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3h · 17
Real Love
My enthusiastic joy was tinged with madness
not shame nor remorse could stop my jubilation
your irritation became impatience then anger
pleasure turned to anguish as sadness overcame me
and pain and heartache ravaged deep inside
Then angry words were lost as passion overtook
filling us with desire and excitement
all animosity and distrust melted away
enveloping us in warmth and love
©️ L Conway 2020
An argument and making up
Jun 24 · 68
Lisa Conway Jun 24
I wanted to write a beautiful poem
full of joy and love but my pen is still
the ink no longer flows
idea’s long gone, all dried up
so I sit and I ponder, perplexed and bewildered
wondering how to create an ode
when all I have left is an empty mind
and another blank page
but out from the ashes of those desolate thoughts
this verse begins, gathering the edges of my tattered thoughts
clearing away the embers, allowing words to run free
©️ L Conway 2020
Coming through and overcoming writer's block
Jun 19 · 81
Walk Away
Lisa Conway Jun 19
As I watch you walk away
my heart is torn
I cry out
hoping you'll turn back
but you don't
My knees give way
and i sink into a heap
the silent tears become loud sobs
but you don't even look back
Is that it ? the end of all we shared
wasn't I enough ?
I gave you everything
you loved me once
so now i'm drowning in sorrow
and there's no one to hold me
I just wanted someone to love
but you couldn't see past my defences
or maybe
you just didn't want to !!!
©️ L Conway 2020
Jun 14 · 112
Lisa Conway Jun 14
I look out at the churning sea  
white horses a galloping
with each blink of my eye they seem more real
upon one of the horses there sits a beautiful woman
delicate seashells barely cover her *******
the elfin like face framed with flowing golden locks
seaweed sits red and green prettily like ribbons in her hair
iridescent scales cover a tail that sits perfectly
onto the saddle of her pure white steed
as they gallop closer, I realise she's singing
a haunting melody about a sailor
I reach out a hand , she's so stunning I can't resist
she stops, reaches for me and bestows a kiss, so sweet
my eyes shut as I lean closer
suddenly i'm startled as cold water covers my face
almost pulling me into the wave that holds my love
but shes gone, no longer there
I'm left behind to gaze out on the turbulent sea
and dream about my exquisite mermaid

©️ L Conway 2020
Jun 5 · 55
Lisa Conway Jun 5
My life's a mess
I've tried everything
but nothing works
all is beyond me
I'm useless, washed up
a total failure

Another defeat i'm sinking fast
any lower and I will drown
thick black water's
closing in on me
dragging me down
if only i could succeed

I've failed , its quite simple really
there's no other way to say it
I can't take it anymore
disappointment surrounds me
pulling at me, ******* me
into the abyss

You hold out your hand
It's like a lifeline
I grasp it quickly
maybe I can win
get another chance
to hold on to you
and finally prevail

©️ L Conway 2020
For a friend who asked for a poem entitled  failed
May 27 · 218
Your Smile
Lisa Conway May 27
Murky shades of grey cling to my skin
depression has me in it's embrace
it seeks out the corners of my mind
gripping me with talons sharp
and tortures me with feelings of worthlessness
making me so alone , useless and abandoned

No glorious sunsets here
the stunning colours i remember are long gone
stolen by the dark cloud that hangs over my head
creating gloom that makes it hard to see
following me everywhere

Until i see your face, your glorious smile
warms up my world flooding it with colour
pushing back the clouds and
allowing sunshine to return
bringing brilliance, light and
a sense of wonder and love

©️ L Conway 2020
May 19 · 92
Lisa Conway May 19
I had thought us happy but your contempt changed that
I’ll never know why you became so bitter, full of scorn
You said you felt trapped, weary even
That my desire made you feel resentful , miserable
so you alienated me from everyone making me lonely

Frustration and irritation made you a monster
You caused me to feel  nervous, overwhelmed by your hatred
I was so bewildered and sad, i’d tried to make you happy
i wanted so much to keep us together but you almost broke me

The lies that poured from your lips was shocking
You made me feel so ill , stunned and disgusted
Little did you know that everyone would see through your deceit
and tell the world what you really were

