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it seems that i dont know what to do anymore.
i have given up on making other people happy.
i dont think i can keep trying to help you anymore,
youve broken me so much i cant breath.
The recent discovery
that everything
in my head
is *******
is freeing

Belief structures
Erected in mental space
By convincers
I have been persuaded
to believe

About pretty much
you are even
a construct lying
in time

Do you imagine
I'm picturing you
scanning these lines
finding want
reach in
read write me
Sadder than any words
My thought
Comes softly down
Ending again at you.
Inspired by Robert Frost’s "A Late Walk"
How can i forget
When i never even got to choose to forgive you for myself
I never had the chance to comprehend
Cuz you shoved your apologies down my throat
Everything I've ever forgiven you for was to save you,
It was not for myself
Well, I wont forgive you for that
It's not how forgivness works
People unfold, and relationships do too//
It hurts like ice on an open wound//
Fire in the stomach that won't subside//
Lightning that flashes and dies//
A hundred thousand lies//

I don't love you anymore//
I don't love you anymore//
I don't love you anymore//

Maybe this time the rose will wither//
Open this chest up and remove me from it//
Push me away like I pushed you away//
I don't deserve it anymore//
Believe this one lie//

I don't love you anymore//
I don't love you anymore//
I don't love you anymore//

I still do//
//On Her//
Inside every tree
Once grown, is a seed of life
And death yet to be
Tuesday 12 - How we all have the potential to live and die ... YUP.
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