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Archer 2d
You are a banana
I want to peel off your yellow cover
Taste your soft flesh
Seedless, free of the bitterness
So often found in the center
The hard covered acrid tasting
You have none of that
You are soft on my lips
My tongue presses against you
The sweetness covers my mouth
I close my eyes
I consume you all of you in a single sitting
Your discarded skin tossed on the floor
To be slipped on like a slap stick
1920's silent film
Always make me smile
With your bright yellow temptation
Archer 4d
A little slow tonight
The seconds taking longer than usual
The minutes pausing to look around
Before disappearing into the vagueness
The hours, themselves taking hours
The cyclic pattern of day and night
A little slow tonight
My thoughts blinking into being
Except they hesitate
Almost long enough for me to grasp them
My breaths loiter in my lungs
The exhales linger in the air around my head
A little slow tonight
The pitch of the world seems delicate
The smallest vibration would reverberate
Into an earthquake, rolling the hills
Like ocean waves not yet cresting
Far away from the land of turtles
Its far too slow in here tonight
Archer 5d
My reality
Is completely binge worthy
Because it has you
Archer 5d
Another day recorded
Blended into the last
Smeared into the next
Life can be a blur
If I let it
Sometimes I forget to hit play
And it gets left on FF>>
I haven't even moved
It's been hours
Mouths open but no sound
Eyes shut, blinking
Why does it stand so still
Will I be stuck here forever
Life's on pause and I will rot
Archer 6d
As I wave the white flag
I survey the casualties
Their hearts are missing
Ripped out of their chests
Forcefully, without consideration
I don't want to end up like them
Lifeless cadavers
With cold, dead eyes
I have hidden my heart
My surrender is only the beginning
I will be tortured, tormented
Abused in ways I have not imagined
But my heart will be safe
It will continue to beat
For reasons unknown
I wrapped it in promises
Only to muffle its metronome thumping
I've colored it black and grey
To match the sky
You will not find it
You can't have it
It doesn't belong
Exposed out here
Put it back in my sternum
Back into it's cage
Slam the door closed
Sew me shut and let me go
Without my heart
You think I won't walk
But it's with my heart
I run away from this battle ground
Sprint back to the place before all of this
Back to my home
The home we build in the memories
We shared in our hearts
Archer 7d
Without A long pause
I might say something wrong
Tip toeing around
Whispering hello's in the dark
Waiting for a response
I can hear you shuffling
Can you see me?
Are you even there?
I go about my business
Push forward alone, pitch black
Once in a while I light a match
The sulfur burns my nose
I try to remember the way it looks
The way things are
The way they would be if I take steps
I reach out as I stumble
My fingers burnt and raw
Still looking for you
Why do you keep looking for me
Do you know I look for you?
I don’t like whispering
Stop pausing
I am always here
Can never leave
Even if I try, you’re still the one
I hate it and love it
All at the same time
The lights never seem to darken
No matter if the battery is dying  
It keeps going, still living
In its steel casing
No matter how strong
It’s still weak against you
Archer Mar 21
How can so much strength
Be found in such a small package
Concentrated vigor
Stamina and beauty
The depth of feelings
Her roots grow deep
She radiates with a light
Its brightness coats me in warmth
It blasts away the darkness
The shadows cant hide here
Its a place I want to stay
I could build a home in you
Would you visit me
Wreaths of vines and flowers
Hung on the door
Smells of food lingers
This isn't my land
I am only visiting
But I'd like to stay
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