© L Conway 2020
Personal poem but would welcome any friendly feedback
May 13 · 103
Goodbye, My Love
Lisa Conway May 13
I could never have loved anyone
the way I loved you
our lives were joined,
hearts and souls entwined
I shared with you my life
but you were indifferent

Don't shed a tear for me
I am but a broken dream
forever in each passing day
I am but a wilted flower
turned to dust, blown away by the wind
I am but a whisper, a shadow
or a half formed thought

My life was just a broken dream
Now, I live only in your memory
forever in darkness
always in darkness
but remember me with affection
Goodbye, my love


© L Conway 2020
May 12 · 67
One Last Hope
Lisa Conway May 12
May the night come upon us
in a minute, a flash
I beg for forgiveness , for understanding
tear stained, sordid and bleak
why did it come to this?

forgiven and forgotten
pain, anger and fear
forever hidden deep inside
this will be the last you hear from me,
One last hope
it's all we have

©L Conway 2020
May 6 · 119
Falling Asleep
Lisa Conway May 6
Where does your mind go
when you're safe and warm
tucked up in bed with the scents of
fresh sheets tickling your senses
Do you think about
your day and everything
that happened or maybe
you're walking on a white
sandy beach where palm
trees rustle in a balmy
breeze and the turquoise
sea laps gently at your feet
Perhaps you are walking around
a quiet supermarket whilst
contemplating your shopping list
Or maybe you're remembering
your family and the love you feel
Would you be walking in a garden
with gorgeous green trees
and beautiful, bright flowers
with intoxicating perfume
Or relaxing in a warm pool
letting your mind drift
until dreams claim you
and sweep you up
into the magic world
Of dreamland

© L Conway 2020
May 4 · 60
Lisa Conway May 4
The love I felt for you turned to terror
My happiness turned to shame
I hid , amongst those memories
For what seemed like a lifetime
Never looking beyond my disappointment

Humiliation remained my constant
Filling me with helpless anger
Looking back at my life
I felt so sad for the woman
I used to be, pitying her

I'd never forget that awful time
But I could forgive you
And make myself happier
Now my life was filled
With pleasure and joy

I let go of the past
And those walls of anger and disbelief
Came tumbling down
I was finally loved for me
And was content

©L Conway 2020
Apr 30 · 76
Your Story
Lisa Conway Apr 30
The story of a life
Is not a simple one
It's an epic saga
Filled with many chapters
With elation and happy things
To undescribable horror and tragedy
Every story is different

In life as in a book
You meet lot's of characters
Some only want what best for you
And will help you any way they can
Whilst others will do anything
To hurt you or try to make you fail

You are the author of your book
Do with it what you will
But make it the best story ever
With all its ups and downs
Family, friends and each person
You've met along the way
That makes it special

©L Conway 2020
Apr 28 · 101
It's Raining
Lisa Conway Apr 28
It's early morning, still dark
The sun is still abed and it's raining
A torrential downpour
A neverending river of water flowing
From the sky

The sun has awoken
No glorious colours here but beautiful
Dark silver clouds swirling
Mixing with  grey mist
Becoming one

It's still raining
Dripping, dropping into puddles
No perfect concentric circles here
Just the mad churning of too
Many droplets falling all at once

Puddles growing larger, spill over
Into the gutter sweeping *******
And other debris towards the drain
Gathering speed, faster and faster
Plastic bottles racing plastic bags
All careless discarded by thoughtless
Persons unknown

Silver clouds burnished with
A halo of light
Start to part
And out peeps the blessed sun
To warm up the day but
Not for long as the dark clouds gather
Once again , it starts to rain

© L Conway 2020
Apr 25 · 200
Lisa Conway Apr 25
Our joy was nothing to be ashamed of
But a sudden fog of anger made us both very tense
The truth was spoken that afternoon
A delicate silence broken by your furious claims
You were so annoyed ,you thought I had a secret
In the gathering dusk you swore violently at me
I stayed quiet as you grew bitter and resentful
I tried to reason with you
But too many mistakes had been made
And too many angry words traded
We had to say goodbye
There was no turning back

