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May 20 · 51
Memories seized of the birds and the bees, the gentle breeze can
greatly appease and put your mind at ease.

When that special thought is caught turning you from distraught
into a juggernaut.

But I feel ill at ease, I yet have you to please, to squeeze even to
tease, a feeling of a deep freeze.

Thankfully, as I anticipate you being my soul mate, no longer does
my wait frustrate but alleviates.

Hence a sequence of events for a very bright future tense which
keeps me in suspense.

It's as easy as your abcs, so will you please put my mind at ease
with some beautiful memories.
Apr 24 · 57
I'm so excited, honored, delighted knowing soon we'll be united.
Although we're apart we were destined from the start. Like a
wave of a magic wand, a special bond into eternity, even

This you can take to heart my lovely work of art and I do thank
The Lord for such a gorgeous counterpart.

You're always on my mind, the word beauty you can redefine
because you're top of the line, my Heavenly sunshine.

For it has been conceived, I'm your Adam, you're my Eve in our
garden of Eden which can be achieved, if we believe.

Until then my special friend... Even when.
Mar 25 · 36
In order to discern, you must learn. To Look, Listen and Learn.
Your worldly ways adjourn, don't be to stern.

Remove your shoes and socks, step out of the box for the
world you now live, is a paradox.

You may frown, may feel you're abort to drown, stand firm
and you'll abound for your feet will be placed on Hallowed

So ( be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to wrath) the
beginning to walking a righteous path. (James 1:19)

And you can't go by what the world think when it says
your work stink, keep doing your do and don't shrink,
wink, you'll emerge in the pink.

Nor don't shlep but do it with pep and take it step by step
because you're The Good Lord's rep, Yep.

There's about to open an important door. Just who is this
message for?
Mar 17 · 47
In the not so distant future, just can't when although I think about you time and time again. Soon we'll meet becoming the best friends, you are my Godsend.

You'll probably laugh when I try to croon for your lovely heart I come to swoon, even though I'm off tune it will be soon, I'll be placing a ring on your finger the stone will be the moon.

When we have our tryst, our own paradise, in the midst becoming inflamed from the first kiss, I believe you know the gist.

For now I pray, I wish, I'll even fish for a way to come to you such an enchanting dish. But I can definitely say... Soonish.
Mar 3 · 77
Cold drab and dreary, lost lonely and weary it can become very scary.

Winter, a dreaded season of depression, misplaced aggression and wearing many false expressions.

The beginning years filled with many fears, unreliable peers and unstable careers, you will shed a million tears.

From starting out young, very high strung, often finding yourself in the dung from many a slip of the tongue. But loving to play, building on foundations on clay, it swings, it sways, soon it's all taken away.

Nonetheless it's a learning process, some can only guess, while others think life's a game of chess but even through the strife and through the stress, true success come to those who know their blessed.

Once you discover, life's on good living uncover. You Look, Listen and you'll learn, true life must be earned and you'll get back a beautiful return.

Winter, a dreaded season, the blessed find the rhyme and find the reason. Then spread their wings, do the thing and a lovely song they'll start to sing, stepping out of winter into spring.

Don't stay in winter. DO The Thing.
Feb 24 · 178
When we were peewee, even before we could see

there was put forth a decree for a love that shall span

from ocean to ocean, from sea to sea, made in Heaven

and shall always be twix you and me.

It's Destiny.
Feb 19 · 152
Mysterious but just and it's a must that you trust.
Incomprehensible, from everlasting to everlasting

Unchanged may even seem a bit strange. Pure,
although obscure but you will feel the allure if
through His Word you take a tour and He will
ensure that you'll endure.

For I've been shaken, awaken but never forsaken.
Can make you think you're in a maze. going around
and around, up down even sideways, it's just phase.

Still, I give Him all praise. He is... The Ancient Of Days.

Daniel 7:9
Feb 18 · 46
You. From out of the blue a dream come true, every since your debut my life flourishes anew.

When I first caught your eye my heart became electrified but I was a bit shy so you simply passed me by.

Then you turned for another look, the Earth shook, nevertheless, clueless but hooked for you remained a closed book.

I stood intimidated for you seemed so complicated so the conversation you initiated and I was elevated. You so beautifully understated.

Hence your elegance leaves me in suspense, however it's very clever the way you use common sense.

Nonetheless I acquiesce, your beauty, your finesse, amazing and I'm forever impressed with your faithfulness.

Feb 17 · 252
Her. A vision of loveliness I mist concur, an odor of the finest myrrh.
I can feel her presence in the air, I call to her, I only hear whispers, her face is but a blur.

