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  Aug 2015 ChM

for stars,
I grabbed
the brightest,
it was you,
only to find
you were
reaching for
*me too
Good night beautiful
ChM Jul 2015
Not even a day passed
Not even 24 hours
Not even 12 hours
Not even that you're far away
You did not left the country

But still
The moment you left I missed
Just You
A lot
  Jul 2015 ChM
SG Holter
I believe that every tree; every swallow;
Every breath of clean air that I draw

Accepts the love I feel towards it,
And responds in my everyday life,

The way any "god" would. 
Thank you for your love. This is for you.

That smile from a stranger; that money
I found, that favourite song of mine on

The radio, was a hug from the trees
(**** human-huggers) of my

Home farm dirt road
Alley, where I walked today

Asking myself how at home a man
Can feel, kissing it all with my eyes.

My everyday life...
That insignificant, poor place

Where my every amazing treasure lies
ChM Jul 2015
No poem
Is a poem as well
No words
Are words as well
No anger
Is anger as well
No Love
Is love as well
No Fear
Is fear as well
No Hate
Is hate as well
No Tears
Are Tears as well

So why is it so hard for you to understand what I feel ?
Or why don't you see when I am tired.
I need rest and you don't care.

I am done
  Apr 2015 ChM
I've been down lately.
Can't find a way out lately.
I've been lost lately.
Loosing it all lately.
I've been crying lately.
Because I'm too mad lately.
I'm choking lately.
Cause of my deep hole lately.
I've been hard to reach lately.
I've been hard to teach lately.
The reality is lately...
Lately I've been sad.
ChM Apr 2015
I am not depressed
I just cannot write about love
I just cannot write about happiness
If I do not feel this way
I am not myself
I do not know who I am actually
I am not depressed
I am lost and empty
I am someone ..but not me...I changed badly
ChM Apr 2015
I loose you
I loose everything
I just do no want to live anymore
But I am too scared to **** myself
Do you see how weak I am without you?
I loose you
I loose me
I am lost
My mind does no work well
I destroy with my own hands
Everything beautiful
Why did I have to wish.//
That you fight with her
Why am I so desperate?
I loose you
I die
I cannot live witout you.
They are nothing for me
I loose you
I die.
please do not let me go..
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