©L Conway 2020
Apr 24 · 94
Lisa Conway Apr 24
Do you ever take the time to stop
And look at the flowers
Did you ever notice how beautiful they are
Do you ever see their colours
Or the velvet of their petals
Did you listen to the birds
Watch the butterflies flutter on by

Can you see the beauty in the ordinary
The grass that grows through the cracks
That lone flower struggling to survive
in the most unlikely place
The way the setting sun reflects off windows
And warms the face of grey concrete
How the morning sun brightens the
Sky and makes the dew sparkle like jewels

Beautiful wild flowers that grow anywhere
And everywhere , in the drains and gutters
The dandelion that invades your lawn
yellow flowers glowing amongst the green
and the little daisy bowing it's delicate head
It's exquisite petals, brilliant white tinged with pink
and the stunning yellow of its head

Wherever we look there's beauty
Even in the ordinary !

  © L Conway 2020
Apr 23 · 379
Love Hurts
Lisa Conway Apr 23
Your silence filled the space between us
I felt dejected as I walked away
You'd destroyed my feelings
My heart was hurting
Ripped in two

We were so unhappy
Dragged down by bitterness
Disprited and dejected
Saddened by our failure
Did we still love each other ?

Were our hearts too battered
By our own hand
Could we walk away
Or talk through our woes
And ressurect our love?

©L Conway 2020
Apr 22 · 165
Lisa Conway Apr 22
And so day dawns
With a beautiful golden glow
The scent of damp earth
Grass glistening with dew
Like a million diamonds
Scattered carelessly
As the sun rises in the sky
The birds are joyfully greeting
The new day with a song
The light grows beautifully bright
And the world is filled with colour
And warmth

© L Conway 2020
Apr 17 · 97
The Evening Sky
Lisa Conway Apr 17
Colours of the day fade
From the dazzle of the day
To muted tones of twilight
Until the sky in all its splendour
Show the bright red of the setting sun
The flaming colours of yellow and orange
Magnificent brightness, uplifting spirit
To gently fade away and slowly change
To electric blues and purples
Then a twinkle, the flickering
Of the first stars coming out to play
Lighting up the dark sky with their brilliance
Suddenly a trail lights up the velvety blackness
A shooting star blazing across the sky
The radiance of the moon gives everything it touches
An otherworldly glow, an eerie light
Until the sun starts her rise and the sky
Lightens once again, Chasing away the dark
Flooding the sky with light

© L Conway 2020
Apr 15 · 121
Lisa Conway Apr 15
My garden has become my haven
A paradise discovered
Each day a new flower appears,
The crisp white of a snowdrop
The purple head of a crocus and the
beautiful dazzling yellow of a daffodil,
A shoot of new green grass
A bud on a tree branch

I stop, sit a while and listen
the call of a bird and the buzz of a bee
Children laughing, parents shouting,
The whisper of the wind rustling through
The cherry blossoms
A blackbird hops in picks up a
twig and flits back to the tree to build his nest
The lone Magpie saluted against bad luck
Caws loudly ,searching for food
Hop, hop, hopping around

Purple violas , nodding their heads
In the brilliant sunshine
Forget me nots popping up
In most unexpected places,
Moss thriving in between paving slabs,
Green leaves are emerging
Making the whole garden look alive
Spring is finally here
In my beautiful garden

© L Conway 2020
Apr 13 · 92
Lisa Conway Apr 13
I landed at your door
With a whole heap of baggage
You helped me unpack
One piece at a time

©L Conway 2020
Apr 13 · 84
Painful Memories
Lisa Conway Apr 13
I ask myself why?
What did I do?
I asked then and still I ask now
why? why? Why?
Why did you have to hurt me?
Was it the way I looked?
Was it you or was it me?
I still can't look at me
In the mirror

I see the image staring back
I don't see that person
I see what you wanted me to see
A broken , battered ,hurt and bewildered women
That's what I saw , what I still see
That's the damage you did
But you don't care on
with your life you go

I'm starting to open those doors in my mind
The ones I slammed and sealed shut
The ones my mind locked away
Out they come one by one
The punches, the hair pulling
The name calling, the things you forced me to do
It's all in there coming closer

