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Maude Laurent Sep 2019

Chosen by the pounding sensation,
The pumping rhythm that resides within,
A piece of mystery yet to be solved
Explained without logic
And bordered by the edge of fantasy
And your body is all I feel,
This feeling is all that's real
And the drum is our beating hearts
Attune to our innermost desires
Of love and affection,
The flowing sensations that would keep together
The skins that reach for each other,
And the rush afterwards,
One might wake up to the feeling of a hangover,
And the remembrance of a nights passion.
--------  <----- This is a bar, there is this bar -          (The space bar) And there also a bar bar, _u_ (That is a cup) So, which bar am I referring to, you get it. (Is A Mars bar a space bar too?) How many other bars can you think of, i'd love to know in the comments. :)
Maude Laurent May 2019


Melting ice cream on my tongue

Cotton candy

Beach sand on my feet

Staring into your eyes

Anniversary love
Yesterday, loved it, i love him so much... Happy anniversary
Maude Laurent Dec 2017
Nine eleven, Two thousand and one,
Was a fateful day,
For everyone

Many died,
Many cried,
Many tried,
Few survived,

Billows of smoke
Seen from afar,
From there it awoke
Possibilities of war

But there is hope,
And it will rise,
Among the sea's,
Among the skies

Nine-eleven, two thousand seventeen,
For all those against us
We'll have the victory
Maude Laurent Sep 2019
This is Franklin,
He is a bear cub.
He likes space
So he is wearing space pajamas.

He loves hugs as much as I love you.
So hug him, and some other people
And BEE happy ;)
This is a fun Friday, in fact, it is the most funnest Friday ever because it is this Friday!!!!! Give lots of hugs and feel great today :) (I made a note for my bf with Franklin the bear that i drew so that he doesn't feel alone when I can't be with him, that is what inspired me to write this, also challenge day which i just wrote and you can check it out on my page)
Maude Laurent Oct 2019
If you had a table,
And on this table
Were big grey animals,
And from time to time you moved this table
Back, and then forth again and again
Would you call this table
The Periodic Table of Elephants?
Just a joke for Friday that I made up... lol. FUN FRIDAY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!
Maude Laurent Jan 2018
I'm supposed to be working
In Algebra class
Not writing poetry
Sitting on my "****"

Why should I care
My grades are all A's
I will not care
If they stay that way

Escaping reality
I'm creating these poems
For no "rhyme" or reason
But too pass the time...
This is true, I don't like Algebra, and there's a substitute, it's not so bad when you have a way to escape...Writing is my escape for everything
Maude Laurent Feb 2019
It's withered petals
Dried and smashed,
Remind me of a broken promise,
And a love that didn't last
Happy almost valentines, i bought the ice-cream and tissues in advance...
Maude Laurent Jan 2018
I sit and watch time
Pass slowly by
People come and people go
Until only I am left

People fight
Make up at night
And everything
Is perfectly fine

I see them love
But I cannot
I want to
This is what iv'e sought

I have no feelings
I have no emotions
People leave me
Going through the motions

I see things
But I cannot tell
Ask me how I'm doing
I am doing well

I watch you
Like I do
Why do I watch things?
I am a statue
Maude Laurent Mar 2019
"Whats the longest word in the English language?"
"I don't know"
"It's 'Smiles',"
"No It's not,"
"Yes it is,"
"Because there's a 'mile' between both of the S's,"
Happy fun Friday :) Feel free to comment.
Maude Laurent Jan 2018
Waiting for
The next time
I see you

I wait
As long as
I have to

I hope
You love me
Like I do

Just see
I can't live
You without me
Maude Laurent May 2019
See the
Air flashing asteroids
Fire and wind
Outside atmosphere
Inside eyes
Watching the star-dusted trail
Following the burning glow
Wish again,
Luck, a myth of desire,
Fades in time
Clusters of stars
Our galaxy an endless wonder
Calm, but calamity
Black holes
Stolen light
Burning sun
Perfect alignment
Happy fun Friday y'all!!!!!
Maude Laurent Dec 2019
Try and see me
My skin is a window
As clear as day
Invisible I walk
Nobody can see me

I watch the world crumble

And my glass continues to break
I am aware
Maude Laurent Nov 2019
I see the passion in the words
They fight for life,
And breath,
And their emotion can overflow in me,
Their inspiration can overtake a soul.
Watching the storm waters
Rising on the ground,
Raindrops falling dance,
And remind me that all storms will pass,
Just like in life.

