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Take me a long way from Logan park
little star of hope, in lonesome movie from the past
Pinocchio or Joli-coeur dead in the snow
puppet of flesh, or wood bound in sorrow
can you still sing along a lullaby?
Can you see and reach far into the sky?
When at once the seasons have come and gone
and wounds have scarred, and sun has dawned
When finally this small star will pass
will you rise up to meet it at last?
Dancing little moon
Lovely lunar blue
I dance to ebbing tune
under the starlight too

I wish for sunfull morrow
to shine in sunrise dew
to shy my mournful sorrow
away with moonlight blue
waiting for that orange sunrise sky
in the dark of night and sigh
many dreams have come and gone
to see that sunset morning yawn

The nightmares come and stay
to see that morning turn to day
and day to evening glow at last
for yet another orange sun to pass
I still hear it, I still feel it
Are you sure it's over?
plagued with doubts, questions and fears
Storming my brain to find an answer
I still shy away, there's still tears
hands still shaking, hoping there's still years
to find this elusive answer and maybe
I can find hope or at least a better destiny
A terrifying mask
sent to complete one task
the weight of chill and snow
to sink me down below

With eyes like coal and ember
in darkness living surrounded
creeping like cold December
with chill and sorrow haunted
slow, one at a time
burning memories like cigarettes
painfully slow smoke
passing moment
wanting to smash my keyboard
words not coming as fast
as impulsive or as talented
This musician and his anxious chords
rushing through his worded melody
fearing his doubts are cast
that he is not as well regarded
but the moment passed so soon
This fiery anger chilling
cooling off to an inkling
Feeling silly as a buffoon
why rush this beautiful melody
learning everyday
the blatant value of humility
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