I don't want to open those doors
I'd prefer to keep them shut
But they're opening whether
I want them to or not
Each memory more painful than the last

I can't look anymore
Shove those memories back
Seal those doors shut
I know they'll open again
When I least expect it
And take me by surprise
At the pain I still feel
The hurt that lurks in the dark

The face that stares back
Is still the same , no black eyes
Or bruises , just the shadow
Of hurt Lingering in my eyes
The look of anger and disbelief
I have to turn away
Will it always be like this ?
© L Conway 2020

Remember you're not alone, please don't suffer in silence
There's more help available now than ever .
On twitter @dviolenceuk
Telephone : 0808 2000 247
In an emergency dial 999 (if on a mobile and unable to talk press 555)

This is for the UK only and for anybody suffering from any form of domestic abuse please seek help x
Apr 8 · 85
Lisa Conway Apr 8
Our loneliness was a distraction
From the melancholic madness
Anger made us so unhappy
It filled our souls with desolate joy
Pleasure became sorrow

Gloomy thoughts swamped our laughter
And that torment left us bereft
But anticipation overtook everything
Optimism bloomed with delight
Leaving us with a strange happiness

The sun came out from behind the clouds
And our misery and weariness cleared
Lifting us up and dispelling the darkness
The sunlight warmed every part of our being
Filling us with passion and affection

©L Conway 2020
Mar 30 · 200
Lisa Conway Mar 30
In my dreams I was sat in a peaceful, sunny place
The light was perfect , you could feel the essence of nature
The warmth and pleasure were immense
In this dream I began to walk and came upon a lake
I was content to dabble my fingers in the water
Silken strands running between my fingers
I was in awe of the beauty of this landscape
The lush green grass tickled my feet as I wandered about
The smell of sweet meadow hay and the buzzing of the bees
Gave this place a charm all of its own
Too soon I was woken from my dream
I lay there in bed with a stray sunbeam shining
On my face, enveloped in a feeling of blissful warmth

© L Conway 2020
Mar 23 · 120
Lisa Conway Mar 23
Thank you to all our wonderful emergency services
For all the wonderful things you do
From the small kindnesses that you do each day
to the largest life saving procedure
Without you all we'd be lost
From the call handlers on the phone
To the frontline police and paramedics
To A&E Doctors and Nurses
Our GP's and their staff
To our ward nurses, cleaning team and others
We are so lucky to have you all
Caring for us in our time of need

So from me to you quite simply

Mar 15 · 80
Lisa Conway Mar 15
A glance was all it took
A careless flick of my eyes
and a feeling of eternal shame was born
A recollection of people and places
unnecessary remarks that echo through the years
The picture of thoughtlessness and disregard
colour my reflection but still I see
shadows of my imagination spring to life
ideas of reminiscence were but a whisper
as I watched images of the past quickly race by,
thoughtfulness and inspiration
Then contemplation became disenchantment  
the images clear and a face appears
Indifferent I walk away  

©L Conway 2020
Mar 10 · 111
The Beach
Lisa Conway Mar 10
On a grey blustery day
Walking along the pebbly shore
The wind picking up grains of sand
Pummelling them into your face
The tiny grains sharply stinging

Stones dark grey from the rain
And slippery with brown, slimy seaweed
Lie gleaming in the gloom
Waves crashing on the shore
Are deafening in their ferocity
Churning, an angry mass of swirling
Foamy white water battering the sand
Leaving debris behind as it recedes
Then comes rushing in again and again

Rock pools full of creatures
***** scurrying to hide
Fish darting around and around
Trying to find their way back out to sea
Beautiful coloured seaweed hide starfish
Limpets clinging to darkened rocks
Like stars in the midnight sky

Colonies of Seagulls squawking,
making such a raucous noise
Flapping around inches from the
bubbling mass of waves
then without warning swooping down
Into the water, disappearing from sight
Only to soar back up with tails of fish
Dangling from their tightly shut beaks

Dark clouds gather far out to sea
Coming closer, wind and rain mix
Together bringing another sharp shower
The gulls still wheeling overhead
Getting louder with their wailing cries
Waves seem to get angrier and
Churn harder , getting higher

