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6d · 46
Darting Eyes
Millie 6d
Those darting eyes
Never satisfied
With what lay directly before
She’ll play all day
Then waste away
And do it all one more
6d · 194
Word Stain
Millie 6d
Her words
Like a tattoo
Stinging as they etch onto my heart
Never to be removed
Oct 7 · 163
The Blue in Her Eyes
Millie Oct 7
The blue in her eyes
Complimented the blood on her lips
Her galaxy of freckles
Were magnified by tears
The further she rose in the world
The lower she sank on her floor
A perfect mess
But she was mine
Sep 30 · 77
The Blood and The Rain
Millie Sep 30
The cut down her lip was perfectly straight
As if it had been purposely crafted
It slowly oozed one red drop
She didn’t stop it
Rather, accompanied it with her tears
Sep 27 · 41
Millie Sep 27
I just wanted someone to hold me “without an ounce of selfishness”  
But as I lay there, falling asleep, his sweet caresses teetered towards that of greed
It wasn’t much, most would call it innocent- some might think it cute
But for me it changed everything
I could no longer lay down my defenses and fall asleep in his arms
I could no longer wake and be enamored by his face
His lips could speak the same words that once sent butterflies swirling within me only to awaken feelings of disgust, shame, and pity
For I had let myself think he was untouched by the world
And my reality was tainted
Jul 13 · 120
Millie Jul 13
It feels right
Never a fight
Just a thief in the night
Stole our love
Made a space
A distance filled by his face
And the fame that you chase
For the hole
In your heart
When this barrier had its start
But your mother never saw
All the things beneath my scars
Her view marred by the way that I once fell apart
Millie Jul 9
Funny how your warm embrace with emanation pierces cold
How painted words and reminiscence quickly became old
Your approval I once thrived upon, now makes me feel ill
This change was never tangible
Not one action- not one word
Though I fear it's irreversible
Our chapter preemptively told
Jun 15 · 203
Dammed Whip
Millie Jun 15
Each time he snaps his whip
   The channel only grows
The dam will overflow  
    Attrition from his grip
May 6 · 190
Unasked Questions
Millie May 6
Her unasked questions fill the room
We stumble around a conversation
But our eyes lock
They’re asking what her lips are too afraid to form
May 5 · 173
It’s All In The Gray
Millie May 5
I wanted to believe it was black. Or white.
But found that it was gray.
Only, that was a birds eye view
The closer I get
The more I realize
It’s black AND white
Side by side
In every situation
Good and bad in all their extremes- everywhere.
May 5 · 140
Millie May 5
Reality tumbles around me
When at last I try to speak it
Alarmed, I feel an imposter
Am I deceiving myself?
Or is reality deceiving me?
Feb 6 · 111
Millie Feb 6
Like crawling out of the rubble
From an earthquake
I gape at the devastation around me
And wander towards “home”
Feb 6 · 409
Millie Feb 6
It’s all spinning
around and around and around
I tumble forward
The ringing in my ears screeching louder
The crowd moving closer
Until my eyes meet
Jan 27 · 97
Out of the Loop
Millie Jan 27
Suddenly you’re afraid of me
Of how I might react
So sullenly you hide yourself
Among the mist of words
You’ve forgotten I see through the fog
Of fake and insecure
Though prying would undoubtedly
Break what was before
So here I sit a stalemate
To watch your facade fall
A love that’s birthed on desperation
Was never love at all
Dec 2019 · 69
Millie Dec 2019
It feels like...
Your head is buzzing
The people around you are blurry
And although they seem slower
Time goes faster
The pressure spreads around your head
And starts to throb in your ears
Your eyes begin to give up on seeing
The lights are angels with halos
And the ground embraces your cold body
Sleep becomes such sweet mercy
Dec 2019 · 276
Millie Dec 2019
But happy was my coping mechanism
Nov 2019 · 365
Millie Nov 2019
Your leaving
Makes every joy
Happiness forever tainted
Oct 2019 · 673
Millie Oct 2019
Obsessive compressive
Self flawed and depressive
This puzzle never fixed
My mind is a glitch
The loop is infinite
Till begrudgingly
I let go
Oct 2019 · 221
Sleep Haven
Millie Oct 2019
Most people go to sleep each night
So they can wake up every morning
And live
I wake up each morning
So I can grow tired every night
And sleep
Sep 2019 · 208
Silent Quarrel
Millie Sep 2019
You see the ice and think I’m frozen
You need to get better at this “hon”
But there’s so much spinning around my brain
And so little of it would change what my eyes stole from yours
So I walk away
Betrayed by the lump in my throat
Sep 2019 · 540
Millie Sep 2019
Drivers license
Freedom run
Dancing queen
The fun’s begun
Big 18
Turn round and vote
Wander forward
Pretend to gloat
Poisoned apples
Caramel draped
A front of happiness
To dull the pain
Birthdays are a joke.
