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost
Great couple
Of Poets
If you wanna talk poets you can message, somehow you don't m3essage any more and the scene's that you attend in the conclusion fo friendly engagements.
Dates you've canceled, I mean
There's a need for a strong person in your life
Your windshield is full of roadkill
There's a chance you may be in love with someone mediocre
Advocating a peaceful cause changing life around here
But, youd don't want to feel that necessary in someone else's poetry
Don't include real people in your poetry, it makes things rather judgemental in retrospect
Liven up the iridescent and scintillating scenes for you loonies in a bunch
Your devoted garbed personage gravitating to your draconian, crepuscular visage
It's an interesting dark interpretation with fifty shades darker
People looking for the loyal crowd of highways where people roam
Not just highways and you realize that in this hitchhiker's galaxy you can't find someone to find the cliches to share
Add that to your Instagram account. Be a lot more resilient when you are writing poetry.
Take into the account of how much advice you would take.
You improve your narrative.
"No tips, Faye."- Jet
Painting done under pressure by artists without the necessary talent can only give rise to formlessness, as painting is a profession that requires peace of mind.
Painting takes some years. Before that, there is a lot of hard work and learning.
Spike Spiegel kicks his friend in the guts
"What part of no don't you get."- Bonaro
"Well, I've learned that Vicious is better."- Jet
"Well, I'll take your advice when I beat him."- Spike
"Yeah, both of you are crooked in some ways."- Jet

Spike thinks on his life beyond the brushing in the sunsets
Time machines are great you know. Welcome
What, you find any of them on Ganymede?
Taking those sunsets and northern lights for granted.
Some of the Cowboy Bebop characters are too old for the ******* of Earth
"What are we doing in the courtesy of Earth? Let's go Red Dragon
THat's why Jet, Vicious can be beaten by Martian like me
"I thought you like music and fairies."- Spike
"Bonaro's my name."- Jet
"****, don't remember that Venusian guy anymore.
Spike wonders about the time past if he is so alone
Jet should have met Bonaro
Recco was a crazy disciple
"Coool."- Edward
"Spike listens into your cyborg rantings."- Jet
"Jet, what part of no don't you understand. Besides the kid has no respect."- Spike
"She might find something."- Jet
"Edward's woo hoo."- Edward puzzled
"Faye."- Spike
"Jesus hit him already."- Jet
"Yeah, probably."- Faye appears completely unaware
Spike- a complex individual who doesn't particularly like friends. But, he seems to keep the company often.
Faye- a woolong seeking bounty expert. Who seems to get the bounty on her rather to hunting.
There is a word or two
A cartographer if we go in one piece
There's prose and it's about to get long
It can get opaque and you see the scenery
THere's no place to change who are you and if you left him
Did you break your heart or your leg
If he got you in the midriff is this the best you should expect
Men can be nasty teasers
Fighting for you
The stance on the women and the experience of how paintings still feel.
Thespians are taking over is the feeling of millennial pie in the old English millennial idiom
There's a nasty stranger reading a novel far away
There's a chance that the place you're at is a violent storm
There's a right you have kept
It's the rendition of a short story of Jack Kerouac
Beats me how the place hasn't changed with such green spin on everything
Breathless by the imaginations of long prose, captivate them by the lines
Present a story and bring them to the end of a very poetic journey and protect that it's that last journey you're going t have with them
Some busy people know by now
There's a prettier character in the other person
You'll realize you've ****** them both in the end
A simple end of to a prose
How could you?
There begs the question if there should be storylines in the poetry
Or write novels on free platforms
"To have a little recognition, that is very nice, you dig." - Dexter Gordon
Prison seems warm
A place like getting stuck in a mental dream
Of a stranger with no blessed thought
You could be lost in a thought
Or been working on those instincts
We still need you
Somehow time changes how you look at the terrain trenchantly
There's no reason for changing your whereabouts
THere's no nee3d for singing songs if you have good remand
With the positive strain of force, he rests his hand
On The quill
There is an armor around him
Of rattle and pens.