It starts to rain then gets heavier
Daylight fades ,the sun is setting
It's time to go home

©L Conway 2020
Mar 8 · 48
Lisa Conway Mar 8
I'm helpless to resist the numbness you help me feel
Just medicine? Maybe
But we know you lie, your deceit
causes loathing, your leaving causes pain.
Please save me from my misery and
Become my friend as I feel so alone
although I've become dependant on you
chained to my despair I fight your
Pull wanting to break free,

My anger with you makes
you my worst enemy
as my need increases
I am a prisoner to these painkillers
I'm filled with disgust with myself
My hatred for you grows more each day
I can't break free your allure is too strong
Why does it have to be like this?

©L Conway 2020
Mar 7 · 75
The Last Laugh
Lisa Conway Mar 7
You looked at me with
that glint in your eye
Most thought it love
But I knew the truth

It was the thought of another woman
That gave you that look and made you smile
though you said you loved me
I knew it wasn't true

You used me
took what you wanted then
Beat me unconscious and
Then sat there crying
You miserable excuse of a man

So I packed up my stuff and left  
Although you begged and pleaded
I knew I couldn't stay
It was time for a new beginning

Days after I left, you ran away
Then I found you got married
Barely a week after I'd gone
I hated you then

Now I forgive you
You're simply a man
She got the raw deal
I got the best one

She's stuck with you but
She won't laugh long
And I'll always
laugh the longest

©L Conway 2020
Mar 5 · 141
Lisa Conway Mar 5
Sadness is such a lonely place
When you're sick , crying inside
Unhappy tears run silently
down your face
Deep inside the intense pain no one can see
But everyone questions

You look ok they say
Why are you being like this
You're being awkward
No no, I cry, not I
It's you, you don't listen
Or don't care

So now the darkness
deep down Inside
Makes my soul sore
Afraid and weak
Tired so tired
Sad very sad
Alone and

©L Conway 2020
Mar 3 · 44
Lisa Conway Mar 3
One beautiful warm summer morn
In a lake so tranquil and blue
we took a swim, you and I
it was our secret place
Where every afternoon we lazed about
And watched spiders spinning
delicate cobwebs up in the trees

We felt invisible to the world there
as we lay, listening to the
Gentle lapping of the water
You tickled me with a twig as I recall
And kissed me with passion so strong

We watch brilliant white,puffy clouds
Drift across the azure sky
a dragonfly flutters by ,swooping down
Onto the diamond topped lake
Oh what a perfect day

But the truth is , it's all a dream
I sit alone watching the world
Go by , dreaming of a perfect place
That will never be
I open my eyes and answer
The phone , lunch  is over!

©L Conway 2020
Mar 1 · 68
Lisa Conway Mar 1
I wait for tomorrow
as I waited for today
For if tomorrow was the past
and today is the future
What is yesterday ?

If yesterday has gone
And tomorrow will come
What is today?
Is today our reality
Or just a dream but
What is a dream?

Is a dream our imagination awakening?
Or a half forgotten memory?
Is it a wistful wish?
Or a relived day?

Or is it our past
Looking to the future
Learning from mistakes
And looking forward
To a better understanding?

©L Conway 2020
Feb 29 · 63
The storm
Lisa Conway Feb 29
The trees are near breaking point
Their branches jerking uncontrollably
Swaying, swinging and waving to and fro
Some finally flying free , like birds
Let from their cages eager to get away

The rain looks like a solid mass
It beats down heavily
Crushing newly sprouting plants
whooshing down, drenching all

Puddles gather getting bigger
Beautifully concentric circles
Become a mass of waves
Churning like an angry sea

The dark clouds bubble up
massing together like an angry mob
Thunder and lightning rumbling around
jagged bolts illuminate the darkening sky

Detritus airborne for a second or two
crashing back down
Hoisted back up again
Then hurtled back down

Rain starts to ease becoming a gentle patter
Trees seem to breathe a sigh of relief
That they're still here, standing tall
debris is strewn all around
Plastic bags broken branches and leaves
Mixed together in confusion

The storm is over
All is quiet
Puddles no longer churn
Branches are still
Bits and pieces strewn around
Not longer being tossed around

All is calm for now!

