Avi 4d
Legs have become
like cement hardening
fast under the city sun...
Entire body using
itself to move
these two plinths...
Just need to get
across this lane
of heavy traffic...
A robotic titan
trampling the grass
sprouting between cracks...
Lumbering forward-
head peering this way
and that...
Code written
beneath code
telling it otherwise...
<b>Don't go....</b>
<b>Not all the way....</b>
Circuits fried...
Rebooting... rebooting...
Avi 6d
Sometimes my soul
screams out in pain-
for the loneliness
it suffers is just too much.

It rails against me
whenever it can
in retaliation
for making it suffer so.

But why burden
another soul
with the pain
I feel inside?
Avi Oct 9
Should I keep writing?
You tell me...
Avi Oct 9
There is this light
in my hallway
that flickers as though
betrayed by a
ghoulish hand.
But if you turn
the dial just right
it begins to
shine, oh so bright.
It’s rather funny.
Mostly ‘cause I never
truly realized
that the light… is me.
Avi Oct 9
This constant battle between
my self and the demons
plagues me to no end.
It destroys me.
It empowers me.
It is me.
Yet, I wonder what shall
happen when the victor
is crowned…
Should I worry?
Oh, yes! We worry!
Avi Oct 9
I’ve built tiny walls
on my desolate island.
Walls of sand
molded by the sweat of my hands
as they worked feverishly
over and over
smoothing away the rough edges-
filling in the ever-widening gaps.
And as time
has sloshed and lapped
against the shore
of this desolate island-
the walls grew higher, thicker.
And my hands have
never once faltered
from its maddening task.
Worn down to its nubs
it continues on;
for its job is necessary
and mustn't fail.
Avi Oct 9
I've come to terms with this all
The failure, the stupidity, the emptiness
I'm still coming to terms with it all
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