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1.3k · Nov 2019
Maude Laurent Nov 2019
It is quite easy
To look back on life
And believe you went wrong.

It is harder
To look at where you are now
And appreciate all you've done
To get here.
Just a thought.
1.2k · Mar 2019
Maude Laurent Mar 2019
A point of distraction
Chemical reaction
Sporadic convulsions
Tripped step, losing traction
Into a contraption
Of mental destruction
Internal corruption
Blood-boiled eruption
Of distant confusion
A new resolution
To fight the intrusion
Consumed by illusion
Starting revolution
Or come to conclusion
My boyfriend is sick... I am sad
854 · Mar 2018
Wet cement
Maude Laurent Mar 2018
The wire that bonds people together
The scissors that tear them apart
The brick we build to put up walls
The glue that sticks things close to our heart
The shovels we use to bury our sadness
The white-out we get to erase our mistakes
The calculator we type on to figure out confusing things
The tape we use to hold ourselves together
We find these things in the stores,
Our everyday lives, our houses
But none of them can help
To fill the holes in our heart, or the cracks in our souls
Not even wet cement
Maude Laurent Feb 2019
(Pieces. Sorting themselves. No)
They don't ever,
They never do,
Unless one has bothered to put them in a puzzle
But may be too puzzled to finish,
And they float around
Messy and scattered,
Like the thoughts in ones head,
Or a room,
Cluttered and dangerous
Because walking through the room without a light
Will most likely cause a Lego or a puzzle piece to get stuck in ones foot,
So whatever lies in this space is like this,
And a clean room has nothing in it, no imperfections, but nothingness,
So since a cluttered desk may be a sign of a cluttered mind
Or at least a person with no organization...
Then is a clean desk the sign of an empty mind,
Or did all of the clutter fall onto the floor
And we're all stuck back in a room with clutter
Falling over the junk that falls off the desks,
And everyone has Lego's stuck in their feet,
And puzzle pieces are puzzling people
Because no one ever bothered to clean it up
Or put the puzzle together correctly...
Sometimes I wonder what my mind is thinking when I write stuff like this...
712 · Apr 2018
Maude Laurent Apr 2018
Concealed in every page,
My soul
And maybe
Just a little bit
Of graphite
More soul than words, that's how I write my poems
702 · Sep 2018
Shade Screen
Maude Laurent Sep 2018
No Hello,
To you,
To me,
Behind this screen,
What do you see,
Yes, words,
Tiny little microchips,
Piecing these words together,
As if I am a computer... Ha,
But then again,
You would never know,
But, yes,
I am only human,
A human with emotions,
And feelings,
And the words people type on the screen,
Are not to a microchip,
No hate texts to AI,
Some people just forget that the person at the other end of the screen,
Is just that...

Cyber-bullying isn't cool, don't think that just because you don't say it to their face doesn't make it nice.
638 · Oct 2018
Maude Laurent Oct 2018
Waves crashing,
Over my head
Over my head...

Am I sinking?
Am I sinking fast
Am I dead?
Am I dead...?

No, there is
No, there is a heart
Is it beating?
Is it beating...?

Slowly, but
Slowly, but softly
Will I be ok?
Will I be ok...?

I hear waves
I hear waves crashing...
I know,
I know it will be ok...

The water is my friend...
Sinking into the soft music... Silience-Toonorth
636 · Apr 2019
Constant Invariables
Maude Laurent Apr 2019
Blink once,

I see
The stars
Look down
On me,

Blink twice,

Planets form
From nothingness
Endless colors
Cold, warm

Don't blink,

Nothing changes
Stays same
Surrounded fully
In strangeness

Same universe,
Same space,
Same everything.
Last week we saw the first picture of a black hole, is science now determining our future? I hope there is still "space"( ;p) for the magical
601 · Jan 21
Maude Laurent Jan 21
What you deserve

Isn't me
To all friends who back stab you...
600 · Feb 7
Confined Words
I don't want to let go,
I don't want to lose you,
I care for you still
Now I can't feel

My emotions are wild,
I wake up in tears
As well as drown in them,
Forgetting how to swim

I would let go,
But then I'd fall
And end up being
More broken than I already am...
To the ex friends we care about, please come back
571 · Feb 2018
Today I cried
Maude Laurent Feb 2018
Today I cried
Because I felt alone

Today I cried
Because people are mean

Today I cried
Because people in the world are starving

Today I cried
Because the world may soon end

Today I cried
Because I can't help other people's situations

Today I cried
Maybe I really don't know why

But today I cried,

Tomorrow i'll wake up
And i'll smile

Tomorrow i'll wake up
And make other people laugh

Tomorrow i'll wake up
And realize it's not my job to fix the world
But every change counts, every second

In life and death...

