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Millie 1d
Drivers license
Freedom run
Dancing queen
The fun’s begun
Big 18
Turn round and vote
Wander forward
Pretend to gloat
Poisoned apples
Caramel draped
Like tooth-fairy dollars
For extraction sane
Birthdays are a joke.
Millie 2d
The way the red stains his face
And the stars align her fate
Leave me here to wait
For my life to move on
Millie 4d
Like a wave beating my limp body against a rock
All I can manage is to gasp for air and cough up the salty water
To hang on to something
And allow myself to continually thrash
Until all that’s left of me is pulp
Millie 6d
The tip of the knife punctured just enough to cause pain
To ooze blood
To cause the owner the discomfort of a broken heart
But it was never ****** with a passion to ****
For killing was wrong under all circumstances
And besides the point,
It was far too merciful
Millie Sep 2
I live in my head
More than the outside world
Details go unnoticed
And I perceive events as images and emotional swirls
The others don’t understand
They think I’m careless
Or bizarre
But I’m content in this land where none of the people are
Millie Aug 31
My life is a mess
That just keeps spilling
Into everyone I meet
and everywhere I go
I just want it to end
Millie Aug 28
They wondered why I didn’t mourn your absence
But I did
Each night I knew you
I dreaded the day I would no longer love you
I cried for the day you’d see another
Because I saw it coming
And I don’t procrastinate grief
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