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MerlieJ Jun 21
Why oh WHY
would you choose
the death you did.
Leaving behind everything
you've created
In the midst of its growth.
Before its full bloom,
your loss cut the buds away.
MerlieJ Jun 21
Your Hot Skin
Warms mine
Belly against Belly
Lips pressed to Lips
You are so Beautiful
in this Lamp Light
MerlieJ Jun 21
I want to hold your darkest pains
in a warm blanket
wrapped in my arms
rested against my chest
I will kiss every sorrow
Every shame
Off the tip of your nose
the crown of your forehead
The mid of your naval.
I'll water your seeds
with infinite acceptance
My most sweet, how can I love your brightest, without knowing your darkest?
MerlieJ Jun 21
Creativity does not come with the pen.
I have 1...2...3....4..5!
I have 5 pens.
Yet creativity, I have none.
MerlieJ Jun 21
Rose slicked islands of the moon..
Carved out snow cliffs,
peaks and sheets of Ice
running toward time and back again
bounced into space
The soliloquies play
­                         falling
Outstretched arms complete otherwise incomplete circles
MerlieJ Jun 21
The grass seemed almost to vibrate
While the yellows came out to the sky
Clouds back drop-
Fully sprung trees
On their way to the summer time..
Yes, these clouds do pass
MerlieJ Jun 21
I went walking in the rain
I traversed mud puddled paths
through wood so lush and green
the water's weight upon the leaves
A bath so refreshing
To cleanse my skin, nourish my thirst
from a fountain so crystal and so clear
Vibrant grass all around me
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