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Alina Jun 2019
You are the thorn in my bed
Poking and prodding
The demons I've long
Hushed to sleep

Here lies the anger
So twisted with hate
Forgiven and buried
Too late

Goodbyes with tears
Resonating with grief
So long not forgiven
Will I ever find peace?

You are the thorn in my heart
Stabbing and soothing
My demons I've longed
Kept awake
Alina Jan 2019
Eternity in an instant.
Camera flash and fading glow
Burning our eyeballs
Plastered minds have plastered smiles
Lighting up the dark night
Steamy laughs tease with vapors
In the wind
As we bundle up our jackets
An instant flash
Burning in my mind
Eternity is an instant.
Alina Jan 2019
When being vulnerable
with the one you love
Turns into the bullets
That tear you apart
Alina Jan 2019
Do you actually see me?
Read the words I write
Hesitantly slipping you
The truth of my heart
Do you truly understand what my words whisper to you as my heart screams?
I don't think you do.
I feel so much in overwhelming waves
But to you I'm overreacting; just sensitive
What an insult to the thing I cradle close
Can't you see the pain bleeding from my eyes?
Can't you feel the pooling of blood from my heart I gave to your hands?
No, you don't
Because you set it down absently one day and forgot
Why keep me around if you've misplaced my heart?
I guess you can be careless if you never gave me back your own.
Your fail safe
You could have trusted me
I trusted you
Alina Jan 2019
Your pain
Paints the other
In evil colors
When in reality
You're just
Vulnerable hearts
Alina Jan 2019
Am I strong for not breaking down and ending an endless fight?
Or am I weak for holding it in and giving up on a worthwhile heart?
Either way,
It hurts like hell.
Alina Jan 2019
I guess old hurts never stay buried
If never forgiven, forgotten, at peace
Losing you in a moment's pause
Is building up that iron wall
Banging the javale on my heart
I'm tired of fighting for something you don't want
Even though it's all I've ever dreamed of
I like me better when I'm with you
I strive to be your partner, your best friend
And with you gone
So is all the good in me
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