One of life's beautiful themes walking holding hands by living streams, under multi colored sun beams. Like hand and glove a love that can only come from above, making the perfect team, I awake from a dream.

Her. A vision of Loveliness... Where?
Jul 2019 · 77
Milton Robertson Jul 2019
We struggle through life, through the stress, through the strife, it cuts like a knife but onward we travel crawling through the gravel while watching our lives unravel.

As we go on the prowl, on our faces there's a scowl and a feeling of throwing in the towel.

While a breakthrough seems out of sight thinking, how can I make things right. Suddenly it comes piercing through the night, a beacon of light, it continues to get bright.

It was a heck of a scare you got an answer to your secret prayer, knowing you were delivered out of your despair, even a nightmare.

So let's stop poking out our chests, boasting I'm the best when we know we've been Blessed. Instead of flapping our chops, Give Him, His Props.

Then the next time your life is on cruise control and you fall into a manhole or find yourself up a pole just slow your roll.

Because whether you're on a mountain top or in a sweatshop, before you call the cops or start flapping your chops.

Remember, He can remove all the stops. It's just proper to Give Him, His Props.
Jun 2019 · 68
Milton Robertson Jun 2019
Alive, this word brings some very good vibes. It means you have arrived, a beautiful spirit revived and it needs a high five cause it ain't no jive.

It means you are awake, your life is yours to take, which allows you to have and also eat your cake.

So be alert and with dirt don't flirt but avert even though life may hurt cause you can easily loose your shirt.

For your sake stay awake you'll see some of your so called friends are fake and don't bellyache when you find who you thought was your best bud is a snake, move on because there's so much at stake.

Just be alive, come out of the archives, strive and stay out of overdrive, that will make you take a dive and if you connive you'll be deprived.

You are not here to just survive but thrive and that ain't no jive. BE ALIVE.
Nov 2018 · 106
Milton Robertson Nov 2018
This is about the three who had a master's begree but very snooty and got great glee treating people ******.

They stayed busy as a bee,with plenty of money but couldn't see the forest for the trees and remained peewee.

And they couldn't figure why life had gone awry, even though they were very sly life kept giving them a black eye

Because their well had run dry, they were petrified. Life had brought 'em to their knees. Then, they started to forsee life's not just about the three.

So they made a decree and became bevotees. Then kissed the old self good bye, the wrongs they rectified and there came clear skies.

Now if you don't want to be the fall guy, getting high on your own supply while life is keeping you on stand by. Then you must come to agree. Life is the Queen Bee.

And there's much more to life than the three. I, My...ME.
Sep 2018 · 357
Milton Robertson Sep 2018
What if, the world wasn't so swift? It wouldn't be adrift and caught in an awful rift.

What if we acknowledge each other as sisters and brothers? Instead of separation we become a congregation, under God one nation.

From your eyes can you visualize a world that proofreads so there's no misdeeds, can you conceive, seems hard to believe.

A world of peace no need for police, what if all nonsense would cease? Rather than a world of corruption which has exploded like a volcanic eruption.

Greed, lust, gluttony and deceit, it failed before looks like we're destined to repeat and it's no mystery just look back in history.

What if, we get rid of the hate, swollen egos we deflate and make the crooked roads straight where love would dominate, what a beautiful world it would create.

Believe it or not it is our fate, so keep your faith for good things really do come to those who wait.

What if, we get rid of the drugs, turn around the thugs, put down the guns stop trying to live just for fun and get from under the rule of The Unholy One. I mean, how do we expect to win living by the seven deadly sins.

So think twice don't get caught in your own device or be ready to pay an extremely high price. But what if we take The Good Books advice.

We would find the true meaning of PARADISE... What If???.
Sep 2018 · 505
Milton Robertson Sep 2018
Faith, the substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen.

How is your faith? Will it hold up under life's weight, would you fold being worldly controlled or do your faith have a stronghold?

And not faith in material things but faith in things unseen. Would you step out on a limb even though the limb looks grim, while people are saying, you're crazy it's just a whim?

Which means stepping into the obscure being totally unsure but you are really secure because you know you have a Saviour and your faith is going to make you a great entrepreneur.

Except, you're in a world of defence, believing only in it's science. So it has thrown down the gauntlet for The Word to the world is a real threat and makes it sweat because the world only believes in assets.

But faith is beyond common sense which is our natural defense. So is your faith pretence or, are you on the fence?

