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 Dec 2018 MeanAileen
Solitary Sac
If I had one wish,

You would stay forever!
If only I had one wish, that could come true

If I really had one wish, to rewrite our story
Only one wish, to hold on to you for ever.
 Dec 2018 MeanAileen
Hartaz Kaur
the wipers are tired
the screen a blur
my mind pleads for rest
for in judgement I err
 Dec 2018 MeanAileen
Jordan Rowan
I'm not good at taking it slow
But I hope you know
Waiting isn't something I do well
But I'll wait for you, Annabelle

So many years since the day
I heard you say
"It's not time for us just yet"
And never did I once forget
That you were out there as well
As I waited for you, Annabelle

Time goes on and so it did
Just like you said
"It's not now or never"
But I said I'd wait forever
In all the time between heaven and ****
I'll wait for you, Annabelle

It's not easy for me to stand
As he takes your hand
But as long as he treats you well
I'll wait for you, Annabelle
 Dec 2018 MeanAileen
You're the type of beauty
that I'd rather not see,
you're not aware of your
dangerous undertones.
You're more than a flirt,
you could get a guy stuck
in an hypnotizing infinity.
Am I already helplessly
caught in your web?
***** or not, honestly
it wouldn't make a difference.
 Dec 2018 MeanAileen
I do not come to you with the usual platitudes
Things you have heard numerous times before
Though perhaps my arrogance stretches far and these words have reached your ears many a time.
How am I to know.

I would ask you, to save me.
There is no need to take any action, just keep shining.
You taught me, or rather, finalised the lesson - when my fathers should have - that you can be as fantastical as you want to be. You do not grow old, your body does.

Thank you for reminding me that I'm still growing and that there is Hope for me.

But if your light were to go - I suppose I would still live - but life would be so much darker.

Thank you for smiling when you can - I of all people know there are rainy days.
 Dec 2018 MeanAileen
Emma Rose
I always thought I was a hard lover
I was hard to love.
But along came you
You loved me so hard
It put my own ways to shame
I believe there is nothing more in this silly life
Than finding someone who makes it easy to love
And to help you love yourself
Because I now no longer love hard
Nor am I hard to love
Everything is simple with you
Piece by piece
We’ve come together like pieces of a puzzle
A simple puzzle

~Emma Rose
I am wandering off again
slipping away
and my thoughts cluster
into these thick dark clouds
hanging over me
never leaving me
holding back the sun
I so desperately seek.
You’re everything
they warned me about

Beautiful but painful
handsome but destructive
you’re slowly destroying me
because you can’t see
what you do to me

I am bleeding
all the scars
they all lead back to you

I am trying to heal
but you keep ripping me open
every time
you leave

I am reaching for your heart
but it is wrapped in barbed wire
and it hurts so much
loving you

can’t you see
I will always put you first
and that is why
I am afraid
you’ll be the death of me.

- the poetic fairy
 Dec 2018 MeanAileen
out in the darkness
a strange voice whispers to me
and I disappear
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