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If I touch you
Tell me immediately
I want to know your inner
That make those desires
That turn your metaphors
Into emotions
Love can't be grasped
But, I guess I have the concept
Life's loss is found in the souls of many loved ones
Life cannot be framed in the right words
So, stumble over yourself
And get that girl you always wanted
She'll pick out the right sentence
You will not have to worry about speaking the right words
Have you ever been in love?
My love
It's like looking into a mirror
And imagining the day never ends
Kind of like looking through the window
Of your eyes
And not having to look at my insecurities
In the textures of your soul
Love defies formula, it borders on insanity and spirituality, No matter how slim the chances, one you meet the love of your life, you might just end up creating something that may outlast your lifetime
When painting one does not think
When writing one does not imagine
Of how imprisoned their souls can be
When we imagine of vast scapes
Of Seas
We realize there are only a few
Fish in the sea
Meant for us to catch
That's a catch to life
I'd love to say I have a catchphrase
For every time I stumble on my obstacles
Then I remember it was deja vu
That I came to find my mistakes
Like thousand splendid suns
Nurturing a million flowers
For the billion bees in synergy
Love came like a hurricane, we just a paper plane.
Girls are beautiful
Men are boys
Flowers are meant for innocence
Love is like a rising sun
Meant me and you
Imagine if the setting sun
Was much more romantic
When we were washed by the pain
Of a thousand setting suns and awashed seas
You learn more from ten days from agony than ten years of content.
Music of the soul
Grey areas of the heart
All live in coexistence
I look up at the rain
The shadows exist in the sun
Of our great days
In our better days
We were people
Loved and cherished
By girls that aged beautifully
You should see me, dressed to ****.
Art has ways to explore
You may be in dire need
But when it comes to art
You explore
In foreign cities
Sitting under yellow city lamps
Losing your way in the metro
But when it comes to art
You explore
Tokyo is such a place
I wish to visit
When I'm out of money
I explore
When it comes to sketching
Your grace
Your face
Your exotic charms
Make me clap my hands
And change my pallette
My love for the city has never changed
When the people degrade for their ruin
Get better by the years
The years change
Tokyo I need to dream about you
And explore
Hello people
How's the sunshine
In this cold weather
Love has traces of a past I can't recollect
But when it comes to loving women and friends
It's the same
Just like Tokyo dreaming
When one is painting one does not think
Aditya Roy Feb 8
This' heart's a jukebox
Darling buds of may
If you love him
Clap your hands
If you know you hate him too
You love him
Clap your hands
If you can't get enough
There'll nothing left share
If you don't love him
Then dump him
If you can, Polly...

Polly (The Poem)

Love can be annoying
But, annoying can be lovely
You are beautiful
Look at a mirror
Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards. That's a true reflection.
A clock tells you the time.
A poem tells you the rhyme.
A ladder of poetry tells you to climb
Aditya Roy Feb 8
I love the colorful clothes you wear
The way that it suits the skin so fair
Your perfume that lightens the air
The expression so daring
I think I'm fainting

You are like a song in the rain
Dancing on the streets and lanes
Your pitter-patter sounds pleasant
I must be dreaming of different seasons

But, I'm getting good excitations
I can't any more patient
I need your loving attention
This tension is killing me slowly
With each reaction
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