(For we walk by faith not by sight. 2Cor.5:7) but we are so use to fight or flight, how do I build my faith and make it airtight?

Rom.10:17. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of Christ. KJV) but will that suffice, for the world says it's far too big a sacrifice and way too over priced. Still out of all the worldly knowledge I've heard, nothing makes more sense than The Word.

However, all over the land it looks like man has the upper hand. But you must be on your guard. (KJV. Jer.17:5 Thus saith The Lord Cursed be the man that truseth in man, that maketh flesh his arm and who's heart departeth from The Lord) this will be of your own accord.

So take heed for you can do incredible deeds even with faith as small as a mustard seed.but it must be in The Lord and you will feel it deep within, then your faith can move mountains.(Matt.17:20).

Now when life gets you down and have you full of grief, turn to The Lord for complete relief and pray (Lord help my unbelief. Mark 9:24) because when in The Lord you take stock you'll be building your house upon a Rock

Then if you feel The Lord still hasn't taken your case, you must ask yourself. How Is My Faith?
Jul 2018 · 170
Milton Robertson Jul 2018
First thing in the morn blow your horn, giving thanks for another wonderous day. Then smile and be on your way.

Ask for guidance if your skies are gray and be a blessing for someone in dismay.

For bad is sad but if you let it get you down you've been had. It's all up to you, so don't let the bad choose or you loose. And if things are not clear let The Lord Steer, you'll be filled with cheer.

Then do something good like volunteer. You might work up a blister but it's well worth helping your sister.

It could even be a bit painful however you could be helping an Angel, who's under cover posing as your brother.

Now we all need help as quietly as it's kept, once we accept we can keep from becoming inept.

After you've completed your quest, you can stand tall stick out your chest, you know you've done your best and you will be truly blessed.

Then you'll have leeway to look to the sky and say, Hey, the making of a good day.
Jul 2018 · 190
Milton Robertson Jul 2018
Peace a pressure release. When troubles seem not to cease it becomes imperative that you find your inner peace.

Even if you have to consult a priest for peace is like the golden fleece.
Peace will stop your continual fleeing and promote wellbeing, it's all freeing

Putting you back on course, for it's an excellent resource. Peace goes beyond measure, it's an invaluable treasure.

Whereas, we are quick to ignore good instruction while being easily lured into the world's seductive, suduction and find ourselves on the path to imminent destruction.

Then your path looks distance and distorted, with life making you so mad you feel you want to abort it. Still you fight your way clear to the junction, instead of relief, there awaits disorder, dysfunction.

But before you have a malfunction at the junction, seek your inner peace, it's increase in health, in wealth and it will align body, soul and mind.

All worries will cease through peace. So why isn't this a press release?
Jun 2018 · 186
Milton Robertson Jun 2018
Is your house in order or do you keep running for the boarder? Maybe you're a life hoarder?

Like so many others, do you feel your world is shrinking, with a feeling like you're sinking.

So you reach for a bottle and start drinking which only brings about stinking thinking.

And you know things have gone awry when people's conversations are only about me, my and I.

As things are being swept under the rug and we look for our happiness in drugs. If that's what you prefer, your house is completely out of order.

Whatever your situation, seek immediate salvation because if you look at the world and look at the times, you can't help but see the unmistakable warning signs.

For time grows short and we'll be judged by the highest court. So if you believe somethings amiss and you want to stay out of the abyss.

Then it comes down to this. If your life is straight. See you at The Pearly Gates.

If your life is fair, it could use a little repair but you're pretty much square.

But if your life's a mess it needs to be addressed because you are in danger of being hurled into the Netherworld.

Time to stop being a hoarder, tucking tail and running for the boarder, take a stand and get your house in order.
May 2018 · 334
Milton Robertson May 2018
I was admiring a lovely flower it was inspiring because of it's elegant power, it's magnificent design and this is how it was defined in my mind.

Such a lovely flower, born of a beautiful but harsh planet, to be empowered not taken for granted.

A gorgeous Rose splendidly clothed, wonderful wit, bright, sun lit, just plane exquisite.

Decendent of a special seed, envied by haughty weeds, only out to do ***** deeds. By putting on a false face in an attempt to envade your space because your very essence they want to erase and take your place.

They see your physique, slender, sleek then notice you're meek, so they think you're weak, so to speak.

But through the rain, through the storms even as the buggers swarm they wonder how you are able to remain such a gracious art form.

When in full bloom you light up the entire room and take away the gloom making the weeds fume because they can only assume.

As your wonderful shades cascade, I must concur they are all different but beautiful colors.