A novel achievement
There is an established county
He isn't a fiction
Like this story
I will use the water
In your bowl
Lighting a fire in a cave far away
Flower your soil
Make it a garden of bouquets
Of petunias and water lilies bright as the dark lakes
In some functional world
Where we can be together
On the rivers,
By lake shores
There are plenty of chores
That water bowl is empty
As the heartbreaks are plenty
There are no chances of surviving in this
Fine, the old town of wars and running soldiers
That's the title of my next *** tape
As the wishes for borrowing instances from a stranger's eyes
And there is no choice of friendliness in the eyes of comeliness
Tempered by the bruises
By the brawning raucous youth
There is no race for money
There's only looking for plenty of currency
Aditya Roy Apr 7
Asteroid O’Belt Sydney Junction (Beer in Bar-Alley)
With the right words, you can make music on any planet of spatial arrangement. Dark matter keeps the balance of eccentric space, where a blue-suited handsome man, shines; however blackholes lurk to turn Spike Spiegel into a dream where he lives. Is it a dream or has he ever felt more alive than being back in the action with the moral courage that threatens his very existence Don’t forget he has a gun strictly for assurance. With warships, there lurks a year in 4050. 2000 years in progress, we may have evolved in terms of interactions. Fast forward, there are different people in whole new worlds. Like epiphanies, these characters take their place in the chatter of a celestial crowded cinema in downtown Shinichiro street.
The doctors chatter with dark undertones and hushed intentions:
“Well, it’s not like the phones are cheaper. Ever since we got their first. The phones have come sooner than virtual intelligence take place in this ghost.”
“The ghost seems to work actively.”
“Seems to be shutting down in fact.”
Shadows cast on the processes of entropy there many optimistic pursuits for the present.
But, in this modern civilization, what do we have the battles and gambles among the bounty hunters interested in staying in the loop of where the money flows. But, the real artists are the creators in this desert of opportunity.

“Woah, Spike.” – Spike hynogogically resuscitates from his cybernetic sphere
“Wake Up.”- Jet
Presentation matters but, the old technology rumbles in the cosmos among the old cosmopolitans you’ve had in your fruitful day at a casino of blackjack and bounty hunting. Somehow, Faye Valentine comes with a bang and a bad gun in the back. Holstered but focused on the game.
“Fold the chips, for you?”- bent slightly over the steep end of gambling. Mrs Valentine can’t seem to get out her mind her job as dealer for Table 2 in a hexagonal room of full-scale gambling operations.
Clearly, absorbed in the rattling crowds of these snakes in the rabble. Or maybe there are actually snakes. ***** it.
“Raise.”- Dewey Striker
“See that’s a million.”- Faye Valentine
“Let’s hand it to the strong gentleman for his courage, but, exciting game of Woolong and Woes or simply Poker”- Table 1
“Nowhere as good as these drinks are in Jupiter. If I win, I’ll write it all down in my journal.”- Table 2
“Probably, better to put myself out there at the right time. You raise too.”
“Earth’s building itself. Well, people are the same.” – Table 1
“Oh imagine, if we had more planets to destroy.” – Dewey Striker
“With that, money? Yeah, baby. Write down a cheque next time.” – Faye on Table 2
“To **** the one among us, who has whereabouts about a notebook that had all the people who have been linked to the death of Spike Spiegel killed would take us years.” - Faye
“What!” – Table 2, someone wins
“Nice try, but, that book’s all the history remaining of someone I knew.” – Faye Valentine says daringly.
“The notebook stays with me, until you have enough to buy off the notebook. I’ll start with 100,000 woolongs. How about that, missey? You know the notebook of all the accomplices that ever worked with a Doohan.”
“Do right honey, you’re lucky you’re in the right room. I need the information and I’m a rich gal.” - Faye
Spike and Jet in Discussion:
“Apparently, Vicious had barely managed to finish him off.”
“Do the others know?”
“Faye remembered, but, let it go.”
Recluse in Exclusive Reminiscences (Part I)
Jet & Spike completely lost in the intricateness of the bounty-hunting. Might be a terrible idea to eat bell peppers and beef. But, if you’ve got an aching stomach from ton of drinking and stairwell trips, you’re gonna have a hangover. If the Prairie Oysters were still not his thing, only thing that changed is that the more he drank, the less he liked the planet. For his favorite there had to be a special occasion like a bottle of the finest whiskey that the joint would serve from the golden days of heart-warming company in the heart of this Japanese place.
“Oh but there was one time. When I ate…”
“That was long back 4001,
Commandeer and imagine my surprise when the ole Siren, Jet. That’s his name; there was a need to rename Spike Spiegel to the old school be-bop that pretty much enriched the video star. There was a bomb, I don’t know what happened; there are piles of rubble and pretty much every bounty hunter missed it.
“Says, he wants to destroy a planet. Somehow, there’s some secret stone interwoven with the need of the hydrogen-powered machinery to change the deuterium in the accelerator.”
“Well, we could use the quantized possibilities and run an algorithm with the specific plasma type.”
“But, that would mean we would have to bypass the gravity field blockers.”
