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Would you hug my Mom for me and place a kiss upon her cheek?
Would you draw for her a rainbow,
and tell her it's from me?
Tell her I'm still waiting
Cuz I think she forgot.
She left me to get better,
She does that alot.

It's just that you have her more than me
And I dont know why,
You put yourself in front of me,
When I"m just a little guy.

" Hey, could you draw for me one more picture?"
A storm cloud dark and gray,
Tell her this one's my anger,
and it's pushing my blue skies away.
My Nana says not to worry.
" Storm clouds produce rain,"
and after each storm
God makes a rainbow,
So I could move past my pain.
#Addiction #******
Michelle Montoya Jun 2019
He'll Just Be Away

No matter bow hard I try,
No matter what they say.
I wont consider grandpa "dead." He'll just be away.

He's gone somewhere far away.
No one know just where,
But it"s somewhere beautiful up in the sky,
Where there's lots of love
to share.
I won't ever forget my grandpa, when i sit
down to pray, Cuz; "dead,"
He'll never be,
He'll just be away.
Cancer took all of my Grandparents very young. I wrote this particular poem for my Grandpa Hank. He was the strongest Man I ever knew.

— The End —