I couldn't find a song
The music didn't fit
No lyrics could describe
The wall the we hit
The pain
Our lies
You leaving so abruptly
Looking back at it now
It all sounds so funny
You learn to forgive
But its hard to forget
We'll always have a connection
That we can never unlive
So you showed me in songs
Just how you feel
I'll tell you in word
So you know that its real
We had a good run
We loved
And we lost
I forgive you for alot
As long as you forgive me
For calling the cops
There will always be a place
Right in my heart
And I hope every night
You don't fall apart
Victoria Feb 12
Rules to being a lady
As told by the women in my life
1.Don't put your elbows on the table
2.Don't chew with your mouth open
3.Let the men get the doors
4.Say please and thank you
5.Don't speak out of turn
6.The oldest man goes first in the house(for anything)
7.Clean the house
8.Lay out his clothes
9.Cook his meals
10.Be a bitch if you need to be but only if it doesn't make him feel uncomfortable
Rules to being me
As told by me
1. Listen to how you feel
2.If it feels right then do it
3.If it doesn't then don't
Victoria Jan 29
Up thinking about you
Another sleepless night
My heart aches to be with you
Another reckless blight
My mind feels so at peace when you're near
People say move on
I say listen, don't just hear
The pain I feel isn't fabricated
I can't make this hurt up
I cant give an hour
A minute
Or a second thought
Feel the beat of my heart
It only gets louder
when you're not a round
I loose all my power
Victoria Jan 11
It's my right to say no
Whats not OK is the looks you get when they don't like your answer
Whats not ok is the sounds they make when they don't like your answer
" I did't want you anyway"
Good Because I said NO
So whether you decided you wanted me or not
I had made up my mind that YOU where not getting ME
Because I said NO
And when your face turns sour because I said no
I want you to understand
" Why are you being such a bitch"
Well sweetie
Its probably because I was born this way
Insert sexual joke here to lighten the mood
Except it doesn't
You just don't want to look stupid
News Flash...it's to late
I said no
Because my body didn't want you
My mind wasn't into you
It wasn't the right time
I wasn't into it
insert rationalization here
Whatever the reason
I still said No
And Its my right
Victoria Jan 11
Being average is not something most would be proud of
Being average isn't something most people would like to be
But as an average person
With average problems
I can tell you
We're all the same
I'm not to thin
I'm not to big
I'm not to anything
Because that's all about perspective
My red isn't you're red
Meaning I don't see what you see
Meaning I can't possibly know what the hell is bigger or smaller
Or taller
So what is AVERAGE
Or ordinary
or Better?
Victoria Jan 11
You fall in love to easy
and that's alright
Because that means there is a light in you that can't be put out
No matter how hard you get knocked down
You can get up
Because LOVE is what you're after
And when you fall in love
You fall
Well more like jump
Like you can't wait to fall
Falling takes to much time
And when you realize that maybe it's not meant to be
You stand up
Dust yourself off
Take a deep breath
And you're ready to fall again
Well Jump
Victoria Jan 8
I know I shouldn't judge a book by
its cover man.
But half these books have me wonderin.
And if we weren't supposed to judge than why are people dying in the streets?
"I can't breath" yeah guys that really happend
All because his cover was blackened!
Yet a mother got off for killing her babbies!
This shit has me in a daze see
Her cover was innocent and thats all the judge saw
Didn't care to look inside for an answer at all!
And parents teach you not to judge
Except " dont get to close to that homless man. Hes probably on drugs!"
When really that man on the ground he defended our "Great" country
Now hes left in the gutter with the thought "no one will touch me"
All because you let his cover device you.
Preaching to the Millennials that covers reveal true
But rapisit and murderers they look the same
As a friendly neighbor
Or a fucking lame
And now we grow up thinking our cover matters
"Why is my cover bigger, why can it be flatter?"
"My corners are to sharp"
"That covers' illustration is to much, haha, and they call that shit art!"
And we dress up
And we dress down
And try to look interesting
Now there's no story
Something is missing
We've cared so much about judging one another
That all we have left is an empty cover.
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