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Nov 19 · 61
Silent Cries
Archer Nov 19
When the silent cries ring,
the hairs on my neck stand up.
The glaring eyeballs floating,
in the dark, weaving their way,
into my sockets.
My neck, raw and bruised.
My esophagus, crushed.
The vertebrae fractured,
and spinal cord severed.
Useless body, a puppet,
strings tied to my limbs.
Make me dance. Pirouette.
Can I entertain you?
This cold, dead dancer.
Let me make you smile.
For once in your life,
let the silent cries,
ring in your ears.
Just use your imagination.
Nov 10 · 33
Get out
Archer Nov 10
Feeling old feelings again.
Why do they live inside me?
Why can't they leave?
Why have they made me their home?
Squatters in my heart,
these transient feelings,
don't belong here anymore.
Tainting my soul,
dying it off colours of life.
Go away,
I yell inside my head.
Pounding on the walls,
trying to scare them away.
They know better.
That's why I am their home.
They know me, as I know them.
We were friends,
not so long ago.
Lovers even. Companions.
Now, the bitter aroma,
stings my eyes,
and burns my nose.
With that once familiar taste,
sweet and thick.
A raging inferno,
now reduced to a black residue.
The ***** soot of something,
Burnt to the ground.
Nov 10 · 65
Archer Nov 10
How long can I burn?
Watery wax rolls down my sides.
From afar, I appear bright,
flickering and dancing in the night.
Only the brightness of the flame,
is visible from where you sit.
Come closer and see.
Melted and used.
Pooled in a mess on the floor.
Hardened by the absence,
of heat from my flame.
The concentricity of my body,
barely recognizable.
Closer, you come and hear crackles,
sparks rising, blinking in and out.
There's not much left.
The wick, short and discoloured.
Tiny waxen towers, surround my glow.
Lean in and melt on me.
Add some fuel to my plight.
Keep me burning,
one more night.
Nov 5 · 38
Archer Nov 5
Where have I come to?
This long journey,
bewilders me with memories,
of pain and anger.
How is it I feel joy,
and so much love?
It pours out of me.
When the sun sleeps,
my eyes sometimes weep.
Maybe out of habit,
but there is little pain,
in these droplets.
When she comes,
her voice tells me I'm loved.
What kind of twisted trail,
this twine of strands.
Weaved and interlaced,
meanders so far behind,
I can't see the end.
Only the future,
holds my attention.
I keep pushing on,
wearing down the cordage,
that follows me.
Fall into her arms.
They hold promise of remission,
and a life beyond my own.
To be found, when we,
realize our way.
Together, bound by the
ropes that used to hold me.
Tied to the ******* of you,
complete us as a pair.
Part of you will always,
be with me now,
woven into us.
Nov 5 · 38
Apart from you
Archer Nov 5
Hands, warm and playful,
your fingers dance in mine.
Gentle ballets.
I can smell you.
Mint, and spice.
Your breath,
I feel it push against me.
as it lays down beside.
The air around you,
tells me whispers.
My life, in a note to your heart,
written in love.
Sent to you through,
the windy expanse.
Press your body against mine.
Let me know you're here.
Let me know you're alive.
Live with me,
in this place,
that we go to together.
The place where our dreams live,
without having to end.
In a land, where there is nothing,
apart from you.
Oct 24 · 124
Sad man
Archer Oct 24
For once upon a blue glow moon
came a lonely man
His head hung low
shoulders soft and frail
To be able to sing along
with the sad slow song
of his rhythmic breaths
comes the pain held within
The hymn of regret
The chorus of mistakes
made long ago under duress
of the heavy world he carried