©L Conway 2020
Feb 27 · 52
The Tree
Lisa Conway Feb 27
There you stand
A sentinel tall and strong
Your skeletal branches
Reaching out to the sky
Dark against the brightness
Waiting for warmer times

Bark rough and scarred
Tells us part of your history
I know you're old
We see it in your size
If only you could talk

But there you stand
The guardian of the forest
Standing and watching
Magnificent in your silence
waiting for seasons to change

Then you wake from
Your slumber and
Shoots appear
You come to life
In beautiful green splendour

You stand and watch birds nest
While children play around your base
There you stand in stately elegance
Your mighty boughs always changing
But staying the same

Colours alter from green
To red, yellow and brown
Squirrels quick to steal
Your bounty ready for
Winter's bite

Then your leaves fall to the ground
you start your slumber
Getting ready to face
The cold bitter winds
In your strongest guise
standing there glorious and proud

©L Conway 2020
Feb 26 · 155
Winter's Kiss
Lisa Conway Feb 26
Fresh and crisp mornings
your breath hanging in
white clouds of steam
frozen carpets of crispy leaves
popping and crunching as you shuffle on
the Sharpness of a frigid breeze
that blows straight through you
making ears tingle and noses shine
children laughing hoping it snows
for snowman building, sled riding
and days off school
snowdrops appear
peeking their beautiful
heads above a frozen ground
and finally heading indoor
for getting warm
with hot water bottles ,
drinking chocolate and
a roaring fire

©L Conway 2020
Feb 25 · 142
True Colours
Lisa Conway Feb 25
I was content , the attraction was strong
I loved and trusted you
You were suspicious and resentful
You were guilty of neglecting our love

As I let you go you paused
And glanced back at me but all you saw
Was regret ,anguish and the
shadow of all that had gone before

It was then I saw your true face
And the shackles that had held me
Finally broke free
I realised I felt nothing for you anymore

©L Conway 2020
Feb 24 · 134
Lisa Conway Feb 24
The intensity of my anger surprised you
But left me feeling forlorn and deeply unhappy
Filled with gloom and resentment
My distress was clear ,tormenting you

Your sensitivity and emotions suprised me
You could have alienated me
Instead you folded me warmly into your embrace
and surrounded me with love and passion

Instead of loneliness and seclusion
We had happiness and adoration
A deeper understanding
And a tenderness I never expected

©L Conway 2020
Feb 23 · 153
Lisa Conway Feb 23
The blue colour of shame
Is a reaction to the child
Of solitude and pain
The melancholic flood
Is a cloud of loneliness
Increasing my call for love

You became my friend
Taking away that helplessness
That made me so lonely
Taking away the pain
And restoring my life

Freeing my soul
Allowing it to fly
Shaping my world
With courage and strength
Helping me to carry on.

© L Conway 2020
Feb 23 · 100
Lisa Conway Feb 23
I look back at my younger self
It's like a movie reel
You'd raised your fist again
Falling down ,glass smashing
Cuts, bruises and pain
Protecting my kids
The most important thing
Hot coffee on my back
As I'd turned protecting
My little boy

The accusations and blame
Making me ashamed
Of me being alive
You took my self worth
And used it against me

You ground me down
Till I believed it
Then you'd lash out
Again , and again
Leaving me with
So many cuts
And bruises

But the worst thing of all
Was the bruises inside
The emotional
Damage you did
I felt worthless
And useless
A complete waste of time
I felt ugly and shameful
I felt small and stupid

But from somewhere
Deep inside a spark
Had stayed flickering
It grew brighter
And I found the
Courage to pack up
And leave
Took my kids
And hid.
Leaving you far behind

©L Conway 2020
Please don't suffer in silence x
Feb 21 · 262
Lisa Conway Feb 21
I sit and wonder why?
I'm sat here and wondering.
Why am I wondering why
I'm sat here at all?
I'm looking for clarity
To define it all
To give me an answer to
A question
I never knew I asked

So where is the answer
To my question
At the bottom
Of my coffee cup?
Or At the end
of my garden?
I'll never find an answer
As I never knew the question

