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Mist N' Ollie Nov 2018
I’m sorry, that we didn’t work out.
I’m sorry, that we went down this road.
If I could, I’d turn back now.
But I went too far, this time.
Mi´s-well continue.

I’ll see you on the other side.
I’ll see you in another life.

I’m sorry, that I hurt you.
Our love was a virtue.
Like patience, but more beautiful.

Now I see you.
You look so happy.
Without me.

Now I see you.
You're with another guy.
Hope your smile, lights up his eyes.
Like it did mine.
I’ll see you on the other side.
In another life.
Mist N' Ollie Nov 2018
He walks the halls in fear.
There’s no one to protect him.
He’s crying out to them.

Am I the only one, who hears him screaming?
Mist N' Ollie Nov 2018
No one told her what it’s like.
She watches this lightning strike.
Her biggest fear is being alone.

No one told her which way to go.
She took the path with bumps in the road.
Will someone help this broken girl.
Mist N' Ollie Nov 2018
Life is a battlefield.
Wrecked up scars.
Wrecked up hearts.

Life is like the perfect night.
Ruined by a lightning strike.
Broken heels.
Broken messes.

You are my shining sun.
Covered by the moon.
As one.

Free my mind.
Peace of mind.
Mist N' Ollie Sep 2018
And the chair fell.
Mist N' Ollie Jun 2018
She is the sun, and I am the moon. Her beauty shines brightly and lights up the skies, and my illuminating eyes pierce the soul of the night.
Mist N' Ollie Jun 2018
They say my mind is a hurricane. I’m always spinning around in my thoughts. Splashing in the water, trampling over the seas, only to come back to reality and calm down my hurricane mind.
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