We can help the world,
One voice, one tear,

Could change just about...

anything . . .
Let's do what we can now so we don't have to suffer later, go to
552 · Dec 2019
Painted kisses
Maude Laurent Dec 2019
I hate myself
For wanting you,
A birthday wish
That can never
Come true
506 · Apr 2019
Maude Laurent Apr 2019
I inhale the depths
Never wanting to die
Staying alive
Staring at the endless stretch
Of the deepest wonders
Not drowning, but beautiful view
441 · Apr 2018
The Color of Ideas
Maude Laurent Apr 2018
Color rainbow,
Feel the colors
Soaking into your mind

It dances
With the never stopping rhythm
Of the artists strokes
Speaks measures

But says nothing
A form of art
An endless message
Written without words

Speaking life
Into the silence
Really noticing art and how it affects people, and how it makes me feel, I love art, its like poetry without words...
430 · Sep 2019
Challenge Day
Maude Laurent Sep 2019
For some reason
Every hug I get,
Every smile I see,
Every fist bump,
High five,

Makes the world seem

Just a little

Brighter :)
In my school they had this thing called challenge day that made me feel like i wasn't alone , and there are people I can talk to about my struggles in life. Yesterday I gave 20 hugs, received 4, and two fist bumps. I have never felt happier in my entire life, 3 hugs can make your day, 12 is ideal and anything over that... I have been all smiles!!!!! Hug people, you'll feel better, I know I sure do :)
422 · Apr 2019
Distant expanse
Maude Laurent Apr 2019
I see the universe
In its truest form
Of beauty,
Where I am standing
On the rings of Saturn,
Watching the sunset,
Not being able to breathe,
But embracing the silence
Of the surreal,
The ethereal image
Being projected to my eyes.
There is no explanation for this,
It is less than describable,
And few moments compare
To one such as this.
Within the music lies this new world of beauty...
412 · Dec 2018
Welcome to 16
Maude Laurent Dec 2018
I burned out the candles,
The wax melting
All over my creation,
The darkness coming into my life again,
I watched the darkness grow deeper
And wondered why I had let the candles go out,
But before they had vanished I had wished the light would stay,
I hoped that something would change,
But in that moment I realized that wishing was just a way to pass the time
Before extinguishing the candles on a birthday cake,
And hope is a fleeting moment one hopes to keep,
And melted wax on cake does not taste good.
My birthday is coming up soon, should I dread the stressful years after 16?
Maude Laurent Jun 25
I watched you on the edge
Cried when you fell
I caught you with my lips
Before you went to hell
I tasted your eternal love
And then I wanted more
But now all of you is gone
And the rest is on the floor
Yes I did get inspired by a fricken drop of ice cream doing exactly that, but I did drop my cone so I'm happy :)
403 · Oct 2018
Deceitful Monsters
Maude Laurent Oct 2018
I welcome here
The voices
The monsters
That lie within
My mind

On this cold night
I feel them rise
They gather
Below the darkness
They hide

Singing me a shadow
A haunted lullaby
My body collapses
Halloween 2018! hey... that rhymes...
400 · Apr 2019
GM (Good Morning)
Maude Laurent Apr 2019
It's a
Good morning,
Wake up call
Almost fainted
From a perfume smell,
Had a flashlight
Shone in my eyes,
A test
I didn't study for,
And a queasy stomach,
It's a
Good morning alright.
Real life *****, would you like to switch server?-No Game No Life in 7 minutes
393 · Apr 2018
What am I?
Maude Laurent Apr 2018
I'm so energetic
That people sometimes
Say I'm all smiles
I say,
No that's not true
And laugh when I say
I'm also skin, flesh, and bones!
I ask them
"Do you want to see a magic trick?
I have a "Light-saber" water bottle over here,
ouch, there goes my hand..."
Just kidding I'm okay!
!P I love being silly and hilarious, personality check 101! I need people to be themselves today, it's Friday, be the energetic side of the spectrum, water bottle light saber half full! Be you today!
393 · May 2018
The magical hat
Maude Laurent May 2018
It's magical powers
So unlike any other
You would have mistaken it
For regular attire

The magic hat
That smells like pine trees
As you walk through the wood
Of your imagination

It can change
The saddest mood
To a happy one
In less than two seconds

And can transport
The purest of souls,
To a magical forest
Beyond the earth

The magical hat,
The coolest hat,
The bestest hat
The coolest most magical bestest hat

In the world...
I love my friend magic hat!  Yes it does smell like pine trees, I love it!
384 · Aug 27
Inspiration for the day
Maude Laurent Aug 27
More often then not
There is a voice in your head
Telling you to give up...

