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MichaelJfourie May 2020
I heard your heart pounding at the sound of his voice

Your Knees were shaking it was not your choice

Your hands were sweaty

I'll dry them if you let me

I'll be happy if it works for both of you


If you fall do not worry I'll be waiting for your call

Even if it takes a while

I will let your heart smile

At the end the worst part of you

Is telling me I hope to find a guy like you...
I have always been an old fashioned man.Wanting to keep the lessons of old alive.Opening the car door,letting her walk first,remove my jacket and being a hopeless romantic...Dancing under the moonlight,picnic with a self made drive in cinema.... Yet... I always hear the words "I hope to find a guy like you."Like an endless record player in my head. Am I not good enough?Am I not here right now?
MichaelJfourie May 2020
I love a rainy day
It reminds me of all the words I wanted to say

Maybe it was a last goodbye
Maybe I was to shy
Maybe I didn't want to lie

As every drop falls from above
I long for the true feeling of love

Now as I ready to go to bed
I'll let the rain wash away everything that wasn't said
This one really comes from the heart.
MichaelJfourie May 2020
If I should die I would smile if your eyes are my last goodbye.
Like the beauty of a sunset .
Like the story where the sun and the Moon met.
Like a never ending eclipse.
Like a kiss on the lips.
Beauty of the eyes
Fall in-love,make memories,share stories and always look at each other like there is nothing more beautiful on earth.
MichaelJfourie May 2020
Hello Little Bird
I wonder if you heard

We are locked indoors
I can only watch you soar

Would you listen to my song
Where did we go wrong

Please dont go away
I want you to stay

How selfish of me
I forgot you are free
We are Caged
MichaelJfourie May 2020
Dancing in the moonlights shadows
A beaming light, O so narrow

Following the glimpse of light
Hearing laughter of the utmost delight

A glance through the little door
Two  youngins lying on the floor

Chatting about the brightest things
On I go as midnight rings

Now excited about what tomorrow brings

Time to step out of my dark room
Now I dance in the light of the moon
Feeling strong for a bright future.
MichaelJfourie Feb 2020
We are like a candle in the wind
Blowing in every direction
Flickering and lighting the way
Until one day our flame goes out

MichaelJfourie Feb 2020
On a winters's day
We parted ways

Neither begging for the other to stay
I watched her go
So fell the first snow

Then came spring
The season where nature sings

Like the seasons
Everything has a reason

Life goes on...
I miss her,but I smile for she is happy.
Time has eased my pain.
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