Lift him up cried the wind
Leave him be echoed the night
The shadows that followed
did nothing but exist
He stepped in a careful way
forward toward the darkness
that exuded from his heart
The memory of the sun
faded and fragmented in his mind
Only served to slow his progress
with a blinding reminder
That he was once in a different place
With different people
Oct 11 · 130
Archer Oct 11
I wish I could be there
To tell you how you float
Drift through my mind
With smiles and laughter
When you have doubt
When it feels like the distance
Can't be travelled
When it's just too far
I'm there with you
Telling you how I care
And always have
When you are cold
On those cool, fall evenings
I would warm you
With quiet words
And soft caresses
When the talk in your head
Starts to become more than a whisper
Listen for the sound of my heart
And hold on to my voice
We will have our day
But for now
The daily reminders of each other
Our long talks and silent dreams
Will have to be enough
To quench the thirst of our souls
Sep 6 · 108
Archer Sep 6
Bring me to a place
Where the world fades away
Tears from the moon
Twinkling diamond droplets
****** me now
I have no fight left in me
I surrender to your sultry lips
Pour yourself onto me
The warm night quietly whispers
One hundred I love yous
Naked, creamy skin
Dressed in the blackness of night
My hands will not resist
Blood in my veins
Waiting to be cut
By your sharp words
I trust you with my heart
Offering you flowers
Whilst my head is in the guillotine
Old, used rope held in your slender fingers
I bare myself to you openly
Honestly and truthfully
It's the only way I can lift my head
And stand with you in this world
Drop the rope
The angled edge rushes down
Upon an empty hole
Put your hands in mine
For its kinder to love
Than to bare the burden
Of holding up the sharpened blade
Its razor sharp edge, used and ground
Twinkles like diamond droplets
Tears from the moon
Like the stars in your eyes
As you lay with me
Dressed in the blackness of night
One hundred I love yous
Cascading from your sultry lips
Sep 5 · 57
Archer Sep 5
Beautiful days tell the story
Of blind souls
Feel us
Awaken our fire
The embers still warm
The charred remains
A symbol of the past
Ignite the fuel
Burns out of control
This warmth comes from within
Without judgement or fear
Cascading over us
Enveloping our hearts
Caressing our spirits
The blinding emotions
See no space between us
We are already tied together
We have already sealed our bond
Only waiting for our physical bodies
To catch up
Aug 23 · 100
Abe Kahala Babu
Archer Aug 23
I watch you breath when you sleep
Soft woman
You've changed me
Somehow I'm another man
Someone I don't know
Tendrils encompass my soul
You fill me with something
You press life into this old heart
Tonight it beats for you
This is my favorite dream of you
So this is what I live
Aug 16 · 50
Archer Aug 16
Pieces of you drip from the sky.
Baby moons glowing loudly.
Slender fingers drawing me away,
To somewhere I have not been.

When can we be electric?
Connecting circuit, feeling the power.
Blood drips from your lips,
Staining a ground, dark crimson.

Tracing the drawing on your thigh.
Fingertips on the back of your neck.
Screaming out to the night.
The moon asking for her daughter back.

She has found a new home,
Wrapped up in the thick, warm love.
Pale skin longing to be stroked.
Plucked from the heavens and planted.

Another night, crescent.
Aura, fluorescent, buzzing with energy.
Sky lilies silken petals, brushing my cheek.
Set sail on the black ether across the space between us.
Jul 29 · 65
Just thoughts
Archer Jul 29
Laying, holding
Nights unfolding
Hearts are molding
Not withholding

Warm embraces
Smiling faces
Finger traces
Heartbeat races

Kissing lips
Your hand grips
Clothing strips
Lust eclipse

Caress thighs
Blindfold ties
Passion'd cries
Shared sunrise

One night shared
Our hearts dared
Souls have paired
Love you've spared
Jul 29 · 53
Archer Jul 29
When the fear arrived
It was dressed in pain of the past
Hurt that was given to me
By another hurt person
You are not that woman
I have faith and hope
A new blessing in my life
I'll put my hand on your hob

Love isn't found by hiding in fear
Love is found by being bold
By showing and telling you
That I have faith in you
Love doesn't grow in the dark
It needs to be seen
Cared for and nurtured
It takes compassion and patience

I wont hide from you
No matter how scared I am
I wont bow down to my past
But will rise and stand up to it
The future is unwritten
Blank pages waiting to be filled
With kind and loving memories
Written in the faith I have in you

