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Keita Mar 2018
The forced laughter
And awkward smiles
The epitome of blundering conversations.

The blistering pain
That is small talk.
Devouring my soul, 
Eating away at my sanity.

Only created to bridge the silence
People try so desperately to fill.
Why fill the void of the unsaid?
Some says it's out of politeness
Other say it's uncomfortable to sit silence.

It's all an illusion to distract
Us from the rotting world we live in.
By pretending to care.
Keita Feb 2018
In a field of roses
She was a sunflower.
Beautiful and bright
Amidst a sea of red.

Shining though the world  
Always facing the light.
Unlike the rose,
She had no barrier.
Nothing that would protect her from the harsh side of of the world.
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