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Mello River Sep 28
If only bright skies
Had lasted for us
I saw rainbows
Above us always
Too bad the rain storm
Came down upon us
And left me standing
Here by my lonesome
Wishing for rainbows
Mello River Sep 28
Remember in our teens
When we gave each other pet names
And found commonalities in everything
When every morning was a delight to see each other
And every night was a pain to say goodnight
When our minds ran wild
With the possibilities of me & you
And our eyes glistened for each other
Remember when we still knew each other
Before we faded away from each other
Remember when our love was as pure as a child's laughter
Weren't we so precious
Weren't we so innocent
Mello River Sep 26
I could make your face out of the stars
I know it that well
Mello River Sep 26
They say:
If you think of something long enough
You will manifest it into reality
But I've imagined us so many times
And I'm still without you
Mello River Sep 26
I would die for the image of you
Imagine what I would do for your flesh & blood
If only our love wasn't unrequited, right folks?
Mello River Sep 25
You are the bell
That will always ring in my heart
I will listen to your sound always 
And wish it never ends
Mello River Sep 25
When I think of you now
I want to disappear
Because I would rather be gone
Than be without you

Your beautiful smile
Stabs my heart
Your glistening eyes
**** all my hope
And your name
Your ******* name
Chokes the life out of me
Every day
Every night
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