I want all the things
Our hearts ask of each other
Unspoken but clearly received
They reach out to one another
Eyes filled with lust and curious intrigue
Hands longing for yours to hold
Arms empty without you
Minds missing the very thought of you
Jul 28 · 62
Archer Jul 28
I want you to climb inside me
Sit behind my eyes
See the woman I see
Take my heart in your hands
See the scars and sutures
Feel it beat for you
Climb into my skin
How it doesn't quite fit right
But you make it seem a little more tailored
Hear the whispers of your soul
Answering them with a kind smile
I'm not quite a man
But I would try to be for you
Take my hand and walk with me
Let my blood tell you the story
Of how it shed for others
And how it would drain me for you
Come to me in my dreams
Right now its the closest I can get
To being anywhere real
Jul 25 · 71
Archer Jul 25
Once upon a moonlit night
I stood there gasping, sought with fright
In the shadows there came a being
My legs not working, should be fleeing

It's eyes were red. Orbs of fire
There it creeped out of the mire
It's flesh was old, rotten and torn
Of no womb this beast was born

Advanced on me, hungry and bold
I couldn't move, it's taken hold
Through my chest, my heart did flutter
Out my mouth, there came a mutter

Begone I stuttered a mere whimper
Across its mouth there was a simper
For it knew right then and there
I would die deep in despair
Jul 24 · 163
For you
Archer Jul 24
Soft words in the night
Gentile minds coalesce
Inspire feelings often felt
By others, but not myself
Another soul found wandering
As I offer my light
They come into view
Tall and strong
Long auburn, brown hair
Travel down her face
Tracing her cheeks where
My hands would be
The softness of her lips
The freckled bridge of her nose
Her deep eyes tell stories to mine
Stories of drowning
The pain and fear that follow us
But they don't come here
Not while she's in the light
Maybe she'll stay a while
I find myself counting her freckles
Losing my thoughts
Oceans apart
But closer than most feel to me
Jul 20 · 71
Archer Jul 20
As her ship set out to sail,
I raised my hand, head in vail.
Goodbye my love. It's you I've lost.
For in the water, my heart, she'd tossed.
Jul 17 · 48
Archer Jul 17
I have been deprived of reality for so long
False castles with translucent people
What a blow to the face
To be ****** into life blindly now
Awakening from my drunken slumber
25 years I slept and dreamed horrible dreams
Loss. Death. Lies and deceit.
Now awake with nothing to dilute life
I find it a crushing burden upon my chest
Other times its a feather laying weightlessly in a breeze
All so new to me, I gaze wide eyed in wonder
Of things like a child. A bumbling infant.
Randomly putting things into my mouth
Grabbing what ever's in my reach to taste,
For the very first time.
And the feelings. Oh the wonderfully intense,
And inescapably horrific indulgence of emotions
Melancholy tears while smiling
Anger that burns the inside of my mind
Delirious joy and my empty vessel to pour it in
To empty and fill. Empty and fill
What a joy it is to be free of my crippling master
The drink that ruled me is no longer
Now I share my cup with others
That they may drink from it in trust
That it be filled with good intentions
And a love so abundant I cannot possibly
Hold it all. Raise your grail in a toast
To those that fell so I might stand today.
Jul 13 · 104
Archer Jul 13
Flow freely, Abernathy
Gaze your wondrous eyes
Upon my fine silken threads
Dig deep into my fine spices
For they will dye your skin
Be with me for a moment
Let go of the fear
Jul 13 · 46
Archer Jul 13
I'd cross the line for you
Last call, bottoms up
Your spirit pulls me through
Take my hand, buttercup

The music's stopped
The lights are on
My heart has dropped
Fantasies foregone

Come with me
I'll walk you home
Together step silently
The dark streets we'll roam

We neither care or worry
Because we're together
The past and future, blurry
Joined we can weather

One last song
Danced in the night
May it be slow and long
Promise to hold tight
Jul 13 · 32
Archer Jul 13
Voluminous feelings of defeat
Old  jagged scars of lairs deceit
The way behind blocked
There is no retreat