Then my mind becomes
Clear and finally
finds the clarity
It needed
To sit and wonder
Why I was wondering why
I was sat here wondering
At all

© L Conway 2020
Feb 20 · 89
Lisa Conway Feb 20
The pain in my body makes me cry
The shame of my soul makes me scared
But we endure and tolerate much
Although my anger makes me helpless
And causes me to be lonely, imagine my horror
At others sadness so that I just want to help
Through laughter and hope
Instead of misery and hurt

© L conway 2020
Feb 8 · 459
Lisa Conway Feb 8
You looked at me minutes after your birth
Our eyes met and I fell in love.
My granddaughter, a beautiful soul
An innocent babe, I knew then
I could be a better grandmother
Than a mother, those mistakes I made
Put to one side, not forgotten
Just tucked away,
way out of sight
Lessons learnt and new ones to be taught
A protector, your champion.
Your mummy my daughter still
Adored treasured and loved
You both in my heart
Forever and always

© L conway 2018
For my beautiful granddaughter
Lisa Conway Feb 8
Another day begins , another walk starts
a walk down memory Lane
Where we meet and laugh
and are happy once again

A special place In my heart
there’ll always be Aunt,
for we shall meet again
And take a walk down memory lane

But for now without us you’ll walk on
To meet those you miss
And laugh and reminisce
Knowing we’ll all meet again
And take another walk down
Memory Lane
I wrote this after losing a dear gt Aunt (aged  99) and a big part of my life
Feb 8 · 80
Memory Lane
Lisa Conway Feb 8
Memory Lane
As I look back through the years
I really have to dry my tears
For Nan, my memories are special
And oh so very dear
How much you are loved
To me, it's very clear
So I'm taking this walk down memory lane
And wishing you were here once again

But I know you're in the rose garden
Smelling all the blooms

And i'm we're taking a trip down memory lane
Knowing that we'll meet again
For Nan, I love and miss you
But forever you live on
For us all

In our hearts
In our memories
I wrote this when i lost my nan
Jan 22 · 22
A Mother's Love
Lisa Conway Jan 22
A baby is so precious
A delicate bud , that we nurture
As they grow , blossom and flower
Into a beautiful precious bloom

A child , happy and joyous
Growing up so quickly
Happy to play and laugh
The whole day through

A teenager, a difficult time
For parents and child alike
Tears and tantrums
And anger at the world

It passes, these phases
You help to shape and guide them
then suddenly,
without warning

An adult , your child grown
A mom so proud
Of everything they've become
A love that is stronger each day

No words will ever be enough
To tell your child how much
They mean to you
How much you love them

A mother's love for her child
No matter what, is a bond
So strong it never dies
It Always glows bright

And always will !

© L conway 2020
For my 3 beautiful children
Jan 21 · 109
Lisa Conway Jan 21
The police come knocking at half past one
Your son is dying they said
Stabbed they said
I felt so frozen inside ,dead
And there he lay
Covered in blood
With wounds all over
He tried to **** me ,he said
He stabbed me in the back,he said
Fear and anger warred inside
I hated this unknown then
Prayers were answered that day
After surgery ,he's still here
Looking at me ,tubes in his chest
Do you know how lucky he is? They said
An inch higher and no one could have helped they said
As it is he has fourteen wounds
Lungs, liver, kidney, tendons all cut
But he's still here still fighting
and a very lucky young man
He could have died that day
It changed us both forever!
Thank you so very much
For saving my son

© L conway 2020
This is for who helped my son
Jan 21 · 74
Dear Daughter
Lisa Conway Jan 21
The day you were born
My life changed for the better
The overwhelming love
Was such a suprise
We certainly bonded then
You and I

We may have fought
We may have squabbled
But that bond grew stronger
Especially when it was
You and I against the world

The battles we fought and won
It was a struggle some days, so hard
But our bond remained
Always surviving, getting stronger

The unconditional love a mother feels
never breaks, never fades
I love you with all of my heart
Now, forever and always
My beautiful little girl

© L conway 2020
For my beautiful daughter , grown up but still my beautiful little princess

— The End —