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Archer 2d
My dark heart pumps blood fiercely,
my lungs take breaths of air, gasping.
It's dark, I'm scared and alone.
Whispers in the night surround me.
I feel them all over my naked body.
Plucking my sanity from my mind,
like strings of a harp, they play.
Then they begin.

They flay my skin, from head to toe.
Leaving nothing, going so slow.
Cut out my tongue, with rusty shears,
leaving me choking, blood and tears.

The worst, mind you, has yet to come,
I can still scream, fingers and thumb.
Snipping, crunching, digits are gone,
can't speak or write, torment drags on.

Now I'm left with, horrors inside,
they love it when, silenced, wide-eyed.
Then on the harp, they start to play,
One string, two string, strumming away.

I will lay here, quiet in death,
'till they extract, my final breath.
The harpist fiends, will watch me go,
off to meet death, play them a show.
Archer 2d
As you insert the blade,
thick, warm, crimson,
blood runs out.
Down the sharp steel,
onto your hand.
My body shudders,
I grasp your arm,
pulling the carver deeper.
What's done is done,
make sure it dies.
I cough and wheeze,
my lips stained red.
You can't even,
look me in the eye.
Cowardice lives in you,
rid yourself of it.
It won't wash off,
just like the blood on your hands.
Archer 4d
I reflect today,
seems I am a house of mirrors,
getting lost in the echo,
of my thoughts.

I get to see,
the clarity of my image,
repeated over and over.
It penetrates my soul.

An endless hallway,
that I cannot walk down.
With the exit hidden,
I'm trapped inside this prism.

Haunted by the images,
that surround me.
Forcing my eyes open,
only serves to drive me further,
into the prismatic maze,
which is my mind.
Archer 5d
When I embrace my dark,
I let it all in.
The outside world disappears,
nothing remains.
I can say I am truly alone,
fumbling about.
The wetness of my tears,
damp and warm.
The deep feelings of loss,
begin to touch me.
They wrap me up tightly,
choking, restricting.
It squeezes the goodness out,
pooling on the floor.
I believe I will die alone,
enveloped in death,
by darkness inside my mind.
My partner, familiar.
Archer 6d
For all the love I long to give,
my love is not enough.
For all the hearts that yearn to live,
mine has been made tough.

When all the tears have long since dried,
and all the dreams, revealed as lies,
I slouch upon this broken throne,
wishing for death, aching alone.
Archer 6d
The love I have inside to give,
is directed at no one.
It rots on the shelves,
stale and mouldy,
I've tried to find recipients.
I give them my gift.
It's not enough.
I'm not enough.
Archer 7d
Cut it out of me.
Remove it with a scalpel.
I don't need my heart.
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