While styling and profiling it's amazing how you keep 'em smiling and the way you react, not with unkindness but with tact, I'd say you're quite abstract.

Which makes the haughty weeds scoff saying you're a bit of a show off. Nevertheless in your glamorous dress you're just picturesque.

And that's without a doubt but wait a minute. Just who are what am I writing about?
May 2018 · 213
Milton Robertson May 2018
Hello, such a small but powerful word, it's greatly preferred, putting smiles on faces and gets the spirit stirred.

But in our hectic lives, moving fast, moving slow, always on the go and traveling solo. We forget about a simple Hello.

Although hello is below the super ego. To them it's absurd and starting to become a ghost word.

Now have we become drones, we keep our faces buried in cellphones. Are we programmable clones, believing they make us all about ology, while blinding us with technology.

So wether novice or pro even if you have a super ego, it's good to bestow because it don't bring about woe and it can make faces glow. Plus,blessings could overflow, just from a simple HELLO.
May 2018 · 191
Milton Robertson May 2018
Wake early in the morning see the sunrise, feel vibrant, alive, to your suprise,it can also make you wise.

Sights beyond man, link with infinity, ask and understand.

This was all planned.

Be amazed, smile and nod when you witness the art work of GOD.

It's all around even on the ground. A blade of grass, an insect so beautifully engineered, so complex.

You can clearly see His light is free. The brightest of the bright. Shine in GOD'S light.

Wake early in the morning see the sunrise. No longer will you surmise. You'll Recognize.
Early to bed and early to rise.
May 2018 · 191
Milton Robertson May 2018
Reflections come many a kind yours one way different comes mine.

Now when I look in the mirror my image couldn't be clearer but is who I see the true me?

Because we are all like a two edged sword and the mirror image we see is us backwards.

So do our image string us along, make us headstrong and all the time we see ourselves wrong?

You see her name was Affection such a lovely complexion, behold and get an ******* but she was very good at rejection, only collecting hearts for her collection.

She was the main dish, elegant, swish but she had a blemish and it was hidden in her mirror image.

Until one day her bubble burst, she felt she was under a curse so for knowledge she started to thirst and found her reflection was her in reverse.

And her problem she did address and she did it with zest, her true self became manifest and she got Blessed.

Now if you're experiencing rejection, people treating you like you have an infection and you can't seem to make a good impression, it could be misdirection.

When you look in the mirror do think, I'm too hip, I'm all that and a bag of chips. Maybe it's time to flip the script.

So when you're feeling rejection, can't make a connection. Check out your true Reflection.
It's all about true Life
May 2018 · 142
Milton Robertson May 2018
Are you blue because where you live is like a zoo? And you don't have a clue of what to do?

Your spouse is acting a louse, kids driving you mad you feel you're in the monkey house.

So you grab a cold brew to bring you through. You have another and another till you can no longer hear the bunk cause you're about drunk.

Then you retreat to the back room where you resume to consume and your head is going Vroom.

Then you start to fume because the loom of gloom has filled the room and feel you're about to go Kaboom.

But before you resume, take it to the drawing room cause if there's to much on your plate you can reevaluate.

So when you find yourself in a zoo you won't have to reach for a brew because you will see things from a clear point of view.

But if life keeps dishin, don't keep wishin, hang the sign on the door... Gone Fishin.
May 2018 · 140
Milton Robertson May 2018
To yearn is to have an inside burn, a

feeling that churns and deep concern.

All for something that may have no return.

So the next time you discern a yearn,
learn to be stern.

Maybe that yearn you'll need to earn.
May 2018 · 165
The Letter X
Milton Robertson May 2018
The Letter X will perplex, it may even

be a hex or have special effects and

make your mind flex.

So what's next don't have any more

specs, mind is starting to convex.

The only letter that comes like a Trex,

it is the Apex.

Quite complex, the letter X.
Just Funnin.
May 2018 · 331
Milton Robertson May 2018
When you plant a good seed watch out for weeds. They will try to supersede and ***** out all good deeds.

Because weeds only grow to impede and to do misdeeds. Once freed the weeds will procede to take the lead and will have you treed, indeed.

So take heed when you plant your seed don't feed the weeds or they will breed and can make you concede.

Proof read then proceed with Godspeed.
Fight the good fight. It's LIFE.
May 2018 · 173
Milton Robertson May 2018
Do life make you want to vent? I mean, after working your but off and you can barely pay the rent.

Well, when life presents events that's harder than cement and you relent because you can't make a dent.

Maybe it's time to represent if you feel your life has become irrelevant.

