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Did you see?
That girl in the window.
Did you see?
As i was in a middle of boredom.
Did you see her?
Staring at your soul,
Making you don't know
And not moving at all.
Sun kissed
Another bliss
And we both know how we end up this
In summer love

We dont know how
When the waves go back
But we surely do, why you stole my heart
In summer love

The beach was fine
And sand stay shine
When we dance like rain
In summer love

Cause we talk so little
And we slowly settle
I love how we take it so simple
Cause we dont know when it would last...

In summer love.
I saw your necklace hanging off the wall
In your home, when you invited me so
I touched the painted wall and it turned white to blue
As we're growing older, it is my home too.
Were both singing in the car
With my fathers eye in a distant
And we secretly cry
When the song plays in constant

— The End —