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Meme Feb 14
My heart is convoluted
One minute I’m sad
The next I’m glad
Happiness takes over
The tragedy strikes over
People affect me
They weigh me ...down
Down with their problems
Down with their thoughts
Down with their dreams
So much man...
They forget about me
It’s always this way
When I try to take time to care about me
They forget about all the times I stayed
All the times I prayed
Everything I laid on my heart that wasn’t mine to carry
Instead I put them first and buried my issues deep down

The whole time still balancing my crown
Let’s get real
Start telling people how we feel
Be never afraid of loosing them or the appeal
Tired of acting like I’m made of freakin steel ...
Cause I’m not
Somebody see me
Hey! ....just hear me
No more of this convoluted heart
Meme Dec 2018
I started to text you but it was late.
My heart made me feel like it just couldn’t wait.
There’s been so much silence between us yet my mouth has so much to say.
Hiding how I feel within because it’s not like you care anyway.
Random meme’s on IG remind me that it’s time to let you go.

How can I just ignore you?

I don’t know how to put on a show.
My feelings for you are so real.
I wish you’d be vulnerable first and tell me how you feel.
Cause right now my “too much pride”is all in the way.
If I let these walls fall down baby I’d beg you to stay.
Are you on the other end erasing unsent messages too?
Maybe you’ve dialed my number & hung up before you could express “I love you.”

Will our egos be our ultimate demise?

I can only sit here and hope that you somehow hear my cry….

Don’t let go.
Fear is vulnerability’s greatest enemy...and yours too. #thinkaboutit
Meme Dec 2018
When I’m with you
Troubles do not exist
Your arms protect me
Your smile uplifts me
You keep me in a special way
I’m not easily understood
But somehow
You get me...

And oddly I get you

So I guess …

We got each other
Meme Dec 2018
It burns deep in my chest
It never allows my mind to rest
It keeps me up late at night
It forces me to make decisions I know isn't right
It is upon me like black is on the night
Consumes me like a flame
Yeah it's called pain
It feels like it will never end
It feels like I will never win
Am I paying for my sins?
It brings grey clouds with pouring rain
Its rain that pours from my eyes
Around others I smile and put on my disguise
When will my joy so exuberant begin?
When will I find true happiness again?
I wish someone would hear my cry
And stop this misery within me tonight.  

— The End —