Simply put, there was some riff-raff about the bags in the first place. Kept them off the scheme of people who were idiomatic in their habits, and that seemed to do the trick.
“Well, the Francium is resonant with the cell rejuvenation heuristics.”
"So, go to Pluto. Where do I find the little kid? After since I got to you. The dog."
"Spike, Faye's not welcome. Leave her out of this business."
"We made it clear, but, no parting ways unless we find the guy who erased her memories."
"Yeah, maybe you could contact her. But, let's keep it straight."
"Fade into the television; before the victory is yours. Television is on an old couple of people who have coffee and beans; saying them both remind me of all the people I owed at the hot-dog store we just passed by."
"Might be a good idea, right?"
"You think so?"
"What about Faye and the little kid."
"One of the most annoying kids. He'll find us if we surface on this awful map of nowhere."
"Well, we are on Jupiter. Everywhere is nowhere here."
"You've been here a while."
"The days get longer, each time."
"Yeah, what about the weather? Always turbulence in the skies. ****, it’s cold."
“We’re on the moons, Spike. We have air-heaters in our lousy, ******* spaceship.”
Jet, do you ever maybe wonder giving us a visit, here on Pluto. It was the farthest planet I could think of. Changing my life was great. I won't meet, and I'll remember you as a person, a stranger now in my own paralyzed heart beat. I can't feel my jobs get any more exciting. Vicious happened long back. God knows. Now, we steal back from society."
"God only knows." - Jet, baffled by no name of the planet
No name was given; however, that made Spike rather elated with the heightened discussions happening on Mars. There the assumption they made about their friend had concluded on Pluto. Here on Jupiter, you are always working with the better people to make a living. Too many moons, and further than the Asteroid Belt still lies the interstellar galaxy all beyond our amazing stipends. All of them, owe it to themselves, bounties are perfect to fill your midnight blues. And nothing to snack gives you the existential jeepers. Better smoke before evening kung fu time before you flow like water into the background of the Bounty-Hunting business. Once you're dead, you can't come back alive, but, freedom is a specious young kid floating in space and hacking your whereabouts. He’s about 19 years old.
“Your friends would be proud of you.” – Edward seems to have beat a chess grandmaster. The same old adversary from the blues of the old loss. Edward, you’re smart. Figure out, where’s Spike.
“Spike, where are you?” – Dewey Striker
“Can I help you?”- Faye Valentine
I suppose we must have misread the situation, but, the cross and frowning kid is not your f
Holding up a picture of Spike at the beahc.
“I wonder I should go back.” – Faye hurrying to her Casino table
Pack your bags and umph
You’re leaning into yourself, and the legs feel fine and the peak of my appeal seems to be, my whole package. But, even a gun couldn’t save him from someone she thought she lost forever. Spike was the only person in the galaxy who she knew was dead for sure. You can never tell in such a large galaxy, but, there are better views of sunsets in Venus. Did I want to die? When I knew he died in the fire of bullets and completely riddled by a long series of hovering flashbacks.
Story Part II (Continued Clueless And Moving)
The windows must open to a better life. Spike’s hungry.
“Well, your smokes are in the bag you carried. Didn’t bother stealing a single one of those Macintoshes you got from that place on Earth.”
“Jesus, man what part not touching other people’s stuff, don’t you get?”
“The part where it concerns us paying for the food stamps.”
Spike quizzically asks “Do they still do that?”
“Jet, don’t tell me we’re living off the previous million we had in woolongs. Not some ****’s mushrooms this time.”
“By the way, forgot to tell you. The recorder is on, I decided to get one of those VHS tapes.”
“Yeah, about that?”
“Hmm.” –Jet
“Faye got kind of emotional on the “day.”” – Spike
Government data shows that you two are bounty hunters. Those passing wormhole customs need to pay a price. See the sign.”Await your turn. Or pay up your woolongs.”
Jet yells at Spike, and seemingly hastened,” Seems like we have to pay up.You guys charge a grand for this?”
“You mean we didn’t come for more questioning?”- Spike
“Well, Spike we have to stick to what the customs say. And sure every single woolong counts as a bit of developed product. How about Mr. Agent? Do we get a free pass for a good ole’ blues gig?”
“Mr. Spiegel, please explain to your friend over here. You cannot go without the code for the customs department.”
“Spike, Faye gave us some sort of code in the back of the letters.”
“How did she know I was alive at the time?”
“Well, I told her you wouldn’t have survived the bullets. But, you could escape from the bloodiest gunfights in the history of this team.”
“Mr. Spiegel, I wonder if you would be caring to ask the services of our executives at your cryogenic storage?”