Don't listen to it
I cannot say everyday will be perfect, but not every day is horrible.
383 · Sep 2018
Maude Laurent Sep 2018
Growing depression
In quick succession,

Over my obsession
Building my aggression,

Gaining no progression
To portray impression,

Moving with procession,
Wanting some recession,

Turns slowly in digression,
Remedied by suppression.
Time of the Ion
369 · Jan 20
Cut off
Maude Laurent Jan 20
If you are my light,

Then why do I want to stay in the darkness?
338 · Nov 2018
Morning poetry
Maude Laurent Nov 2018
Last night I burned the midnight oil,
I hardly had enough left in the morning
To write this...
Always thinking of writing poetry...
337 · Dec 2019
Fake friends
Maude Laurent Dec 2019
B ecause
R eally,
O ur
K indness is
E agerly
N aive
This is true too many times in life
331 · Feb 2018
Why we do what we do
Maude Laurent Feb 2018
More or less
We wait
In silence
For our death

Why are we alone
Scared and confused
By what the past has done
And what the future will bring

Closing doors
Creating walls
Between reality
And imagination

Our thoughts divided
By walls of fear
That linger
By the waters edge

Streams like rivers
That flow like idea's
Into the bleeding heart
That we will singlehandedly destroy

We will carry on
Fighting for any chance
To revive
The dead inside of us
326 · Oct 2019
Quadratic Formulas of Life
Maude Laurent Oct 2019
Life is full of ups and down,
One that are hard to measure
With the formula x=−(b)± the square root of (b) to the 2nd, multiplied by -4(a)(c) and divided by 2(a).

Math class... am I write? Yes, I bee leave sow... ;p
310 · May 2018
Romeo's lament
Maude Laurent May 2018
The farthest point
Of beauty seen
By all most fair
Not in between

Do not forget
By means or measure
This beautiful sight
Of richest treasure

For fast in heart
Thou seek to find
The beauty of
The one in one's mind

Is thou not drawn
By such a sight
Of beauty grand
Who's heart is light

And care free to
I may's well add
But I shall allow you
To be sad

For she won't wed
She'll never marry
And now the burden
Of love you'll carry

Go find a maiden
As pretty as she
And you and her
Forever will be

For the price of love
Is up to rent
The bearing sadness
Of Romeo's lament
In my English class were doing a play on Romeo and Juliet, this is where he loves Rosaline and cannot get his mind off her...  Just a thought about the first part of it.
309 · Nov 2018
What could it be?
Maude Laurent Nov 2018
Glowing on the sky,
A bright light grows brighter
It makes no noise,
Only light,
"The light, what are you?"
So mysterious, yet, so familiar...
"Do I know you?"
Ah, but to remember vaguely
You sat upon the ceiling
Unwilling to move
And with a switch, you disappear
And with a flick
You awaken...

Oh, it's just a light bulb...

Fun fantastical Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
303 · Oct 2019
Maude Laurent Oct 2019
This is sparkle dolphin town
Everything is glitter now
Lots of lights all up and down
Stay here and there
And sparkle now
I have a sparkle dolphin thing that my bf gave to me... happy fun friday :)
299 · Oct 2017
Maude Laurent Oct 2017
By a spirit

Empty cries,
But you cannot hear it

You are like a dream,
But it's a trap, in space
And no one can hear me scream
297 · Apr 2018
Maude Laurent Apr 2018
Welcome to shallow
Empty and hollow
Lifeless beings
Helpless, hopeless

Welcome to shallow
Constant walking
People talking
But words are void

Welcome to shallow
Shallow soul
A place to go
Invisible self

Welcome to shallow
For everyone
And in the shallow
Is where I belong
My school life
Maude Laurent May 2018
A sister by chance
A fate that she'd meet
A prince at a dance
To sweep her off her feet

Kept a house-maid
By her evil step-mom
She was not at all paid
For the work she had done

A fairy godmother
Who made her look grand
With a beautiful dress
That was certainly not bland

Killed the prince at the ball
Got away with ******
Got away with it all
Because nobody knew her

Poisoned her mom
Disembodied her dad
Killing her family
Wasn't so bad...

