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Merlinda JTT May 11
Old bone.          Withered man
Eyes deeper, more
Than mine.           Spotted skin
Covers a child of the sun
The soul matches the body
Only once you learned to read
Its truth
Merlinda JTT Apr 1
Let the wind
carry sweet whispers of my love
to you
Let yours echo
Calling back to me
Through the winds of the trees
Kisses and ever good wishes
Eternal in my heart
To yours
And back and forth
And back
Until it is in your arms, I reside
Merlinda JTT Apr 1
Laughing Goats on a
Green and Yellow shore
Waves HIT
and retract

Sobbing Segals circle
A light house
Bobbing with the lights out.

An old man crashes into the rocks
The darkness too consuming
for him to see.

The Goats laugh,
but the segals cry!

no more suffering, no more please

The Billy Goats Grin
We dimmed the bulb to brighten our hearts!

The segals wings fall from their bodies
SLAM against pavement

The segal nosedive down...

Washed Away!

we've washed away against the red ocean's deep!

The Goats laugh
Atop their green
And yellow shore.

They grin as it HITS

Merlinda JTT Mar 26
Warm Sun
Baking my cold fingers
Into perfect temperature
Chocolate chip cookies.
Groovy beats tap    tap   tap
at my ear drums
boom boom tap boom boom tap
Swimming on my back in a bath
of red and orange
Cartooning and Contorting
Into the stomach
of the whale
Wind blows
I am too cold
Take me back
to warm, perfect cookies.
Like two perfect *******,
to rest your head upon.
No greater comfort in the world than that.
Merlinda JTT Dec 2018
Blood stains on the carpet
You are too young to be on this floor

Clothing without a body
Shoved into boxes and garbage bags

Pictures taken off of walls
Forgotten being

Vacancy on the left side of the bed

No body
A vase of ashes

Is the coffin empty?

It could be just a dream
Merlinda JTT Dec 2018
Listen to the forest
It speaks
Not in the language we know
Birds singing
Leaves bustling in trees
Dancing with the wind
It blows, whispering
“Come with me, come home,”
The ground releases a crunch
As a hard foot presses down

If I sit here long enough
Will I become one of the branches
Of the tree?
Is this how they all got here?
Merlinda JTT Dec 2018
White mountain
Nested between two trees
The sun cast
A shadow on the page
As my hand writes
The grass shapes round’ my feet
I am cold
Rays of sun give bits of warmth
White mountain stares steadily
Gaze unwavering,
I try my best to stare back
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