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Meteorelle Oct 2022
Isn't it a good day, mom?
The sun's up! Just moved into our new home. It was in a rush, but it's fine.
I like it wherever you want us mom.

I found you in the living room, watching TV while drinking the 2nd bottle of your favorite red wine, as red as the roses in our old backyard. I remembered us playing there while wearing my jersey no. 28, your favorite number. I love you that much, mom!

It didn't feel like I left our old house. Though good memories come with bad memories. I know it's not your intention to shove me that hard when I hit my head on the wall or when you draw deep lines on my skin with a knife. It hurts so much, but it will heal. Countless of times it happened, but it's okay mom. You just love me, right?

Still in the living room, on your 3rd or 4th bottle, skipping on endless channels, you stopped on the news.

"A body was found buried in a backyard full of roses. Autopsy found out that the body has been stabbed to death: 28 times."

Mom, why?
Meteorelle Jan 2019
It has been on your mind
You cringe with the thought of it
But you became a victim
of wanting to do what you fear the most.
Driven by painful memories
you kept shoving into the corner,
It pushed you over the edge
and onto the ground below.
Please don't pull the trigger
Please don't hang yourself
Meteorelle Jan 2019
In my dreams
you found me.

3:00am poems
were my soul laid bare
Few pages of pain and silence,
still you find beauty in them

I'll write metaphors to make you stay
Sweet prose, and roses, for you everyday
Please remain enjoying the saddest lines
because I do, I always do

3:00am poems
were heartbreaking tale
Few pages of joy ripped off
still I will live and find beauty in them

Papercuts will remind me of you
remembering when you stopped reading them
remembering when you stopped loving them
because I never did, but I hope I did

Once upon a time..

you found me

in my dreams

reality's nightmare.
In reality, I've always dreamed of someone who will find my poems and love me for my thoughts. No one ever did. No one ever seek the depth of me.
I still wish that someday, someone will look at my written words and understand why poetry looks so beautiful for me.
I still wish that Meteorelle will be found.
Meteorelle Dec 2018
I bleed red on the paper white sheets
wondering why spaces still exist,
Saddest lines can no longer be seen
Not on the paper, but they're on my skin
Wished to be an art hanging on the ceiling
thought my life is all about failing

Once blinded in the starlight deep within your eyes
awakened by the meteors and shooting stars,
I've found galaxy in mine.

No metaphor can beautify
the poems wasted named after you.
A paper plane, a love letter to my demons
Slowly forgetting my favorite poetry of all.
I am choosing my self this time.
Meteorelle Oct 2018
I am helpless..
Meteorelle Aug 2018
Dark and gloomy
You took a picture of me,
I'm like a shadow in the daylight
I'd disappear in the absence of light.
But darling, I want you to know,
even I'm not pretty and it was a blurry picture
it feels like you gave me a clear capture.
Blurred as I am.
Meteorelle Aug 2018
Maybe we have a happy ending
somewhere else,

Maybe we have a happy ending
in the cigarettes we didn't smoke
or in the alcohol we didn't drink

Maybe we have a happy ending
in the poems untitled
or in the poetry books unread

Maybe we have a happy ending
in another time
in another place
in a moment that will never exist.
Slowly detaching from you.
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