The walls get built though incomplete
Heavy steel and reinforced concrete
Hide me away
Protect from the heat
Jul 13 · 40
Missing half
Archer Jul 13
That warm embrace
Exuding drops of love
Thick and sweet
Avenues along the way
Without signs
Blank, to be named
My hand slides along you
Each second slowly edges,
Us closer to resolve
Minds lost in thought
Succulent melodies drifting
From hearts, shouting to be heard
Speak of imagined dreams
Vaporous and gaseous
They are too faint to be held
A brume of lust and love
Coats everything in it
My mind is wet
Jul 11 · 56
Archer Jul 11
Out of time
It rushes out of my body
Escaping like sound in the air
Life egresses from my soul
Leaving the void which now consumes

The black pit
The never ending abyss
Staring deep into it reveals more about myself
Then what it holds and its secrets
Lost things are never to be found

What will become
Reluctantly I toss myself in
My own emptiness to devour myself
Forever to repeat the action
Of self sacrifice and the murdering of my soul

To be reborn
Exuding out the other side
My murderous intent was consumed
My self malice ripped out of my heart
Leaving the tiniest of voids

Slowly growing
It pulls in everything around it
Again, over and over, always repeating
As I glare into myself, the sable ingurgitates
Pushing the black into my minds eye
Jul 10 · 53
Archer Jul 10
It is a flower
A small pink petaled shoot
Green fuzzy leaves

It is a star
Twinkling blue, soft and bright
Nestled beside the velvety black sky

It is my breath
Slow and long
Its gives life and sustains mine

It cannot be held, taken or sold
It is within us all
But few retain it once found

It is my reason for living
Once a riddle
Now clear as my conscience

One might say its free for the taking
Though the price
Is different for all

I'll tell you when I find it
As I look within
Rummaging around softly
Jul 6 · 45
Feeding Time
Archer Jul 6
Upon this mind I knock
Waiting for them to answer
Pacing in the dark
Dim lights afar, too far to journey
So I stay put
With my thoughts
Just behind this door
I can hear them scurrying
Shuffling and bumbling about
Hungry and restless
I can feel the heat
My skin burns
Hot to the touch
My eyes accustomed to the darkness
I can see the pale figurines
Who rode in on horses of tattered cloth
They are my visitors
Silent and without emotion
Blank stares and black eyes
Waiting for me to give them a face
If I listen hard enough
I can give them voices
When suddenly ripped from my dreams
The thoughts burst from the doorway
So fast and without warning
A strong, acrid, moist air flows with
Forcing me to grasp hold
They envelope me in the night
Strong tentacles latch on
Gripping with their toothed suction cups
Clawed hands, clutching unforgivingly
Coarse fur, matted down with a stench
The tapping of long talons on the wooden floor
Rushing toward me as I close my eyes to them
Feathered beasts and scaled monsters
Rows of jagged teeth and razor sharp beaks
All with their mouths open to eat
To devour me without wasting a bite
Their never wavering hunger will consume me
Crunching of bone and ripping of flesh
Hair, tooth and nail, going to the belly
Of the creatures once hidden behind the mind
The very one I knocked on hoping to rustle them
For tonight is feeding time
Come fill your bellies
Take your meal
Consume until nothing remains
Knocking will awaken them
And my body will sustain them
Warm blood and organs
Crushed skull
My mind is open
To what ever dark hauntings
It might muster
Jun 28 · 55
Archer Jun 28
We had plans to meet each other
At the end of summer
Covid 19 took care of that
And its a real ******

She was gonna see her daughter
A cross country visit
Covid 19 took care of that
Now she might miss it

The world cant stay closed forever
I said to cheer her up
I felt her heart ache from here
For she's my buttercup

I wrote you this poem in jest
To try and make you smile
I wish I was closer to you
Maybe like a mile