Even a life very well spent, there will be lament and discontent and it's alright to vent just don't carry resentment.
Apr 2018 · 191
Milton Robertson Apr 2018
I met a young man he was unique but found it a bit hard to speak. He said it was because people thought he was a freak.

With no support from his friends, they were to busy calling him a geek.

He got so tired of his life being critiqued, it was making him weak and life was looking pretty bleak.

Well your life is yours you don't have to sneak, at your life just take a peek. When they look at you they see mystique.

You are more precious than the most valuable antique.

Where as keeping up with the Joneses is what they seek, only havoc on their lives, this will wreak

Because what they really see is oblique which is why they keep finding themselves up a creek.

For you were made unique, just spend time developing your technique and don't freak when you go on a winning streak and become chic.

Be Unique, Develop Your Own Technique.
Apr 2018 · 131
Milton Robertson Apr 2018
Life's tides can be either a good or bad ride. Good if you coincide take it in stride,

Bad if you have to much pride or try to hide, you'll be in for a rough ride.

Just glide never collide or ride cockeyed for many have found themselves

By the wayside, a lot have even died when they backslide while trying to ride life's tides.

Now if many a tear you have cried its because life's tides can misguide, come disguise as a joyride.

To bring about foolish pride which will leave you mortified.

But there's an upside. You don't need to abide if you learn to glide

You'll stop being denied become purified, able to see things from the inside.

Which will make you Bona Fide.
Messages being given to me from adove
Apr 2018 · 216
Milton Robertson Apr 2018
Have you ever been stuck like Chuck in the muck?

Feeling like a sitting duck always getting plucked, can never hold on to a buck.

You look at other people you're awestruck.

They look at you and see a schmuck.

You start thinking, bad luck is why my life's running amuck.

Until you look in the mirror, it's not luck I just ****.

Then you look at your life and want to upchuck.

Well, when you are tired of saying yuck and waiting on good luck.

Then it's time to look up, get off your duff and truck cause there's no such thing as luck.

There's A Reason For The Seasons.
Apr 2018 · 113
Milton Robertson Apr 2018
We stumble through life, we play it cheap thinking life's a game, life's for keeps.

So we slip, we slide,we peep, we creep, a mountain of problems on our shoulders we heep.

Because whatever we sow we shall also Reap

However, for financial gain into hell we'll leap, the injustice under the rug we sweep while being lead to the slaughter like blind sheep.

Life's not a bleep Whatever we sow we shall also REAP.

Now life is wonderful, life is deep so never ever play it cheap. Living life right the road is steep and often times you will weep.

Still, we must fight the good fight and not end up in the scrap heap. Even after we sleep, what we have sown here, in the after life.

We Shall Reap.
Apr 2018 · 199
Milton Robertson Apr 2018
She walked around in faded jeans, looking like Halloween.

She was obscene would act real mean, was only in her teen's, it was all a smokescreen.

Til one day she was creating a scene, someone intervened and let her know

she didn't have to be obscene nor demean because she's a true Queen.

Now she's in Magazines and on The Big Screen.
Life is Beautiful.
Apr 2018 · 146
Milton Robertson Apr 2018
Everything be it good or bad in life has a price. Now if you want your slice take some advice.

Think twice about rolling the dice. Although it could come out nice or it may suffice

But oft times you get caught in the grip of a vice and It's far to over priced.

So be wise in what you devise because you may have to revise or compromise.

Whatever the guise, keep your eyes on the prize. For the unexpected has excised many a device thought up by men and mice.

So be precise, not enticed, if you are lured into a fool's paradise you'll be Paying far too high a price.
Apr 2018 · 206
Milton Robertson Apr 2018
To be old doesn't mean out in the cold cause you have greatly slowed and can easily be controlled

Or becoming enclosed people trying to remold by gaining a foothold.

That's an absolute no. Because to be old is to behold countless stories untold so they need to be consoled and never try to remold, that's just plane being an *****.

Yes, the old need to be bestowed for great wisdom can be foretold and it will come back tenfold.

So when you are with the old, don't scold, don't explode and never try to control because it will come back twofold when you grow OLD.
Apr 2018 · 125
Milton Robertson Apr 2018
What is my name? In many lives I reign and countless lives I have drained even though they try to abstain, I can be a hell of a strain, What is my name?

People will rise me very high, even the richest try to justify by putting me on a pedestal knowing I'm the biggest lie. Who am I ? Can you exclaim my name.

I'm called fame because by any means I'm attained and for that reason I'm also called a low down ***** shame.

