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Millie Jul 7
Stringing out what consciousness remains
Straining eyes as they ruminate their imagined future
Never coming to any real fruition
All the while life passes by
Opportunity slips through my peripheral
Friends laugh above my frozen figure
Some stranger flirts with the shallow flesh that hovers above my rotting corpse
And I giggle a little
Because I’ve played this game before
And like a fool think I can win
Millie Jun 25
It’s far too easy
To buoy up false hopes
On logical pretenses
Distributed carelessly
Via collected individuals
Smiling at their job well done
Millie Apr 6
Searching, longing
For the thing that explains
The cold Winter nights
Her face twisted in pain
While her daughter lay there
Wasting away
Plucking old dreams
For her mind to replay
What was once a safe haven
Now throws out the door
The child of chaos
To seek out the world
Millie Mar 29
He whose most pure
Did most freely shed
His blood for the sinner
The feeble, the dead
That I in my weakness
Could look on the cross
Knowing that he’s felt all I have lost
Savior Redeemer
Exalted on high
Who answers my prayers
And hears every cry
Though I’m imperfect
And often I fall
My strength lies in Christ
Who died for us all
Millie Dec 2020
A poor resolution
Made by a frantic mind
In search of the calm voice
That slipped out the door

A sad boy
Unaware of the chaos
Searching for meaning
Where there lies none
Millie Dec 2020
The piercing reality
Of a metal chair
On a Winter morning
Drawing focus from my numb mind
To the slowly constricting vessels of my extremities
Millie Nov 2020
Sweaty palm curled into a fist
She speaks with the authority of one who knows
Heavy words stumble out of her mouth
leaving her body limp
And yet
Those who don’t know dismiss her
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