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LK 7d
The only thing to change all bound
Is in a moment yet been found

When I pause and come to know
Something done or something said
And my heart relights a fire knowing
For this, 'twas worth not being dead
LK 7d
This feeling running through my soul
From my toe to calf to thigh
This feeling reaching to my heart
Which just might stop this time

This feeling deep inside my bones
It threatens to break through
My calloused skin, my hardened head
Leave no mask on what is true

You called us selfish children
Said that we are not your own
That all we are can’t really be
All that you raised and grown

You said if you could go back
That you would not try again
You said we’ve never had a right
to our depression, to our pain

This feeling running from my fingers
Into my elbow’s bend
And from my shoulders, up to neck
To meet my throbbing head

This feeling running from my fingers
Across my bloodied wrist,
Deep into my darkened heart
Oh, into it’s abyss

Help me help me help me
Can’t shake this feeling in my head
Wish I had a razor sharp enough
To put this to an end!

Help me help me help me
I’ve known nothing else but pain
Time and time here I’m again
There seems no other way!
LK Nov 2
If it be possible to require
As much pain as is on me
To make one reconsider
All you want for them to be

Then I must be the worst
human to now stand
whether by my own **** doing
or by another’s hand

It seems to me no good God
Would leave me here to this
I’m open to you freely
But your voice I always miss

Why leave one here to suffer
To wonder who she is
To wonder ‘bout her purpose
Or if you even exist

Leave me my own free will
To from your presence flee or kneel
But don’t leave me to wonder
If you’re even here and real

And if I’m writing to a God
Who’s just a story, old and stale
Then **** whoever lied
and made up this torturous tale
LK Oct 6
Though these things come along so slow, and though so quickly they do go
And though found few and far between, when I say this I do mean
I swear upon my cut-up wrist—that in this world good things exist
And upon my fractured heart insist—of good things this world does consist

I’ve kept a list of moments spent and things which to me momentarily were lent
A short list of things which are no more, but are written down forevermore
A list of reasons my wrist is scarred, but not buried with me beneath a graveyard
Of reasons my heart is fractured like bone, but left not in pieces which cannot be sewn
And I swear upon all fairness missed—good things make up this very list
And upon my head by tragedy kissed—do swear these good things still persist
LK Oct 5
’Tis not in the darkest of moments endured
That one’s sense of ending is in depth assured

’Tis in the happiest moment with good’s tender kiss
When one smiles and thinks, Let me end now on this
LK Sep 23
And looking away with her sore, crumbled mind,
She knew that her world, it was not here to find,
and shaking and empty and tired and done,
She’d find only peace at the end of a gun.
LK Sep 22
She longed to see the unseen places
to touch to untouched odd-end spaces
to find the unfound foreign grounds
where outward hands had set no bounds
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