For lives I do disrupt and I can be quite abrupt, so I'm labeled Corrupt. Now when you attempt to succeed I will send people with speed just to impede. So I'm called Greed.

As well as mistrust, making countless relationships go bust. I make you covet each other's soul mates, I'm called Lust.

You see, I will work for you like a Jinn, make your wishes come true then bring you to an abrupt end because I'm not your friend, I'm simply here to do you in.

Only The Holy Bible calls me by my true name. Now what is my name???
Apr 2018 · 190
Milton Robertson Apr 2018
This is about classmates who would medicate because they had to much on their plates.

They were in constant debate, with school, social and family life they

couldn't equate and no one could see they were under enormous weight trying to please people by being great.

Now full of confusion and delusion, life they started to hate so they would self medicate.

Not knowing The Beast was lying in wait for them to open the gate and it was going for Checkmate.

They thought it would dissipate if they could regulate but kept finding more reasons to celebrate and it would only escalate.

The Beast would now dictate when to medicate. They found to late they were dealing with a Super Heavy Weight.

They were devastated and stagnated, living in complete disgrace. Then along came the beautiful face of Grace.

People who could relate and demonstrate how it's ego you can deflate and change your fate.

They became captivated, then dedicated now donating their time educating.

So beware, when you self medicate you'll open the gate and release a Super Heavy Weight. CHECKMATE
when you self medicate. You must beware of The Super Heavy Weight it only go for Checkmate.
Apr 2018 · 287
Milton Robertson Apr 2018
Be a lamp in the dark and gloomy night.

For the lost souls, a beacon of light. It's

So easy to go wrong instead of right. So

Many are full of terror and fright, on their

Woeful plight in the night. So stand like a champ,

As the world is becoming a concentration camp.

Turn up the amps and be a Heavenly Lamp.

Shine bright, guide them to the light.
Shine bright, guide them to the light.
Apr 2018 · 148
Milton Robertson Apr 2018
This is the story of Joe he was all aglow, love to put on a show and whatever he did he did like a pro.

One day he was feeling low said life was moving to slow, he felt he needed to grow and make more dough.

So he tiptoed to the sto came back with a kilo of blow, pure snow and hell soon followed.

He felt on top of the world until he met Pearl such a beautiful girl. Much to his suprise she was the Devil in disguise.

The man didn't have a prayer, his life turned into a nightmare, she made him his best customer

She turned his life into a movie thriller full of snakes, wolves, gangsters and killers.

He went from all aglow to full of woe. He started pacing the floor because he needed to score. So she took him to get a play but in rushed the D.E.A.

What Joe didn't know, he had become the prey. You see, they were planning on putting an end to his days, I guess The Lord do work in Mysterious Ways.

Now that mess, Joe let go and good seeds he's starting to sow. Instead of the night he see a beautiful rainbow and basking in the afterglow.

So if you want it fast and you want to stray off that straight and narrow path take it from Joe, don't go. You could be lead through the wrong door and be no more.
Take it from Joe DON'T GO.
Feb 2018 · 191
Journey Of A Jock
Milton Robertson Feb 2018
The journey of a ****, sports really rocked, the jewels, the pools forget about school, his people were saying, you're being a fool, he ridiculed.

He was in stride on a wonderful joyride. While in the background they'd lurk watching him do all the work they get all the perks, total jerks.

As things got funky he felt like a flunky, soon turned into a ******. Alas, he'd been outclassed felt like a complete *******.

Started to think, what should I do Prayed for a breakthrough felt so low he had to climb a ladder to tie his shoe.

What kept popping in his head was the game of poker. He reached deep inside and pulled the joker.

He got over the ****, came out of his slump no longer in the dumps and whatever they threw he'd trump.

So whether you're on top of the world or the least in the hood. GOD IS STILL GOOD.
Dec 2017 · 161
Milton Robertson Dec 2017
I no bigger than a fly. In mind's I, is sometimes labeled a wise guy, tough guy, a bad guy and none of those do I deny.

Because I can diversify, which is why I cry, is shy, lie, can fly don't ever have to leave the ground to get very high and not by becoming glassy eyed or pie eyed but edified.

Although I love's to signify about the only three that qualify, while being too preoccupied with me, myself and I.

Then I will hit a sacrifice fly just so someone else can get their piece of the pie because I can hear their outcry and must stop turning a blind I.

Thereby I is qualified to testify, why? And who am I??? PERSONIFIED.
It's all about Life
Dec 2017 · 143
Milton Robertson Dec 2017
I use to be hip thought I was the captain of the ship, well equipped.

