Avi 3d
I haven’t found it yet
This thing that everyone
Has found so easily
Although maybe
It’s my imagination
Maybe it wasn’t
So easy for them
Maybe they too
Wrestled god
To find where
They needed to be
Maybe I should
Keep up the search
Avi 3d
I find that the words
best come to me
with the stirrings
of the right music
and the right kind
of liquor.
Avi 3d
I saw it as a reckoning
An end to my pain
That smile

You saw it as patchwork
Connections throughout
That smile

I came to you
Clothed in memories
You loved

You came back
Without a stitch
You loved
Avi 7d
The sky was grey
the day we met
under the canopy
of autumn leaves
in the mist of
the coming winter.

You told me
sweet and beautiful
lies dipped in honey-
and I took them
as gospel truth.

But it was fine
because I had
my very own
recipe for such
sweet nothings.

We fed each other
nihilism and ecstacy
with our tongues
entwined in grape vines.

That grey sky
never did break
over our heads
day in, day out
even as night came.

But we never cared,
never once stopped
as the noose got tighter
around our hearts.

It was a love
born to die
as only
ours could.
You tell me what you think this means... I haven't a clue...
Avi Apr 1
Learn to love yourself
cause no one can do
it better than you.

Do not look for that love
in the eyes of another
until you see it in the mirror.

Learn to enjoy
the sunshine on a face
without a mask.

Do not hide yourself
cause you may be afraid
of how others may find you.

Learn to come out
of that darkened carapace
and strut your beautiful self.

Do not walk timidly
or as though burdened
by those heavy secrets.

Learn to lessen the tethers
and find comfort
in your friends and family.

Do not think they
have forever abandoned you
for they are always there.

Learn to love yourself...
Wanna know why?
Cause you are the only YOU!
After coming out I have found that a great reason for my depression was that I was always afraid of how others would perceive me if they were to learn the truth of who I am. Once I told my mother and my friends, a great weight was lifted and their reaction was one of assurance and courage. Now I am in a phase of finally loving me for me. And I think that that is the most important thing someone can do before they can begin a life of openly loving who they wish to love. Love yourself first and you will learn to fully allow others to love you. Peace to all. Love to all. Love for all.
Avi Mar 22
I dared to think.
I dared to love.
And now look where I am…
I am in between all and nothingness.
Surrounded in total bliss. Look at me now.
Avi Mar 22
I gave them life
they threw Death in my face.
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