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Mikey Oct 2018
I spend so much time
telling girls
that they are beautiful
Yet so much time
telling myself
I am not
Mikey Oct 2018
Why was I made to look like this ?
Pimples scattered across oily cheeks
Crooked teeth aligned a rounded jaw
We all know gorgeous girls are skinny girls
So why was I made to look like this?
Belly and thighs,
Larger than my insecurities
Makeup layering each imperfection
But still
Standing in the mirror
A repulsed girl stands before me
Why was I made to look like this?

Maybe I was I never built to hear the words
"You are so beautiful"
Mikey Aug 2018
The sound of a beer can opening
The sound my heart has so instinctively learnt to sink to
Perpetually stuck in a loop of drinking and fighting
Romanticised by society
But what is so romantic about falling asleep next to a lover,
a lover who is so in love with the bottle
that he'll take his hands to the fridge before even thinking about touching you
Mikey Jul 2018
Don't fall in love with me
Because I have so much love to give
I will suffocate you and drain you
I will leave you gasping for air
Don't fall in love with me
For I don't know how to love myself
I depend on others for my happiness
I am terrified of being alone
Don't fall in love with me
I am a natural disaster
I will destroy you
Please don't fall in love with me
Mikey Jul 2018
I am more than what I was merely born with
I am more than my body and my curves
I am my experiences, my knowledge, my past, present and future
I am where I've been and where I will be going
Do not objectify me for I am more than that
I am not a rock. I am a mountain
I am not a tree but an entire forest
My body is not who I am, it's where I live
My body is my safe space, who are you to invade that
So know if I let you in,
Let you in to my thoughts, my past, my hopes, dreams and passions
Only then you can say you know who I am
Mikey Jun 2018
Brown eyed boy, we've never met

I've seen you though,

Leaning against the wall, lighter in hand and ciggarette

You wore a chain on your jeans and sadness on your sleeve

Brown eyed boy, please love me
Mikey Jun 2018
I don't even know what your voice sounds like
But I already know I'm in love with it
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