Then at least I'd make you laugh
By acting like a dork
Maybe you'd forget the world
And we would get to fork
Just a stupid poem to try to cheer her up
Jun 24 · 66
The Nox
Archer Jun 24
As The Nox lain down upon its earthly bedstead
It rests its heavy void upon thee
It brings the absence of sound and light
Quickly filled with creatures of The Nox
They scurry under its wide, never ending berth
Carrying their treasures back to nests of hair and twig
The body of The Nox weighs an immeasurable sum
Making the planet lag and slow
At its darkest, its deepest inhale of all light
You can feel the power and presence of The Nox
Though human comprehension lacks the depth to truly understand it
Its been coming here since the beginning of time
And will be here long after this world is dust
To envelope every last particulate
With its never ending hunger
Jun 22 · 47
Birthday Melancholy
Archer Jun 22
A man like me
Can't build you a castle
But we can build a home

A man like me
Can't buy you diamonds
But we can shine like gold

A man like me
Can't orchestrate parades
But we can walk together

A man like me
Can't part the seas
But we can depart hand in hand

Down this bumpy road
Down this dusty trail
Down this broken path
Old and shattered shale

When will our time come
When will our hearts sing
To one another, inches apart
While we dance under the yellow sun

Lives slowly inch along
Seasons come and seasons go
Without our approval
We hold on to what we can

I'm counting clocks on the wall
Counting the tears it takes
To come home to you
Finally coming home to you
Jun 12 · 54
Archer Jun 12
I feel you tug
Your whispy grasp
Translucent tears fall
Over and over again
Mouth open, too tired to scream
The fight can't continue
At war within myself
Rows and rows of weapons
Facing each other
With me, arms outstretched
Gun in each, standing in the center
I am the attacker and defender
I am the general and the grunt
Standing proud, medals glistening
Crouched in the mud
Cold, wet and shivering
When will this conflict end
When every last one is dead
When a bullet's in my head
When my last tear's been shed
When my last word's been read
Only then will I find peace
I walk down the firing line
Tapping the rifles of my own making
Shoddy weapons
Old and out of date
***** old things
Been used over and over
But they are still effective
Their bullets strike true and hard
Ripping through flesh and muscle
Fix bayonets
Leave no one standing
Rivers of blood will run full
Fingers on triggers, twitching, will pull
The wall of steel, hits like a bull
'Till over my eyes the cotton sheet they pull
Jun 11 · 42
Archer Jun 11
All the space between you and I
Feels so empty
So much distance
So impossible
Some days the empty envelopes my soul
Some days I can fill it with love
With you and me
My imagination is only so strong
So some days the miles are too far
The journey, too long for me
Some days you meet me half way
Somewhere in the middle of my mind
We hold each other
We kiss and make up
And then I awake from my daydream
With the gap, the only thing remaining
Some days I can miss you and smile
Some days I can't miss you at all
Thoughts of you prevail over common sense
And other times reality wins
There is no winning in thought
Until we shorten the distance
How could we ever hope to know
Jun 10 · 67
Happy Birthday Ash
Archer Jun 10
There you are, another year
Splendid times with good cheer
Happiness for all, shed not a tear
For you've come so far to get here

Today is yours and on this day
I've written a poem, I'd like to say
I wish you joy and in my own way
Lift you up (forgive the cliche)

Another year to come is yours
May it be full of open doors
May it miss you when life down pours
May you find what you're looking for

With age comes wisdom, thought some disagree
With friends come laughter, smiles and glee
With love comes romance, and hearts set free
And with this poem comes birthday wishes, to you from me
Jun 9 · 35
Night Walk
Archer Jun 9
The blackened sky bleeds into my heart
When the darkness touches me
It cuts deep
Gashes opened wide
Sinew and muscle ripped apart
My blood covers me
In a thick, warm embrace
Crimson blanket
A light flickers into a blinding star
My body glistens
My chest heaves with every inhale
Exhaling moist air
The steam swirling around me
I'm melting into the ground
A puddle of blood and guts
A pile of bones
Sinking deeper and deeper
As the earth reclaims me
I gurgle, spit and cough
I'm not going to make it
The night has won
My flesh is no more
My spirit will remain
To haunt passersby
And tell them of the blackened sky
Jun 8 · 53
My Dreams
Archer Jun 8
As I close my tired eyes
I see you there, deep blue skies
You run to me, we hold tight
I drift off, no more good byes

