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Millie Dec 2022
Something about the 11th hour
The urge to make it all for naught
To give up; better yet, turn around
The itch I have to run off the trail
Fail the final
Scramble the puzzle
***** it all
Give reason
To this despair I feel anyhow
Millie Nov 2022
Cold pasta
On a Sunday afternoon
Shifting feet
Unsettled hands
Potential energy
Millie Sep 2022
Fall scents
strewn between
subtle chills
find me drifting

How to dip my toes
without sailing away?
Millie Jun 2022
"Twinkle twinkle little star"
"You are my sunshine" in the car
When grandpa grabs your arm and shakes
Two candy bars will soon replace
And as we're driven home that day
His candy strewn across our face
We smile because we know we'll see
Our grandfather again next week
Miss you Grandpa
Millie May 2022
A secret
The one thing that has always been mine
To hold, ponder, inspect
Once given
changed entirely
As others finger it
Smearing alternative realities  
So selfishly I repress
The temptation to let go
My last
Millie Mar 2022
An ice cube
Poured into the mold of least resistance
Slowly Frozen
Complacently numb
What is this dripping?
Searing pain as I begin to unthaw
Discomfort as I spill over
Emotions long forgotten barge in expecting welcomes
How foreign they look
And yet
I feel warm
Millie Jun 2021
It’s far too easy
To buoy up false hopes
On logical pretenses
Distributed carelessly
Via collected individuals
Smiling at their job well done
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