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MellowWrath Aug 2019
Toward east I look down and see the stars
When up I look, my eyes meet the sky
And between earth and space an intersection
Painted velvet red followed by its shades
Gold and lively Grass under a touch of colorful glass
Baby blue changes to the deepest Azur.
All gives way under a vast ocean
Where two bright fish swim and swirl in the infinite expense.
And I turn my loving gaze toward west
As I find a shrouded mystery hidden behind a secret mist
Covering it all, but the shine of city lights.
Tis' the late sister who might blind the spectator
when time comes
for night to uncover delights
and fright the expectant orator.
Wrote it in the skies.
MellowWrath Aug 2019
No pain is greater than loss
For each breath becomes more painful
Each tear more bitter
And each voice more broken.
But only release can turn itself into divine
As we turn toward silent prayers
As we drop to our knees and join our hands
Whispering raw names.
Let us be heard, Us who have lost
For we are all fated
As if sharing the same body,
To lose what we hold most dear.
Let our tears dry, our breath quicken with life and want, let our chants resonate in the emptiness that surounds us
For eternity if not a life time.
It is hard to go on.
MellowWrath Aug 2019
You were the breath of childhood and the saltyness of tears
You left and went with the low tide, all to return once again.
For I might've been unwanted but source of comfort to you
The blind actions and bitter words spoken were suddenly forgotten for I became as hollow as undone
And you couldn't forgive me for the loss of recollection.
I found you or maybe you came back,
Under the brightness of our lives
Emotions turned colours turned light drowned our past,
Crowning your head in a blessed halo
You came to me and I finally held you
Sweetness dripping from your lips.
It was time for me to let go.
For you, to finally say Goodbye.
I don't remember when I wrote this. But I do remember wh; letting go of the past. I hope you were able to feel some sentiment reading this, have a nice day.

— The End —