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Ten Jan 2018
I love to see her dance,
Graceful movememts following the tune,
But I never wished her to be a ballerina,
It kills me when I saw her pale, cold, stiff tiptoed foot
Ten Oct 2017
You don't have to die for Love,
Only mermaids do that.
The original version of The little Mermaid broke my heart
Ten Oct 2017
I  lost myself,
When I started loving you.
Ten Oct 2017
I touched and I was burned
By the fire igniting
Between the two of us
Ten Oct 2017
You gave me the brightest star,
I gave you the galaxy of mine,
So when the star turned into dust,
My home is now gone,
I am lost in the dark.
Ten Oct 2017
I asked her,
'What's your favourite song?'
She placed her ears on my chest and said
'Every beat of your heart'.
Ten Oct 2017
I am not sorry for the crime I've done,
I could take the blame they will give,
All I want is you to be here with me,
So I stole your heart with the thought of you and me.
Sometimes you need to be aggressive to take what's supposed to be yours.
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