“How do they know, Jet?”- Spike
Turns out, the cryogenic patients are monitored. This is a sacred bond of servility to a life beyond the mortality of humanity and immorality of society. IN the end the immortality and the authenticity of your identity lives on. They called it the “Ghost.”
“Do they know about G.H.O.S.T?”
“Mr. Spiegel, we are getting late. Can we please finish this easily without involving organizations of vast power and affluence.”
“Growth of Hyper Oscillating Specimen Testing”
“Wait, what?”
“I mean we have to get out of here fast and we do not have time before Vicious comes and kills us.”
How We Escaped?
Basically, we turned to our best instincts as to whether a secret lurked behind the planet’s corrupt system. Jupiter had become a place of leisure, but, the alcohol was getting to our minds.
“Yeah, we checked names.”
“We checked faces, and no sign of those doctors.”
“The dream doctors seem like real nightmares.” – Jet
“Good one, Jet. But, having the nerve to ask the customs agent about Vicious really put him off.” - Spike
“Oh, man. That scared him.” - Jet
A cold beer was opened, and what happened afterwards is unreal; and as we approach our planet Pluto. We follow the invite, and the code is some sort of invite. If it was going down, me and Spike were gonna be there for sure.
This is my book. It is about how Spika and Jet encounter some doctors involved in the past. And Faye tries to reach out, but, they can't get past customs to catch her before it is too late.
Aditya Roy Apr 7
“Well, the Francium is resonant with the cell rejuvenation heuristics.”
"So, go to Pluto. Where do I find the little kid? After since I got to you. The dog."
"Spike, Faye's not welcome. Leave her out of this business."
"We made it clear, but, no parting ways unless we find the guy who erased her memories."
"Yeah, maybe you could contact her. But, let's keep it straight."
"Fade into the television; before the victory is yours. Television is on an old couple of people who have coffee and beans; saying them both remind me of all the people I owed at the hot-dog store we just passed by."
"Might be a good idea, right?"
"You think so?"
"What about Faye and the little kid."
"One of the most annoying kids. He'll find us if we surface on this awful map of nowhere."
"Well, we are on Jupiter. Everywhere is nowhere here."
"You've been here a while."
"The days get longer, each time."
Some of my screenplay.
Aditya Roy Apr 7
A good old cup of coffee also worked for him during the morning. Rituals and considerations didn’t matter now, but, getting a place to travel was never an issue with Henry. However, there is a disregard for personal safety when looking at a woman of the similar sarcastic pleas ‘Cause we’re not alone and I just can’t believe that a typewriter works well enough to tell about the people we hate.
Short story part 1
Aditya Roy Apr 3
Prison keeps us away from family
Family keeps us from prison
Love keeps us in prison and away from family
Because we do some crazy stuff when we are in love
Aditya Roy Apr 3
Chained to you
I can't see the light of day
But, I can spend the nights with you
Apr 3 · 26
Love At First Sight
Aditya Roy Apr 3
I felt uninspired
By your charm
Inspired by your love
Apr 3 · 16
How To Write?
Aditya Roy Apr 3
Sections of books
The rustling of papers
Sections of society still flip through reality
Apr 3 · 38
Law Of Human Nature
Aditya Roy Apr 3
Boots and braces
Don't make you racist
A blonde blue-eyed guild is a ****
Saying for old reggae for lazy youth
Stuck to a peaceful enterprise for the Rastafarian
Compete for the vibe
Subliminal suicide
Is the reggae jive part of the working class
Dress according to your passage of Rasta
Psalms for a whole way of life
Without racism for life ostensibly built on New York streets
A blue-eyed outlook on the train of thought in a prejudiced world
Yeats read by the minute in 70s England by the Poets Corner
Hyde Park willowing in the Summer of Peter Gabriel
The genesis of a change had been sold to us by the pound
An exchange with weighing guilt, ridden of luck
That men say the facts knowing

The guilt will stay with criminals forever
In the promised land, tried by the law of human nature
A pejorative is a word or grammatical form expressing a negative connotation or a low opinion of someone or something, showing a lack of respect for someone or something.
