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BeckyH Jan 12
That memories stir
Far more often
Than the contents of his shorts.
BeckyH Jan 12
I love watching the fire
The way it fizzles and crackles and pops.
How you feed it green boughs from a sapling
And watch as the life in it stops.
I love placing on letters
Watch words as the yellow and curl.
Destroying the dreams and the memories
Much like  you did with this girl.
I love watching the fire
My twisted face glows in it's light.
I'm here on my own, not there at your home,
But scorn me again and I might.
BeckyH Nov 2018
Remember when you were fifteen
And that boy at school was really keen.
He turned and looked at you in Maths,
Then distracted you from paragraphs
By the way his eyes look when he laughs.
Remember when you were twenty
And male admirers were aplenty.
Before the days of internet dating,
On fleek brows, playas and hating,
Checking likes to assess your rating.
Remember the days when you were thirty,
Evenings spent with nappies *****.
Lack of sleep and funds were low,
Rarely out you'd get to go,
But baby love kept you aglow.
Remember the days when you were forty,
A bottle of wine the heights of naughty.
Tired after a long commute,
Buttons straining on the suit,
Teenage angst along to boot.
Remember the days when you were fifty,
Kids at Uni - must be thrifty!
Mum showing signs of losing her mind,
Face shows the years have not been kind,
Marriage more and more a bind.

Think of all that's yet to come,
And hope that you will find someone,
Who reminds you of all the dreams,
You had in Maths at age fifteen.
BeckyH Mar 2018
It's my birthday today.
45 years old.
I reckon I've got about another thirty years left in the tank before I turn to my best friend in a convertible and go Thelma and Louise style over a cliff.
Whether she likes it or not.
BeckyH Mar 2018
"Miss, this is *******. Poets don't punctuate on purpose."
Perhaps. (,?)
They do. (.............?)
BeckyH Mar 2018
It took me until I was 45 to discover love that was Un.
Unending. Unconditional. Undemanding.
It was like I woke up from a romantic fog.
2016 when I got my dog.
BeckyH Mar 2018
You haven't earned more money in years,
it's a vocation.
OFSTED steals your sleep with fears,
it's a vocation.
You buy pens and pencils with your own cash,
it's a vocation.
Your shoes fall apart, your car nothing flash,
it's a vocation.
You haven't been abroad since 2002,
it's a vocation.
A girl says she comes to school because of you.
It's a vocation.
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