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The children ring the doorbell
The door hears it
The love yous I share with big licks
The love yous I share with lickety sticks
The voulez vous lists of the bon often bonfire
The volute often pollute the years of ulterior motives
Break your back, heart needs
We can be champions of our lives, if we wrote our own stories
The years go by as love the look in your eyes
The days go as some ****** takes the pull from your woolen tassels
she was sharper
than she was honored
than she was thy daughter
Thankfully she didn't cut my life's gun
Knockin' on heaven's door, shot in the dark
Smile in the dark
I see you shoot starbeams at my just wind
I see you shoot lasers into my wet eyes
I part at the seams, and the child washes over me
I perfect thy lifeless body in the icicle of the gauged mines
Put my hand on my hand, and touch the lantern
Torch the lantern, if it burns we have passion...
You have depths without measure
Compare thee with a sonnet
Mortgage thy will
Hope is a ligature mark
Wanted to assure the world that i live on a road that goes a gas station
Here goes, want a ice or water
Do you want frozen or cold
On my hand
What does a toad and frog
Have in common
Uncommon hops
What does a lantern and torch
What does a lat and flat
What does a latitude have with a flat dude?
Hey flat top come over
Gator shirt eat my ****
Handless sleeves fill
Lark my looks
Here are my hooks
I'm in the middle of a song
I'm in the pestering skirmishes of war
So, keep walking and hang on
Keep running and walk on
Keep lifeless day dreams to help you eat
Keep your land and my feet together, you brilliant write
Keep your lassoes on my feet, and my last soul

If I'm a dreamer, I want another one
But, she is a dreamer that never wakes up
Did that summer put a fire in your auburn soul
Did that winter push the last of icy cycling through the rainforest, do you need a vacation
Do you need a meditated latitude
Do you need a lamp?
What do you have?
What do you have?

Here we are, and here we go
Is that all there is to stationing our last minds on our last guys
I love you and love you, but the there are there and that
It's just moving around, and no substrata
No stance on substitute for a witty existence

*******, I'll **** you now
*******, I'll **** your mouth

Find my life in your passages
Too much to say
Too much to stay for
To stay without it, within it
It is too much to talk about
So we talk about our heroes
And we marry the heroins
We fly like the herons on a rude bridge
Tersely overlooking the mountain moonlight
It could find the gust and lust of guys
It could push the lintel and swing with the massacre
Red and black be my very good din
Black and blue, and red dress be thy rich color
I mean I could be a reader, on your book pile
I live in a book, read it back and it would be steel wings
I have findings
Of mine
I have lifelines
Of mine
I have a smile
Of yours
It does it, for my life cannot ligature
If I have that life, life can do without it
Creation, and creatures of dungeons
So you like dragons
Do you fly in the night with their fire
Or watch the waters touch upon your lifeless gush
Reflection can blush, knife can stag your back
You're the queen of my heart
I don't remember your name
But, I call you the killer queen
When you treason, you become a king crusher
You've done this before
You've stole my heart and
Stolen my words, and left 3 words
Can you call me perfect
If you don't love my imperfections
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