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Can you call me perfect
If you don't love my imperfections
Catch my head
Catch my meagre feelings
And turn them into lovely ones
Catch my head
Catch my hand turns on the stone
Catch my life before the stone turns to ghost

Before the time
Turns to dust
We are young again
We are talking lau and laulun

Before the time
Turns to lists and pushing feelings
Find the ghost of guns
Find the west of winds
Free us and free this life gypsy
Praise the life of the earnest girl
Can I say I love you in three words
Or do I have to say it many uncounted times

I need your guise
I need your life
I need your lies and the fake prize
Which you find getting better with the treasures

I need your guile
I need your life
I need your kajones
I hand my fingers
And unhand my looks
I talk of your passion, and make it mine

If you like live wires
You'll love this gold mine of a heart
It accepts people of kinds, and some open their hearts
Some accept hearts, and hear them
Some learn about their sounds and are trapped in them
I'm one of those daylight sinners
I'm dimly lit guy in the back jacket of mack the knife
In the red footsteps of blue oceans
In the yellow stone, I love you
In the red stone, I love you
In the blue stone, I play and I love
In the purple heart, I find my guns finding their place
In the light in the darkness, and the gentleman speaks of honor
In the dark of nights, where we are lively and plight of giving
That's the tragedy of life, and antelid
All the illness
Aside, and the made
Listen to them
All the peace
Aside, and the land
Of landwinners
All illness
Casts them aside
In the free fire
I have seven lives
I have seven days
How many of them will I use
Here lies the endeth lesson
The believe ends
With the jejunellies stop when the lies
With the dandelions as we garrison the climb the steppe can climb
Here lies the free will lies within the girl
Sighs again
Here lies the pressing mead, measure mulling Axylon
Here we are on the stars and under the stars
Halcyon halo when london burns
You heart burns in London
I left my hands on her ken
I left my heads on her akin
Leaving the burning the stormy ******* women
The jealous ones can live their jealous lives
I wait for the doubts to come
Foolish boor said sanctum caitiff
Sanctorum can live for life on fir trees
I sang with the wild
I traced the wild
I touched the wild
To land on the stale sky
There lies the mon dieu sais je toujour aujour quest ce que sil vous avec pense ecriree
LA nous allons
Le fille de magnique
Le mille du pont connais pas
Francais pas non je pardon ne moi
I'm singing because my heart is silent
THe roses can turn blue
If my roses afternoon falls with the ashes
If my love fails pick at my hate, Teddy Bear
If my journey fails me, I need your silent stare and your wisdom
I feel high, kono kata de kai mono kono warui na
It's a bus, a bus that travels farther than the metro station 4th arrondisement
Howling wind, carry us in he moonlit spoon
I burn myself in a silent way when the weight becomes last
Orange bushes and red roses in the fir trees
Axylon and Pamphyllion
Greater than good lives serfs had found their freedom
Heading out into the world I had lost my love
Silent screams and rages
verse dreams and sarcastic sages
The row believes in the youth of middle aged men
All belittle the your heart when hoping your pang fear
And spring into delirium, and bright gold
Bright light makes heat light asking for you to kneel
In red and leaves of gold, I ask for company
In dead cyka soldiers, the dead of the night
Brings out the company, where you might want a piano key
Loosened, and a guitar string, tuned and pulled

Silent svelte girls all are on the shore
As you she shifts she hasselblad fought him ****
Tea, as the ballad of the hounddog
Go the round midnight, call me after life
GO here, and come back by her fingers girls
In her life, is white, there is blyke
Everyone has a Jekkyl Hyyde
She doesnt know who he she means
After the shindig of time, singing life
Keep it in her, she rights the wall, and rides the fences
She rides the friendly horses, I know you before friends have ***
Feel my living, light my love with food of life
Make me right wrong is the rife
Kaddish sits on the wrong her
Reflection of lapas lazuli and Meer
Urst auf von bon, werst worde gert
Someone took the art killed it with joy
Someone lifted her with the ploy
**** and feet tastes summer and winter tastes like sum
Feets and passerby, touch my *** please master
grace my pallor with your heat, and gush in the blood of the great hand
Slow dots and polka dance that enrichen the glib gleam of Arriana
If friends were enemies and enemies were friends, and friends were summers
The winters would leave with the lush green forests that smell grape and touch my dots and follow my valley
On a figged donkey sorry masturbator
I want you to ride the wind, with gully
I want you rise with the wind, and touch my langstromme with lakes of stowaways
I want you to leave with the wind I feel the wish that touches your heart
I want yin and yang, not love
I want your balance, and not your senses

The end is the beginning when the fire comes out of the blessed wind
The end is near, the tin can man fires the black and blue
The middleman has her hips in the red roses and the masks, and so Im here to **** you
In my whips and my black college wants your education
Education is near, and you are far and tresses of your hair
Egregious error, was to frame you and keep you in my heart
When I couldn't see the picture
Innocence is a true picture
I want you, I want you love me
I want gush virgins and rush astral stars that hearts cant keep
I want the rushed visions that allotropes the love keeps me lively
Me and Ann lively
If I know it is love
They hide under my bed

Until the end of time, I want you asleep

They hide under my bed
Why would I **** anyone, if I hate waking up
I want to **** those souls
Who are lost love in the foggy dust where starshine
Them monsters hide in my darkness
Cometh the dark of ephemeral gaze
Knowledge, cometh hath endless will
They hide under my bed

I want to **** them, with an arm that holds gold
But, doesn't lose the riches to ones who slave
With open arms, they held me in lads of maggie's farm
When the arms shut, the part of books was lost where we were
I wish we were younger

Love is as it merits
With open daydreams, I need you ready for the hostel
When the arms dry, the water gushes through valleys as gelid ice T
The fearful night that
I want your understanding, not your patience
Write your heart on parchment, and gray days left the blue skies
In the fair lovely heather, feather, come hither and gather
Lift my soul, and my soul is hopeful
That someday that you will be my real name, God
God, I don't know if I know love or this earth

Hope is a dangerous thing
Dangerous minds need true faces and true crime
Present, here and now, here and jaguar
I love your soul, I love you maybe
If I know what free will is, take my heart on the urn
Turn my soul into ashen dust, fear my hands of gray dry dusk
With laconic faces, and pure hearts
When I left you I left with dreams
When I left you I left with dreamy people
When I left you I left with my greater gin

You taught me how drink
I used to drink water
And now I drink lassoes in the skies

You teach me how to fall into puddles of love
Caged and a page from my book, here and there is now
Pray tell me, what is happening to you daughter
Do you have a prodigal son?

You taught me how to drink wails
You taught me how to look into the sea
Of lost soul? In a farewell for twisted souls
Please keep me home, or keep me safe from tomes
Please keep us together when we are part of the lads that fight for madness
As the center pop, the stages stars into
Realized crowded women, and unrealized men
Who watch the movie for the lanes.
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