Aditya Roy Apr 3
We miss you
The morning after every day
The breakfast isn't at the table, you were a friend
A brother to me
You brought me confidence
Though you pushed me around
And away
Although thinking it was the end
If you say I'm short
How come you're tall Marco
You tell me I'm a friend, Hermanos, Spanish are thin
Although I did feel a little skinny instead
This is a poem about a brother and his fated end

Is he coming home too soon
Oh, brother, you left with no doubts
Somehow in letters, I want your hand
Too bad the other Germans they want your name
A psalm reassuring father will get better will do the deed
Indeed, you are quite sly
You died on the battlefield
Without me

And you'll be coming home too soon
As the soldiers draw out
You'll be coming home too soon
I've never had anyone quite like you in the family
We're married and mark it as the page to our dead
Elegy For Closest Friend (obituary of a tool)
Apr 3 · 36
Untitled Undulation
Aditya Roy Apr 3
Thunder talking away
The water makes a deadpan expression
Apparently, it has broken the levee
There are plenty of fish in the scenery
The colors of the water seem cold and pale
Like the bloodless sun, orange in the November rain
Rain falls like the hallowed name
Empty as the words unspoken and unsaid
The laying dead were rotting in the made bed
As the cat crossed the street in the red of the alleyway
At Abusey Junction
As I saw I placed myself in a mention some girl in compunction
Compunction is the feeling of regret
I had felt the loss of someone dead
Now I meet her alive in the flesh
The stray dog doesn't break its spirit until its rabid and dead
Stuck in the rabbit hole of poverty and bucket full of paint
Yes it's some schmuck who takes care of the government
That looks like it
White house
A titbit, a yesteryear
Making a smidgeon on the books I tear
Apologetic but delightful as a library in the storm
By learning more about the wisdom you take from unadulterated undulation
Rap that you heard
Over the grapevine with the bebop that you heard
Come in strong like Marley
Last long Davis, rhyming onomatopeia
Bumblepuppyish about ya
Now what in a toward glance
Due change your mind
On a place you find
The room with a view of the home you're in
I'm trying to find your sister under the meadow
The same weariness in lieu of the window at the funeral
Stained by rain of war undermining
Life's a ***** if you wanna die
Stay sky high, higher than a sunflower
Following the sun
Aditya Roy Apr 2
Here you go
Your sparkling drink
Showing your visage in the empty coffers
Your place among the lifts and the escalators
Of my heart
A beer of sparkling gold
A conversation of the taste of wine

The Thunder turned the water
Into rain
The blue in the midst
Were the skies in the white clouds

Come along and let it go
The heartbreak is the same everywhere
You Roam
The home that stays with after a drink of
This is your turn to jump
From a crystal tower
Keep your visions to yourself
'Cause you're my crystal delight
Apr 2 · 32
Soul Tolls Act 3&4
Aditya Roy Apr 2
You feel alone
Alone is in your head
You can't get out of this state of mind
Of boredom
But, somehow solitude is bliss
For someone, somewhere
Where being lonely was an issue of prejudice
Later, I learnt
That to truly be alone, I had to wake up to myself
Haunted by the fear
That every day the rabbit hole gets deeper
I learn more about myself day by day
I'm a politically-inclined sycophant
Who talks about what matters with fanatics
Pleading for change
Joining hands with the enemy
#Beauty awakens the soul to act.
Apr 2 · 162
Shaking All Along
Aditya Roy Apr 2
In the middle of the journey
I was stuck in the creek of the ladder
With a shadow of a doubt
A window ledge
A falling man on the mount
In danger
I had the specs and a major
The abstemiousness drew a couple of circles in rear
The car draws flames in the 70s
The precious simple daddy shake by the fire
Muscle cars blew across burnt charcoal
Close to burned edges of the ride
Society seems to have to joke a lot
Tell your ma and pa that we stand strong
There is a place in this life that holds me to the ground
Annoying as ever now stay in the now as you will need it every time
Every day
Touching upon the real stuff the real high
I was into the masterpiece
Of shaking hands with the devil all along
In the middle of the journey of our life I came to myself within a dark wood where the straight way was lost.
Aditya Roy Mar 31
Stand together
Keep shoulders and arms at Bay
Oh captain keep the noise from
Blinding us in the can of aeolis
The grip of reality and canned prunes
Are dead poets on a platter
Everything is not about dead poets
We live lives beyond tethered dreams and flying kites
Lying in the nervous phase to change the verse of existence
Questioning my life and the forked away possibilities
The soul of a workman and the treasures are under the sea when living in a sinner's country
Don't you let me catch with your chicken
Oops how about being in the shadow and nerdy
Levity is great, but the jokes are boring
And I'm trying go old school
To break your fever and the fervor
The pay of future debts makes your life a little less financial
Getting into different niche
I love how you change the beat and the might eternity
To me God, you're just a covert cover up
Of the plentitude of evidence
Of a drive-by shooting
The peace symbol for the one's in the sacrificed syncopation of superstitious line
There's no place like my space near Jupiter
What is a war without a channel?