My dreams are so real and true
You're with me and I, with you
A life imagined becomes visceral
I look down, green eyes in view

I've loved you since before we met
We've danced together at sunset
Birthdays past, spent with each other
Both our hearts hold no regret

Don't wake me from my rest
Don't take me from your chest
Let me stay here, beside you
Let me lay here, for here I'm blessed
Jun 7 · 178
Archer Jun 7
Abernathy's tears forever flowing
Drops of diamond and silver
Chimera tales and dragons gold
Enrich my world with your tales told
Jun 6 · 65
Walk to You
Archer Jun 6
I travel along the worn out trail
Old trees hollow, branches frail
Coming to a place I've never seen
Drawn by you, comparison's pale

A long way to go, a future's day
Broaden horizons, outcomes splay
What will become of this thing we hold
As we both try not to venture astray

All I know is we each can see
Both our paths, strewn with debris
We tread lightly toward something
That can open up, we hold the key

A long, long time, its slowly coming
And in the dark we're nervously humming
Identical chorus, the exact same tune
As closer and closer we are becoming
Jun 6 · 1
Archer Jun 6
When emotions are there
I set them free
Why wont you do the same
Why hold back the feelings for you
When they make you smile
You feel them too
I know you do
You have said many times before
Why can't you allow yourself to feel
I'm like a strong wind
In an empty field
Where's your walls
Why can't I discern you from
The empty emotionless you
When will you return
Will you even come back at all
It feels so barren
How's the weather
What are you doing
Enjoy your day
This is not my language
This is not how I love
Jun 2 · 52
Archer Jun 2
Heart felt wailings
Cry out to you
Muffled by regret
The loss of yesterday
Met with the promise
Of tomorrow
I'm trapped in today
Stuck in between
The past and the future
One arm behind
One in front
Pulling both
Toward the inevitable
But never achievable
Two parallel lines
Every moment in time
Is the explosion
Of past and future
Jumping through me
Only imagination
Can comprehend
By body and mind
I close the circuit
And the sparks fly
Like the stars in the sky
Jun 1 · 53
Archer Jun 1
As the leaves appear
I wonder which ones are mine
They gently dance in the breeze
Turning over and over again
I try to match them
With the future unwritten
But laid out on the horizon
My view is short and focused
Wash away my winter filth
The sun floats in the pale blue sky
Pouring down on me
Ra, Giver of  life
What do you have
Inside your fiery grasp
I call you now
And wait for tomorrow
What leaves will you turn
For me and my soul
May 29 · 101
Archer May 29
Today I gained some piece

Some of me has returned
Parts of me I lost
Recombined again
Far from complete
But more of me exists

As the wounds heal
The scars, tender and tough
Am I beautiful with these wounds
They are a reminder
Of the wasted pain
I painted my walls with

Glass panels reflect my images
I see you in my eyes
And on my skin
The reflection is *****
The windows smeared
I'll always think of you
When I touch these
Broken parts of me
May 26 · 71
I am
Archer May 26
i am your disdain
i am your feelings of guilt
i am your feeling of touch made visceral
i am the truth
i am that soft voice in your ear at night
when you sleep
the quiet noise in your head
i am everything and every nothing
while i speak without my voice
i am the ***** thoughts and the aim towards
i am the little drop in the ocean
what is an ocean, but a multitude of drops
i am forever and for this second
i am here and this is now

i am legion and i am many
I found this buried deep in my Facebook. Probably 12 years old
May 26 · 55
Dawn Again
Archer May 26
My sunshine on a cloudy day
Heart flutters, powdered white wings
Open your arms, guide my way
Play your melody on my heart strings

Imagination turns into reality
Close your eyes, cheek on chest
Tip your head back, let your soul free
Lower your guard, put to rest