Until I had one too many *****, one too many nips, I tripped, flipped the script had to abandon ship.

Now ain't that a blip, when you start taking ***** and nips, Once they get a grip it becomes a dictatorship and all you get is gypped.

So take a tip, when you're trying to be hip You'll wind up a drip with your face in the dip.
That's Life
Nov 2017 · 133
Milton Robertson Nov 2017
Let's touch base with a thing called Grace.
Something we no longer embrace Instead
We're trying to replace with this meaningless
Rat race.
Now Grace we don't have to chase just retrace
You'll find it's your birthplace And it use to be showcased.
Even in the workplace but now it's being replaced.
With disgrace. So we must put on a bold face.
Replace and enlace with Grace until it becomes commonplace.
Be an ace and join the race to bring back the wonderful face of Grace.
Grace, such a beautiful face.
Nov 2017 · 271
The Holy Bible
Milton Robertson Nov 2017
The Holy Bible so hard to understand but I hear people say, it's part of GOD'S master plan.

If you read it and do what it say, it will bring the dawn of a brand new day. So how do you read it and will you understand and how is it such a big part of man.

All the best selling books, they come and they go but The Holy Bible, has been here for how long? Who really know. Although some say, it's just a book, it's made up, it's not fact, come on now do you really believe that?

Because it's world wide and in about every house, it carries tremendous clout and that's without a doubt. The Holy Bible isn't it strange the only book in the world that will never change.

The Holy Bible etched in stone, you can either live by it or just leave it alone.

The Holy Bible an Awesome Tower, live by it and it becomes a book of great power.

The Holy Bible is greatly adored a book that will be here forever more.

Because The Holy Bible is Heaven sent just give it a try you might repent.

You see The Holy Bible GOD'S people call The Good Book so how are you set for the afterlife... YOU BETTER LOOK.
Here I go again with another GOD send.
Nov 2017 · 228
Milton Robertson Nov 2017
To endure is to mature. It will teach you how to spot manure.

When to take a detour and be able to resist the allure of the impure.

When you endure you become secure, see the contour of things that were obscure and life you'll savour.

Now life will take you on a tour but if you endure it ensure fervour.

So why not grad a brochure and take life's grand tour, just make sure you endure.

Because Endurance is Insurance.
It's part of Life
Nov 2017 · 164
Milton Robertson Nov 2017
Fear, cuts like a knife goes through you like a spear.

It's really queer how it will adhere, make you cry many a tear.

Even ruin your career, won't even let you out of first gear.

And it will make it perfectly clear that it will appear during your premier.

Because fear is an insincere domineer dut only if you let it cohere.

Then it will take away your cheer and replace it with drear.

So don't stay in your sphere, be a pioneer and get a change of atmosphere.

Try it for a year and watch your fear disappear, you'll get that feeling of All Clear.
It's Life
Nov 2017 · 167
Milton Robertson Nov 2017
I remember a girl from the slums, who's life was really humdrum,

To peer pressure she would succumb so her friends started calling her dumd.

They said, she would always live in the slums, the men she date would be ****, only a house full of babies would come and they would all grow up to be bums.

Saying such nasty things to keep her under their thumbs. Only she didn't dance to the beat of their drums, cause she knew she had control over her outcome.

Well, years passed she did overcome, no longer under their thumbs and she don't live in the slums because she has a very hefty income.

Now they're eating her crumbs and want to call her chum. Now who's Dumd.
Your brain should know what your tongue is about to say
Nov 2017 · 231
Milton Robertson Nov 2017
He was super cool would break all the rules, said the heck with school, stubborn as a mule, was labeled a fool.

Life became cruel, he tried to use some tool's but his learning was minuscule, found himself in a cesspool.

But he didn't let it overrule. He went back to school, learned the golden rule, came out of that cesspool and found he's a true Jewel.

Life's like a giant pool, sometimes you'll swim into a whirlpool, which is why you'll need the right fuel.

Now what you definitely can't do is drool while sitting on a stool being scared of the pool... Stay In School.
Nov 2017 · 207
Milton Robertson Nov 2017
There stands a man who's brave had many close shaves, wasn't at all afraid ,not even of the grave.

He was a total knave, would always misbehave because he was downright depraved.

Now he would rant and he would rave like he belonged in a cave. He thought he had it made, not knowing to Sin, he was a slave.

Til one day he had a crave but someone else needed a fav. He couldn't understand why from his heart he gave.

