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Tapiwa Mesah Apr 13
The debut blew him into ashes.
Picked up the salty dust
Carried on to discover your flaws
Weathered and renewed by your past.

Next! What transpired in its lifespan
You grew within the glory of being healed
Survived the most tragic, barbaric plan
Of which the emotions had courteously drafted.

I found a half that was whole
Gave me a piece, a pinch to live,
On and believed that love was for all.
Good came not, not to all,
But those who could trust the wait.
Tapiwa Mesah Apr 8
The love of a woman
That soothed my soul
The pureness of her heart,
Quenched my little desires.

I changed my ways,
For i knew not of the vows,
That i was committing to.
The chains of sorrows,
The portions of happiness.
Tapiwa Mesah Apr 8
How well do you know me
I've cried and smiled
They took away the shade to my roots
They cut my arms, my wings.

The sun smiles, the sun cries
I merry for such a prize.
For again my shade blossoms
And my arms stretch once more,
Beyond my reach.

I'm a tree in a forest,
And such is my pain.
Tapiwa Mesah Apr 8
A flower blossoms
In the midst of muddy swamps
It stands around the algae,
The petals smile even at the bees.

The grin of the little seeds
That the wind blows effortlessly,
Is sprayed to places and places
And preaches love and nothing else.
Tapiwa Mesah Apr 8
Passion drove the Cart
The Cart moved forward
Resilience kept it in motion
Determination fueled the zeal.

Perseverance gave the thoughts,
Of the greens and the flowery views.
A place we've only seen in dreams
Where prayers have all the powers.
Tapiwa Mesah Apr 8
A place of many fears
Is a place with no peers
A level of loneliness
Way so beneath our hopes.

Rock bottom was the scariest
The envisioning of our past
The dew and the heavy mist
To wake up again from the East.

Don't frown don't despair,
Its a place of strength anyways
Where second chance awaits
To be grabbed by the horns.

Pick up yourself and stand again!
Tapiwa Mesah Apr 8
Thick dark cloud above
Shadows our paths of all
The pain and sorrow ooh no!
Our weeps get the wipes.

The tears of the sun
Graces them all in one
A love from above that no one,
Has ever dreamt of or sat upon.

There comes the rain
The thunder that scares the enemy
Tears that wipes the agony
Love that erases every inch of bygone.

It was the rains of the summer
The gratitude of the dark cover,
that assured us that it was over.
Smiles were thrown all over.
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