Sep 2019 · 184
Star Watcher
Millie Sep 2019
The way the red stains his face
And the stars align her fate
Leave me here to wait
For my life to move on
Sep 2019 · 105
Life’s Waves
Millie Sep 2019
Like a wave beating my limp body against a rock
All I can manage is to gasp for air
To hang on to something
And allow myself to continually thrash
Until all that’s left is pulp
Sep 2019 · 104
Oozing Heart
Millie Sep 2019
The tip of the knife punctured just enough to cause pain
To ooze blood
To cause the owner the discomfort of a broken heart
But it was never ****** with a passion to ****
For killing was wrong under all circumstances
And besides the point,
It was far too merciful
Sep 2019 · 288
The World In My Head
Millie Sep 2019
I live in my head
More than the outside world
Details go unnoticed
And I perceive events as images and emotional swirls
The others don’t understand
They think I’m careless
Or bizarre
But I’m content in this land where none of the people are
Aug 2019 · 287
Millie Aug 2019
My life is a mess
That just keeps spilling
Into everyone I meet
and everywhere I go
I just want it to end
Aug 2019 · 267
Early Mourning
Millie Aug 2019
They wondered why I didn’t mourn your absence
But I did
Each night I knew you
I dreaded the day I would no longer love you
I cried for the day you’d see another
Because I saw it coming
And I don’t procrastinate grief
Aug 2019 · 146
Millie Aug 2019
Our fling has flung
Our dream is done
You kissed me so
My heart awoke
Oh how the world moves on
Aug 2019 · 281
Millie Aug 2019
In essence she wishes for everything she lost
She wants then even when there’s a better now
She’d trade prosperity for the comforts of an old life
Aug 2019 · 288
Millie Aug 2019
My brain toys with a thousand possibilities
Teasing my already uneasy mind
Logic pulls its best defense  
But it’s too late
It’s all creeping in
Until I give future no chance
And ruin myself
Aug 2019 · 488
Millie Aug 2019
I feel you distancing yourself
I watch you slowly back away
And if I were smart I’d do the same
But I run hopelessly towards you
Like chasing a parting train
Like grasping for a rainbow
Aug 2019 · 1.5k
Silence Speaks
Millie Aug 2019
Our silence used to speak love
But now it whispers defeat
It whispers distance
It whispers “run”
Aug 2019 · 173
Millie Aug 2019
Like a spider
Weaving an endless web
Sometimes disturbed by the wind
Time works itself out
Jul 2019 · 250
Millie Jul 2019
She wondered why she had to live
And ignored my pleas to stay for me
While she tied the noose
Jul 2019 · 161
Tired Love
Millie Jul 2019
At the thought of you
From my love for you
From the energy you stole
By the things we can’t control
Jul 2019 · 252
Happy Guilt
Millie Jul 2019
For being happy
When I should have been sad
Jul 2019 · 264
No Reason
Millie Jul 2019
For no reason
When I have friends
Emotions attain no logic
Jul 2019 · 2.1k
Eerie Smile
Millie Jul 2019
His smile was plastered
And I had an eerie feeling as he waved at me
Jul 2019 · 713
Paranoid Mind
Millie Jul 2019
The closer I get to you
The more I see you slipping through my fingers
Dam* my paranoid mind
Jul 2019 · 331
Millie Jul 2019
I savored the smell of his shirt
While he calmed my paranoid hand
And time focused itself
Jul 2019 · 164
Millie Jul 2019
My approval driven state confused them
But with each disappointment I felt the weight of the ones before
Cement filling my ever heavy chest
Jul 2019 · 218
Millie Jul 2019
I bite my lips
And take a step back
Today is the day
I dread to see your face
I push forward anyways
Go on,
Break my heart
Jul 2019 · 92
Time Bomb
Millie Jul 2019
Tick tick tick
The time bomb no one saw coming
Except me
And I watched helplessly
Emotion so far from me
As it all went down
Jul 2019 · 54
Heavenly Father
Millie Jul 2019
Though your galaxies still confuse me
And I yearn to hear stories untold
I long to share your presence
I know I’m your daughter of old
Jul 2019 · 390
Embers Fade
Millie Jul 2019
Rain turns fire into steam
Time turns flames into ashes
An evening chill fades embers to coal
And so it was with you
Our burning embers scattered and gave way with the wind
Jul 2019 · 507
Millie Jul 2019
Everyone round me was crying
But my voice remained steady
My emotions remained vacant
As I watched myself live
Jul 2019 · 1.3k
Asleep Next To You
Millie Jul 2019
My favorite way to fall asleep
Is next to you
Short days and long nights become our summer
Jul 2019 · 1.2k
Millie Jul 2019
I’m so tired
But the second I lay down I remember
The drawer
It’s open
My sock
It’s missing
My mirror
It has a water spot
My face
I only washed it once
My ring
It’s out of place
Tired never wins
Jun 2019 · 972
Days in the forest
Millie Jun 2019
I run through the forest
And smell the wet soil
It has rained
And the leaves are still leaking tears
The sun smiles down with golden rays
And the sky wears its prettiest blue dress
I settle by an oak tree
And lock eyes with a deer
We are both curious
Comfortably so
He comes within three feet of me
Before stamping back to his business
And I walk back to mine
Jun 2019 · 503
Millie Jun 2019
Unwittingly I make every conversation depressing with the mention of your name
And oh how often I say your name
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