Mic Arbilon Jan 21
It is so cold in here;
Mommy, when will I feel your warmth?
I’ve been so alone here—
For almost 7 months.

Mommy, I am so hungry—
Could you feed me?
I haven’t taste food for the past few days;
Are you mad at me?

I’m sorry if I always end up kicking you—
Its so small in here;
I’m sorry if you always feel the pain.
I know I’m the reason behind that.

Mommy, what is this?
Is this blood?
I’m slowly losing my grip on your womb;
I’m only 7 months—

Mommy, why are you leaving me here?
I feel so cold even more—
There’s so many blood all over my body;
Mom, come back.

I’m slowly running out of breath;
Mom, are you still not coming?
I really can’t see anything—
Mom, I’m now dying and I can’t be able to see your face.

Thank you for letting me stay
In your womb for 7 months.
I guess you didn’t love me, Mom.
But I will always love you.
Mic Arbilon Jan 21
I never thought that the path I chose
Would lead me here—
In this cruel world that we have;
I must go.

And then I thought about it—
Where should I go?
I had nowhere;
The world already turned its back on me.

I must be really unfortunate;
Reason why my family left me.
They did not love me—
They did not care for me.
Mic Arbilon Jan 14
I should end this life;
I do not belong in here.
This world is cruel.
Mic Arbilon Jan 14
I thought of taking my own life;
But then I suddenly remember whom I will left behind.
I was afraid to leave my loved ones here,
But I know they are now ready to let me go.

They didn't even care about me--
They always end up cursing me on the end of the day.
I'm being punished-- I know.
For all the wrong doings that I had made.

I will now end my life;
Be well all the time, Mom and Dad.
I'm sorry for bring disappointments;
I'm sorry I won't be able to make you all proud.
Mic Arbilon Jan 12
Being with you,
Is the best thing happened to me...
But what did just happened?
All the happy things about us,
turned into a bitter memory.

All the laughters,
turned into tears.
All of the smiles that we shared, faded.
Our love. All of them are now long gone.

I loved you. But what happened to us?
In just a blink, all of this were gone.
We are no longer together;
We are now a strangers to each other.
Mic Arbilon Jan 12
I maybe smiling widely;
But didn’t you know I was breaking inside?
I maybe laugh all the time;
But didn’t you know that I always cry alone at night?

I must have the one of the hardest life a man can have.
I have a complete family, but feels like none.
I have too many friends, but it feels like I had no one.
Is this what they called depression?

I just want someone who’s willing to stay with me;
Listens to my story;
Listens to my words;
Listens to my sobbing every night.

Its like I felt the whole world on my shoulder,
Im too young to handle this one.
Can I take my own life?
Just to stop this miserable life of mine?

I just wanted to have a happy life.
But why does every step I take;
I still get this miserable life.
Am I being cursed?

If I’ll end up my life;
Would this curse will also gonna end?
Shall I give it a try?
I want to escape.

Escape this cruel world we have.
People are already killing each other.
People are already taking their own lives.
Many are now dead by this thing called depression.
Mic Arbilon Jan 12
You gave me strength—
You gave me all the support
You gave me your purest love;
And He gave me the man I love.

You are the man that every girl wish for;
You are the one who can make all my worries gone.
You are the man who cheers me up when I feel low—
You are the perfect man for me.

Many people will talk about us;
On how lucky we are to one another.
“He’s so lucky to have her”, they said—
But I replied, “I am also is lucky to have him”

I don’t care if people will bad mouth you;
I will protect you, my love.
I’ll shield you for all the hurtful words.
And I will perish them with our kindness.

You may not be the handsome guy—
But you are more than just enough.
Even if you’ll go bald—
I’ll still love you for who you truly are.
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