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Under that dark night sky
Pulling through the night of wondering
My dear lone man sat afar off into the night
I hope he returns, not to dare leave me

I had my share of lovers
One says maybe I'm bit of a wanderer
One saying that I too, wished could find a true love
Maybe one that would stay

They all seemed to walk out
When I drifted off into another scramble
But I can't help it
The words come right through my mouth

He hasn't returned yet
It's nearly midnight, right on the dot
He might be late cause of work
He must be late cause of work

Through that night
I began to wonder for myself
What true love is exactly?
Does it exist at all?

I thought to myself over and over
How many have I had?
How many times have I made them suffer?
How many times have I floated off into another world?

He never came home that night
Nor the days after
I'm left alone once again
But maybe that's not all too bad?

I close my eyes, the pen in my grasp
I know that I am not alone
One may think I am, seeing me without a someone
But I got myself, my stories, and the night...
I had a little story in my head about a writer whose lover walks out on him. Multiple lovers, actually, left him for him being so absorbed  in his work as a writer. I hope you like it. :)
Teeth of dark gums, pouring through out
It’s painful, it may be, extras popping  
No money to pay for the dental
Only the stuff for the alleys
You look over to the pliers

You stab your mouth with the syringe
The Novocain must be working
The pain is beginning to cease
You soon cannot stop the cursed ripping

Liquid squirts out with a fizz
Before you realize, all your teeth are on the ground
Your jaw is just hanging,  
The blood is oozing in fleshy chunks

You finally realize to stop but it’s done

You’ve destroyed your mouth.
I think of this is how growing extra teeth can turn somebody a bit crazy...

— The End —