Think about the circumstances of reeling in the years
Aditya Roy Mar 30
Why throw away yourself at another woman's arms
Peaches and cream and the passion and hardly writing
There's be no doubt y'all
A praise a worshipping phase of welling tears
And the years for your enemies making the time for your equals
Keep the pressure under the pager
Turn it on
Keep out of the park
It can't be found
Got personal
Took you out
Had pencil shades of your portrait
The hive the imagination of an old man
How's Dad and what's answer
Are gonna stay, play the same game
Home alone and never coming out
Staying at your place your T-shirt
Not taking a chance, it's too cold outside and
This is getting kinda cheesy

The sketches of you
Summer and stone cold like a buttercup under the weather
With the freaks and the underwriters and the scammers from the IRS
And terrifying nice try
There is a frozen expression
With the impression and the same way I was made for your pulse and energy
The rhyme and the distractions
Are pooling in the effect
With the range of motion foreign
There was a place I could stay and go to
They told to stay in the visions
They felt bad about us
And tell us to behave ourselves
And get better
From the start
The yellow cased window and the blue shirt
Made a green signal
Don't explore the art of the deal
The people ready to bawl at the sight
Of violence
There's no effort and no love
A couple of paintings of sadness
Silence is another means of justice in the perception of a classic example of a poor inception.
Mar 28 · 54
Truth Triumphs All
Aditya Roy Mar 28
Trees grow vibrantly
By the roots
In the fall
In my picture of a thousand truths
What a strange thing! to be alive.
Mar 27 · 31
De La Soul Demeanour
Aditya Roy Mar 27
I'm pumping out the place
With my lost
Trace of my relatable life
Moving on from the memories
Lay in a ball change the stories for the diaries
With the journals and manuals
You can be my boy
And men in the ill convoy
We make a great team
Lets jester and yap about the time to jam
Treat for the test in the yellow lane in the floating vehicle
and excited
As I am punished by my incitement
It ain't nothing nice
It's a ruse
Well understood and I told not do that yourself
Do it to their breadwinners and fathers
Part of the same human race
Class of men
Freed by the chains of enemies
Aditya Roy Mar 27
College's out
School for summer
Train your dragon
In the learned down out from the Compton
Play the whips and chains of excitement
Cognized by the frenzied sight
The best grab on the weapon
And handle of the automatic
Send half of it
Never lay on the better half
With dull knife
Looking like Steven Seagal
And Sen and dead
What to dread about and the jello on my cell sandwich
With the glue in the prison
The criminals on top of me
With the inmates got me out of no more
WIth hallow of God's Plan and **** as surviving
Out of this follow
I don't follow
Change in the unchanged evidence
The lawyer never get out of this crime no more
You could get me a better sentence
Than guilty
You could give me a better sentence than not guilty
With the easy esoterism
And friendly people broke beg with shoplifters
Nearby by the bikini bike clad drinking Alabama queen
Keen and Ken got close to Barbie
Nearer than the relations to that girl
Shack as **** and clothes look Nice
Stomped out of the bet
Running on the track keeps them
Out of the dropping beats down on the loop rack
Cassette holder, scene and action
Aditya Roy Mar 27
Norman grew a beard
For old times
Sake, salacious in every respect.
Aditya Roy Mar 27
Walk this way
Take it from the river down in the east
A place down the west
Taking the troubles of my mind
Johnny has gone south
With his guitar in the wind
The hearing's tomorrow Summer
Where's the bride
She's in court for the hearing
It's Bonnie And Clyde
And the sea of dreams
Turning upside down
There representation of something unique
A pleasant hook
Of reality
There is a pressure to create
And develop the time, I **** and feel
I know and breathe
Among Murderers And COnvicts
As one person among the dead
As many in dread
As many dread my exorcism
The hollow breaths
The ghastly sharp sensations
The terrible tools of simpletons
These ghosts just sift through your river Styx
Like me
Here's a song, my trending candidature.
Aditya Roy Mar 27
It's a wrap
Time's so slow
I can't feel the grip
There's someone holding on
I must be revealing my inner lead
How can describe something you can't feel
There is no inner innateness inundate the tribe called quest
A rap or rhyme
There is no line between the meters of doubts
The gravity of distance and separation
Been apart for too long
There must a deprived
Get him a wager
Make him eat tuna
And drink tea
Simple as bliss
Dope as ****
The mic on the trap and wasn't looking for more
I wasn't answering more
Can you try the reason and the rhyme
See the rhyme and reason and groove in the might beat
Falling off the floor
Causing a ****
In a teardrop following a scene
Take the gun
Gun the Statue Of Liberty
Find the spot
In the New York State Of Mentality
In this mind where we reach]
Their treason for the unforgiven leftists.
