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I said goodbye to depression a while ago
My bad its back, its starting to show

First I broke a  bone
Cause the driver was looking on his phone

Second she broke my heart
That stung stronger than a poisen dart

And then came a message from a far
My childhood friend has  past in his car

My mind started playing a lot of tricks
Only the bad was able to stick

Each day  fading a bit more
Not clinging to anything I adore

I have stood on the mountains before
Screaming the pain from deep within my core

I have ran for so very long
Just seeing everything that went wrong

Trying anything to numb the pain
Just sitting in the coldest of rain

Thoughts of the memories where stuck
Like an old record making a muck

Now im growing weary
As my eyes turn teary

No tears to cry
No words to lie

Not feeling empty inside
Oeps Guess that was a lie.
To feel worthless, empty, not loveable, alone  its real, its difficult and its happening all around
The Deafening Silence Definitely Appeals
For a Piece of my mind it Steals

Wondering what went wrong
Why people can't get along

Then I remember the song of War
The Hatred coming from the Core

Still stuck in the Past
No Future will Last

When it's too Late
Moving at an exponential Rate

When Our rivers are Dry
When Our people can only Lie

When the young must Steal
When the rich Appeal

When ****** is common in this Place
When everyone cares about your Race

When you have to fight to Survive
Where no Rebellion will Rise

Where I watched my friends Die
Cause it was THEIR rules they didn't Abide

Then you know why people cant get Along
Only the Innocent are still Strong

People cant let go of the Past
That's why this hatred Lasts
This is a poem of nothing less then the true.Seeing what has happened in my country,seeing my people die,seeing nature being destroyed,seeing war break out,seeing the poor suffer.I can only put my Emotion into this.Can you relate?
The silent echo of the night
Just one flickering light

Whisper of two friends getting along
In the Silence just hear their cheerful song

Like the flow of the ocean
They were full of emotion

In the Silent Room
I still found him talking to the Moon

                                                           ­     ...Michael J Fourie
Sometimes when the world puts you down,you just need to take a breath and talk to the Bigman.The light of hope will always flicker whether it is in a light,lamp or the moon.You will find light in your darkness.

— The End —