There is calm after the storm as well.
Have a fun Friday, I hope this was inspiring.
Maude Laurent Sep 2019
If I never felt colors
I would be empty
But to say that I am filled with darkness
Would not be correct
For emptiness is in the color
Of the bag within it is put
So what color is the bag
That defines the color of empty
Or is it distance
But still,
Distance is a color too
As if one was looking over the ocean
It is not dark
It is a blue sort of shade
And yet it is still a distance
And not always empty,
But what then,
May we add
Would possibly be the color of empty,
Perhaps it is seclusion
Hiding in a room
Without a light,
So does that make darkness empty...
Still no,
Seclusion could be in the light
Just tucked away in plain sight,
And further still
It is seen and ignored
But it is not always in darkness
The color of empty depends on the color of the bag...
Although darkness does not always equal empty
Empty doesn't always equal darkness either.
The point is, you know a lot of random, "Peinguins" don't ask, just don't... lol
Maude Laurent Apr 2019
Ring, ring
"Hello this is me,"
"Hi, it's You calling,"
"You, Oh yes, I know You,"
"Good, do you happen to have any food?"
"Only a banana,"
"Can I have it?"
"Why not?"
"Because then i wouldn't be able to talk to you..."
"Because this is my banana phone, duh,"
"Oh, Goodbye me."
Hangs up
Me eats banana*
"Mmmmmm, Yummy."
Yes, i did have a conversation on a banana. Was it this entertaining... No, no it was not.
Maude Laurent Nov 2019
We are followers of the world,
We go where the world does,
We copy what the world says,

For once, I realize,
I am my own self,
And I have my own thoughts,
And I will never be the same as the world.

But that's what makes me human,
My creativity.

I am the only thing that can stop them
From making me lose these things.

So what if I am the rebel?

They cannot withstand my passion,

I will change the world,

Because it is who I am.
Just a powerful thought for such a young mind...
Maude Laurent Jun 2019
Scarlet flow,
Tears of crimson,
Lashed body,
Wretched and cold,
Lying in the road

She was brave,

She was obedient...

She was the daughter of an alcoholic...
Not true for me
Maude Laurent Apr 2018
One hundred mile per hour
Like a train or hurricane
Sweeping through my mind

Not trying to make it stop
Interpreting every sentence
At the interruption of an idea

My mind is stuck at an
Keep writing
Or die trying

To put them on paper
Fast enough
That they don't fade...
Maude Laurent Oct 2019
How can this be real
Anything i touch
Everything I feel?
And yet I see you
A memory
And a puzzle
But nothing I can ever put together,
Nothing I can keep safe.
You are like the fog on a wispy morning
A hand I pass through you
And you fade from my fingertips.
Why are you torturing me
When you are gone
Why does your words
Still haunt what I hear?

Perché mi hai mentito

E hai detto che lo era
Google translate-This is Italian.
Maude Laurent Mar 2019
Is not the fire of your soul
Burning higher than a free falcon
Catching a wind so furiously strong,
You ride its wings
Bearing free reign
For now and still, for long,
This pressured air
Upon your face
Restricts your shallow breath
The choice is yours
Stay or, let go,

I expected
Nothing less.
To those who know, but do not tell.
Does anybody else here want the end of the cliffhanger... (I raise my hand, "Me...")
Maude Laurent Feb 2019

I just cant get over


me      you


                                                   I'm all...

Over you
I just can't get over you,


You left me, (because the you is to the left of the me)


I'm all alone (because the I'm all is all by itself)

p.s. none of this is true btw
Maude Laurent Oct 2018
I see the stars shine brightly
Ever bright, nightly
I wonder what they see...
Do they see me?