In The Bridge To The Crime
Aditya Roy Mar 27
In the existence
You will
Find your bliss
With the essence of pepper
A simple passage of paper
Of the vociferous vulpine in the green forest
Unseen in this coniferous leaf
Cerulean eyes gaze at the frozen lake
Miracles of Strangers
Foxes running from every empty glass of water
Taking away the serried scenes of defafening silence
There must some way to keep this away
From the authorities
I must confess
I have been deprived
It has been for long
But, not for eternity
With the same breath
I turn
My life
My love
Peace walks among shadows of crowds that you can't explore
Type so slow, I probably haven't typed a word
I'm censored
I'm spoken
I'm in love
In the beleaguering bliss
Poetry notes
Aditya Roy Mar 27
Something's up
With the right places
And plasters I can tell
Which one's the island
In the distance
Of the expanse of your parades
Your merit and bandit of pirates
The semblance for the redacted statement
Edit in this winter
The hard lines that I told daddy
Ahead of the dreams of rain
Under the thunderous clap
And some laughter
With the hail of popcorn
On my lap
A failed abstrusity
A strange reality
Different shades for race
Ever season it springs
Aditya Roy Mar 27
You have talent
If you can live
In someone's skin
No entry
Aditya Roy Mar 27
And will it end with the pressure to know it all
Couple receive and cops in the drug cartel
Life's tough
Touch the sky
***** the highs
And respect the lowly butchers in the neighbourhood
The loan sharks
Are superfly
With the credit
Don't deal the wrong classic case of trusting
I'm reading the newspaper
Mar 27 · 82
Ichinichinoowari ni
Aditya Roy Mar 27
Within the love life
The killer trapdoors lie
Trust the spirit
おく に ひと
いちのおわあり ひとりでしゅ
なんだ こと だ
Sashi buru Dana
Jana Vivi
Ichinichinoowari ni, watashi wa hitoridesu
Mar 27 · 26
Tryst With Destiny
Aditya Roy Mar 27
Seems flavorful to keep you in the tub
Of warm water
And drink alcohol in the heat
Of the timbre
THe moment could be to soon
The realms of the moments could be too soon
The seams of the December
THe Scurrilous ******* tried and tested at the trial
Tryst with Destiny
Mar 27 · 85
Footsets of Reality
Aditya Roy Mar 27
Nous sommes
Que c'est que? appelez vous? oui
agreable de amis
comme ça va possédez sapplez vous décrié liberté
War and
Other enemies
There is an anthem of the old son
Called Jesus Chirst
Some proximities
I know you have made a magnificent design
For your home and your soon gone
I've missed you and your talk
You're an old friend and we are just laughing about
Talking about the dreams
There were dramas yes I know
But enough eloquent speeches improptu just as a superiority symbol
Every word you say is used against
What you're gonna see and sometimes in the midst of dusty storm of equivalence
We can't the see the balance the show of power
The jam and slow on down
Take it on
Tempers rising and building a hearing
A limb out here
This is my slam
Check it out
Somewhere in the real fuming summer of my neighbourhood
I was attacke4d by the soldiers of the government
With the truths
And the footsteps of reality
With the presence of temper
I am angry and you shouldn't get me mad
**** it son, you care for a hype
You live to fight
And are stuck in a part of your heart
What's part of an act?
Whatchu talkin about?