Fingertips, warm breath and whispers
Move vaguely across your soft skin
My mouth and lips, unshaven whiskers
Makes you erupt in a devilish grin
Written on request!
May 24 · 55
Archer May 24
Growth through pain
My heart slain
Doubles down in what love
I lost for you

When the moonlight
Takes flight
Those lost fields

Float, lost in night
Holding on so tight
It escapes
My grasp

What lost treasures
To what measures
Would you go
To find me
May 22 · 52
Archer May 22
Another day without her
Progress or regress
I don't even know anymore
I'm black and white
She wants me to see
All the colors in between
I still can't
Or won't
Does it hurt?
Sure it hurts
But not nearly as much
As when I open my eyes
To her rainbow
The blinding pain
Overwhelming sorrow
That I will never be hers
Her one and only
The one she cares most about
I just can't do it
I refuse
I'd rather be blind
Then to see her light again
May 21 · 33
Archer May 21
Crescent moon holds up the black velvet
The light shines through the holes
Trace the curves in the sky
Gurgling croak ravenspeak cuts through the silence
The trees themselves shudder
Know I know what Poe was on about
Those black beady eyes fixating on me
I can hear the air, a gust passes  
Pushing through the trees with ease
Then the rustling of the leaves
Or is that you hiding in the night again
When I look into your eyes
I can see past what you give freely
Like the raven in the night
Takes from me what I hold so tight
May 20 · 46
Archer May 20
Your arms are my home
Always lived there
Since you found me
In my dreams
You're familiar
Like the closing of a door
You chase me
Running after
The ties that hold you back
Do not break easily
Worn and suiting  
I don't think you realize
You aren't moving
We both, standing still
Life's serenade stops
For no one but us
Will we be holding each other
Or still trying to break
These heavy chains
When I close my eyes
I see the future
The home I want to live in
May 19 · 36
Archer May 19
Even though I know
I still hope
One day things might go
The way we thought
Out of place
The heavens spoke
Directly to us
The signs were clear
The drive to move
Will our lines cross again
I wish I knew
It feels different
Without you
You're like a whisper
Faint and light
Not really there
You never were
I'll go on
And so will you
The lines drawn
Into the new dawn
May 18 · 47
Archer May 18
Advancing into enemy territory
The quiet night amplifies their footsteps
Reverberates out in all directions
Their warm breath misty
The crunching of the snow
The beating of their hearts
I await them
Perched above
I can smell the gunpowder lies
White and frost bitten
Their fingers numb
Their boots blocks of ice
And still they advance
The blue moonlight on their backs
Casting shadows all around them
They look like deaths soldiers
And perhaps they are
Hoods up, their faces hiding
In the night
Marching on to their deaths
I watch them pass
It's not their time
Nor is it mine
May 18 · 98
You Fit
Archer May 18
You fit like a puzzle piece
Your key unlocks me
I drop the chains
And hug you until the tears stop
You melt me
Those eyes and that heart
Thank you
My darling girl
May 14 · 55
Oak Door
Archer May 14
Heavy oak doors
Fairy tales and tulips
Inside the black chasm
Enchant the most dubious
Skeptical and suspicious
Fireflies light the way
Florescent green beacons
Melt away, fading
They burn the eyes
Of anyone willing
To venture further
Blinded by a faith
For irreconcilable truth
Miracles await
The planted seed will grow
Into the flaming bush
How far have we strayed
From the stories once told
Around the fires
That lit up the eyes
Of children amazed
And generations forbade
The knocking of the wooden door
May 12 · 39
Without You
Archer May 12
I can't seem to think of you
And not well up
The tears get heavy in my eyes
I try to hold on
To what feels like so long ago
Maybe it was
A life time lost in a flurry
Of poor instinct
My future has been erased and rewritten
So many times
The chalkboard needs a cleaning
Powder on the floor
As I go on missing pieces of myself
Finding pieces of you
Embedded in me like the knife in my back
The blood runs
Thick and warm without question
Will I ever
Fully heal from you I don't know
But I will go on
With or without
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