Then he was hit with a shockwave, from that moment he was saved. No longer is he depraved cause he was laved, now his way is paved.

Neither is he a slave for The Lord Forgave. When you break away from sin a new life will begin.

Stop being A Slave. Be Truly Brave.
Wake up people. Time grows short.
Nov 2017 · 422
Milton Robertson Nov 2017
There was a man who was afraid he wouldn't make the grade. In the past he'd been betrayed, now he spends most of his time in the shade playing charades.

Then along came a real babe, who's name was Jade and he strayed but got played, then caught in a raid.

Now mind and body are starting to degrade, he feels like sitting on a grenade. And life, he tries to evade. While the tears cascade his life is portrayed a masquerade.

So he went to himself and prayed, out of the blue came aid. The things in his life he weighted, then arrayed, now he's on a crusade.

So whenever you become afraid because you have strayed and run into a blockade. While the consequences are coming in spades. Remember, most of Your problems. You Made.

But you can always upgrade like the man who went to himself and prayed. Now his life is arrayed and he's on a wonderful crusade.

So beware of escapades you can easily get played.
Life is real, Life is true, so whatever you do will come back to you... Guaranteed.
Nov 2017 · 198
A Glimpse Of Infinity
Milton Robertson Nov 2017
I had a dream it was kinda extreme well here's the scheme.

My life was a bit of a calamity I was on a loosing spree, nothing I could foresee thinking is this it for me. Then flash a glimpse of Infinity.

I saw myself walking a tightrope, head hanging down I started to mope when I heard psst, and there was Hope.

When I saw hope there came a big grin as hope said hold your head up from beginning to end and what you'll need is help from my best friend, Discipline.

Well dicipline said, listen good I'm not speaking for fun you can't let like keep you on the run neither can you let it make you come undone for dicipline deters destruction.

Now your problems you must confront and the solution may take days or it may take months. But no matter how intense you must use your moral sense and never straddle the fence, what you will also need is help from my friend, Patience.

So patience advised if life takes you by surprise you must improvise. While you're headed toward your goal just slow your roll, You won't get caught in a bind if you take your time. Welcome the new, leave the old behind I said patience that sounds just fine.

Then I was walking along a winding ridge until I came to a very ugly and dangerous looking bridge. That's where I met another good friend, Courage.

I said courage I'm really unsure maybe I need to take a detour. Courage said You're having a natural reaction to one of life's many distractions.

You see you're never alone when you travel the unknown for there's is one you can call and you don't need a phone. Still you must grow a backbone. Stand tall like you're a boss and that ugly bridge I walked right on across.

Then courage said, I'm very strong if you don't use me wrong. You see too little of me and you will crumble, too much of me will make you stumble. So in order to use me right you must learn from my friend, Humble.

So I asked humble how do I not stumble. To keep life from making you fumble or becoming numb, glum or even humdrum you must learn to overcome, For that you'll need help from my chum, Wisdom.

Thus wisdom stated, you don't need a degree just be part of life and not an absentee, nor can you live carefree. Sometimes life's ******, sometimes a jubilee as you travel this long and wondrous journey.

Which is why you can't walk around blind nor be confined. For life is designed to be intertwined, only then will you become alined and you'll find Peace of mind.

Now let it be known, first you must set the corner stone then build and not postpone. But in order to remain for the duration you must have the proper preparation then whatever the circumstance it will prevent poor performance.

Nevertheless, there's one element that stands far above which will make everything fit like a glove and that is Love. Treat it right it will make you stand tall, mistreat it, it will make you fall it's your call. For Love is the Master Key to unlocking all doors Even INFINITY.
It's Life. When It come in sight... I write.
Nov 2017 · 200
God's Grace
Milton Robertson Nov 2017
I thank you Lord for being in your hands. I thank you Lord for being part of your plan.

I am on my own but I'm not alone because it's by your Grace that I can keep my pace.

I know you love me Lord even when times are hard and I know you are by my side, you will always be my guide.
When I don't know what to do I know I can always trust in you because it's by your Grace, my life is no longer a waste

Even when I was strung out on alcohol and drugs you still showed me love. When I felt like the whole world had put me down you brought me back around.

You took away my fears and wiped away my tears. Now I have the strength to finish the race for you have taken my case, I feel your wonderful embrace and it's by your Heavenly Grace.

My Father, I pray that one day, I see you face to face through my Lord Jesus Christ And by your Heavenly Grace. I thank you again. AMEN.
Dark times in Rehab. Nothing in sight had lost my way and was brought to the light. Now I Write.

— The End —