SOme rhyme some real reason
Some global phenomenon
Engaging with every prison
Social change is a game and tis for winners
Lets breed and change a grip on remembrance
CHange of scenery ona forever trip of sometime
Here's a resonance
OF bright sunshine
There's the daybreak
And the surprise twist
And the gripping waves of the summer breeze
As they channel through your feelings under your skin
Loving touch
And each hungered one
Sometime's a tribute is killing me in the name of the Lord
Sometime's a tribute is killing me in the name of the Lord
Some time's the name of a God is enough
In the name of;
In the name of;
Aditya Roy Mar 27
Terriers and teary homeless dangers
Addict in his teen years
Ruining his plain games I wonder
If he could sacrifice
Sour it's true
I'm telling you
If you could teach you could be rich
With the right arrogance and the angst
There's a fervent desire for need to be fulfilled
With a girlfriend
Aditya Roy Mar 27
A ***** and epicure
A problematic diet
A teenage workout
I had to go to the prison bar
Lcked out my cell
Push ups on the go
With the trust in my heart
There was despair
I was raised to go
Stay at home
Different shades
Take it from here
Better believe
You never stay same similarly
Indeed there's a reassurance
Somthing in your mind
Hard ot get, hard to figure out
SOmething bothering you
Man the racism isn't
It's the hate
THe sympathy and liberty
With the justice of a sullen symbol
Of sudden death
Of sombre nation
With the fearlessness
With the challenge of scale and bellicose resistance
I better work and stomp out the hate
THat I have
I was little I wanted to stay at the home
Away from the cigarettes that close ones ask for
If you knew me my face
Even the Devil wouldn't recognize
Trust me a face in the
Neu ce fleur
Friends with you and take it in deep and keep calm. Basically, go rub yourselves and scratch yourself in the head. if you read this, I bet you'll want the lock of poetic eyes closing in on those windows. Of your nervous eyes that serried in the shade of the moonlight. Do you like it? Please Like
Mar 27 · 33
Aditya Roy Mar 27
Se sont sous vide
A french ramble
Parles vous francaise
Mar 27 · 41
Drew And Carried Away
Aditya Roy Mar 27
A better believe that an Old Joke
Makes my life better and jokes better
And life miserable can be solved
Je suis voulons decrie
Je mais
Mar 27 · 31
Beats And Beads
Aditya Roy Mar 27
THere is a sound of a ringing bell
It reminds me of the teacher
I owed in a wedding
She's the wife of the Prime Minister of France
A French Education
Tepid Madame Delacroix
Treat to know a nice lady
Thou art in the greatest marble
But, marbles are too many
They fall from my hands
And get away
From a reconnaissance
A string of lies
Each lie
The hair of that old haggard lady
Still tittilates me
Mar 27 · 31
Sheep On The Yards
Aditya Roy Mar 27
The 1,2,3,and n....
In the even sheep
Don't you have a fence of number of fences
Stuck with the trances
With traces of your shade
Of the heartbroken charde
I never delivered so liberal a time
I'm confused for stop and forgot show, autograph
A compelling record
I must express a little doubt
A stunning time, a ssudden revered soul and you doubted me before
A long time before in Detroit
It wasn't the North
I'm lost
I'll take from the top
Before I get low
So where girls at, there song for the start cap
Continue the syllabus of literature excellence
I never amuse with a victorious gain
I love the way you spin
Mar 27 · 23
Version Of Blue Clues
Aditya Roy Mar 27
Take yourself seriously
If you have a grip over yourself
You won't' be lonely
When you hold yourself together
This feeling is too good to be true
You empty in the kitchen
Stuck in the fridge
Holding out the chunk of crippling debts in the fever of silent radiance
Mar 27 · 31
There Friend
Aditya Roy Mar 27
At the trepidation of parents
Who died under the samurai sunrise
WIth night and MIG
Midnight Japan you were down
Your harried across the floor
Out the ******* door
Can't you see I'm trying to walk
Through this just society
Trees of a bad movie
You'd just seen.
Mar 27 · 22
Dealt Or Rechurned
Aditya Roy Mar 27
The pace of change has indeed exceptionally rapid. Imagine the no. of deaths due to gun violence. That will keep increasing. From 72000 people dying. We have gone through iconic times. commemorated as songs and places. When you think about difficult beginnings. I believe that is how it starts. And that's where it ends for most people who devoted their life to absolute justice of mind and space. I want to be a liberal and a progressive one, and no one should keep a grudge against a poor racial radical subject of a bellicose caricature with significant damage to that insightful little things, things and you can read between the line and the ratio of the temperate cultures and the simple-minded people seem so graceful, but, heralding scams of innocent members of society of a melancholy shade of temerity. The joke "Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit and the highest form of intelligence.
Mar 27 · 34
Service Guide To Guilt
Aditya Roy Mar 27
The more you write the better young et
With the raging heart mumbling
In his sleep
Can't you tell
There is no praise for her mother
Can it be
Mar 27 · 34
Tie And Dye
Aditya Roy Mar 27
Haiku jam
Years alone
There is a stowaway
On a boat
It is banana
Banana boat
Mar 27 · 34
Cheers To The Future
Aditya Roy Mar 27
You could run from the past
Or face it
Or hide from it
In the future
Mar 27 · 31
Passively Former
Aditya Roy Mar 27
Right words
Right heart
A broken hearing
Don't go so fast
Mar 27 · 25
Bumbling Bees
Aditya Roy Mar 27
If you read between the lines
The lines
change with every haiku
There is no poetry that cyan that short. With the cost of the practice of the nominal exchange in the present state of resources. With the right investment, you could change every pessimistic venture. As a young writer, I would like to inform everyone this is yes, a perfect question. With the
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