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Between the end and the beginning
You try to find this ****** meaning.
In depth of the mind oceans,
Disappearing pieces of light,
Leaving a man to emotions,
Bringing for human new fight.

In the dark pit of isolation,
Facing the shadow of past,
He who stands that duration,
The one is becoming steadfast.

As I’m standing at the balcony
While the city is asleep,
I’m the part of cosmos’s alchemy,
Facing meaning of the deep.

I’m not lonely in such atmosphere,
No need longing for the speech
As I feel all struggles disappear
While my mind is getting rich.
Oh the nighttime
Oh the light moon
Can’t forget you
Felt the wind blew
Made that vibe due

I don’t really know how to name and type it as it meant to be the song and now I am thinking of it as a ballad or rhyming poem.
I have met people close by the soul,
I have known ones physically close,
Never I stayed with them long,
Wearing my path being alone.

Just me and my shadow behind,
My shallow footprints on that road,
Were left as one's history
In this enormous, mysterious world.
Playing with those words and feelings.
Man born in the void
Has nothing to do
Unless he has chosen
To create something new.

We as the conscious beings
Leave our craft behind
And time picks it up
So others may bear it in mind.

From nothing to something
From known to obscure
We speak our minds
And that’s our cure.

In meaningless we have our meaning
In living while leaving our craft
Unknown what will we face
After ending the current draft.

Just tried to write something close to the free verse poem while leaving a bit of rhyme.
As battle in pain, we have to travel own way.
With allies in vain, we continue to stray,
In time which devours all human fates,
We do not give up and go through new day.

In dreadful state, we keep being sustained,
Like fire we flame and keep rain away,
We trust and engage but still being betrayed.
We fear and rage, we cry and do pray
just hoping to see a new better day.

In the abyss of cruel and heartless deeds
We learn to believe and good actions commit,
When meeting new people trying to share and fit,
We find ourselves loving and being in need.

And time keeps washing that away,
all of the pain and rainy days.
Within the moments of own falls,
We rise and wreck those further walls.

Let mortal our body be within unbridled sea,
and nonetheless, we live like never
As never we have lived before.
And our spirit stays forever,
Forever, since it has never left this shore.

With no more living spirit,
With no emotions left apart,
The final smile will appear
Before the ultimate depart.

Absorbing all past process
With death as a result
You will be placed somewhere,
Somewhere without a broken heart.

With mind decaying in pieces
And a dissolving "me,myself and I"
As gift you will reown a peace land
and the last question "Who was I?"

With hugs  of abyss and the emptiness,
You will regain your rest and peace...
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