Do they look through the sadness
As I soak up the cold?
Do they see my despair
To what hope I still hold?

Can they hear the cries,
As I shout up to the skies?
Do they have any compassion,
As part of me dies?

If they did,
What could they do?
Sadly, nothing,
But they watch without choice

But still,
They watch...
To yesterday night, sad and beautiful sky...
Maude Laurent Nov 2018
My mind is filled with wonder,
As I open my eyes to see,
A tired cat
That's on my lap
Staring up at me.
My crazy cat...
Maude Laurent Nov 2019
While waiting
For the time to pass
Waiting for a time
With mine craft skills
Then arcade games

Just around the corner :)
I am going to Craigs cruisers tonight, and me and my bf are going to be playing a lot of mine craft before we go, fun Friday yyyeeeeeeeee!!!!
Maude Laurent Sep 2019
For some reason
Every hug I get,
Every smile I see,
Every fist bump,
High five,

Makes the world seem

Just a little

Brighter :)
In my school they had this thing called challenge day that made me feel like i wasn't alone , and there are people I can talk to about my struggles in life. Yesterday I gave 20 hugs, received 4, and two fist bumps. I have never felt happier in my entire life, 3 hugs can make your day, 12 is ideal and anything over that... I have been all smiles!!!!! Hug people, you'll feel better, I know I sure do :)
Maude Laurent Oct 2019
Traveling the hills
A light meets your face
There is no hesitation
You must run
The wind whipping at your face
The air around, spiraling
Every sound a melody,
But it grows calm.
Find the lost meadow
Where you used to laugh
And play
And grow.
It calls your name
A silent whisper
That is growing louder,
Find it.
It is the want of your carefree soul.
Hear it and go

Faster and faster as you come to the clearing
And all you see is the river
That stretches on before you like never ending waves of blue,
Remember your past
But don't let it haunt your dreams,
The memories run deep
But don't let them consume you.

Let your heart run wild
My little one,
Keep these woods
As your childhood
Until the night fades
When the sun has gone
I didn't get much of a chance to be a child
Maude Laurent Feb 2018
The brown chocolaty skin
So fragile and so thin
So sweet and so good
That one cannot resist

Warm, soft delight
Oh, it feels so right
To smell it all the time
Gives a warm feeling inside

Strong and smart
None could set apart
It's body like
A work of art

One last wish
A chocolaty kiss
Just until
I see it again
This poem isn't really about chocolate (If you catch my drift...  ;)  )
Maude Laurent Apr 2019
I pictured our time together as a circle,
We were supposed to be endless,
And then we realized a circle does not go on forever,
And neither did we...
Since all 2d circle have a diameter, they are not endless. Spheres aren't either...
Maude Laurent Apr 2019
We're almost there,
When they said "sky"s the limit",
We broke off their chains that strapped us down
And we're re-defining
The boundaries of love
Almost to our one year of being together!!!!!!! I love you so much babe !!!!!!!!
I don't want to let go,
I don't want to lose you,
I care for you still
Now I can't feel

My emotions are wild,
I wake up in tears
As well as drown in them,
Forgetting how to swim

I would let go,
But then I'd fall
And end up being
More broken than I already am...
To the ex friends we care about, please come back
Maude Laurent Apr 2019
Blink once,

I see
The stars
Look down
On me,

Blink twice,

Planets form
From nothingness
Endless colors
Cold, warm

Don't blink,

Nothing changes
Stays same
Surrounded fully
In strangeness

Same universe,
Same space,
Same everything.
Last week we saw the first picture of a black hole, is science now determining our future? I hope there is still "space"( ;p) for the magical
Maude Laurent Dec 2019
You hold me in you warm embrace
But I cant focus
I say I just need some space
But you dont listen

All I want is a shoulder
A room to talk
A meadow or wood
Where I can walk

I need to vent
My brain is bent
This heart that you stole
Is only begging for a little control
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