She didn't **** the animals...

A twist on all fairy tales, grim version!!!  Already on the third poem, can't wait to finish Life's a twisted fairy tale 3-Sleeping beauty, I promise I will have it out as soon as I can!
291 · Dec 2018
My life as a star
Maude Laurent Dec 2018
Like stars
I am small,
I make people smile,
And Sometimes I am bright,
And sometimes I am dull,
But I will eventually fade
Into the darkness of space,
Just like everyone will
Countdown to 16... I have 7 more days... reminds me of how many more birthdays I will have before I die...

If you like this one, please look at the other one I posted today called "Welcome to 16"
286 · Nov 2018
What am I
Maude Laurent Nov 2018
I feel myself drip away,
The heat on my waxy skin,
it kills me every second
Unless some force makes it disappear,
But until that happens,
I will drip.
It's a candle for anyone who didn't understand it, the life of a candle is like ours in a way, but for us, time is the flame that kills us eventually.
286 · Feb 2019
The Outside Stranger
Maude Laurent Feb 2019
I cannot outrun it,
It tries pushing me over,
I stand my ground
But cannot fight back,
It is a one sided punch
And I cannot throw one,
I still do not submit to the pressure,
Every second my skin gets weaker,
Every hit it gets on me
Makes my body cry out in pain

What a windy day...
Fun-Friday for ya!!!!
Maude Laurent Jun 2018
The tattered focused lens
So bad at point of view
The rain falls off the glass
And into the street

The camera's lens is false
A figment of a humans viewpoint
It is a humans opinion
The minds foreign thoughts

It plans on basing
Everything it see's
By looks alone
It goes no deeper than the surface

A photo of a smiling family
But maybe on the inside of things
Murderers and theives
Who live in paranoia of getting caught

A picture of a girl
Playing with some other girls
Maybe that girl lost her mother to cancer
And her dad is never home because he always working

How many times have we all
Took a glimpse of someone
And thought we knew who they were?
What they were like? What kind of family they grew up with?

It's sad to say we do
Judging books by their cover
Or judging people by their color
Without thinking much about it

A captured image
Portrayed in black and white
Discrimination, colors, races
Who have we become?

Or people just like us
And we don't take the time to listen
Are our problems more important
Than those that were of a little girl who killed herself because other people made fun of who she was?

And most of us would say "I am a good person"
Just look at yourselfs!
A bunch of mindless talkers
Who don't know they've helped **** innocent people

This problem is not beyond the realm of possibility of fixing
unlike those of fixing the ozone layer or helping rebuild the polar ice caps,
This is fixable, do-able,
So lets fix it...

We're all one people in the same world if you think about it that long,
This is what the world POV should be...
Lets stop prejudice, discrimination, and bullying
278 · Dec 2019
When we grow up
Maude Laurent Dec 2019
When we grow up
And the sunlight fades
A grey shadow clouds over you
And you you cannot run,
And you cannot cry

The child like innocence
Taken from your hope
Your smile disappears
And you find a world of hate
And a world of responsibility

The weight on your shoulders
Drags you to the ground
Every second your breath expands
Time moves in spite of it
And our bones fade

Time, never a memory,
Only a moment
To eternity
It's my birthday, some things never change
270 · Oct 2019
The dark of 2 am.
Maude Laurent Oct 2019
Sometimes we need to watch
Where our feet our going
So that we don't fall down the stairs of life
And end up with broken bones
And tears that last eternally...
Because I feel.
268 · May 2019
1 year
Maude Laurent May 2019


Melting ice cream on my tongue

Cotton candy

Beach sand on my feet

Staring into your eyes

Anniversary love
Yesterday, loved it, i love him so much... Happy anniversary
261 · Dec 2017
Maude Laurent Dec 2017
In the room,

In the gloom

Will be over soon

Goodbye Monsters...
255 · Oct 2018
Hello tiger
Maude Laurent Oct 2018
There's a tiger
On my head
Its a hat
No, it's not dead
It's fake...
And soft
And when I put it on in class
I want to sleep...

Hello tiger,
Goodbye geometry, people, world...

Fun friday!!!!!! Yes I am wearing a furry tiger hat
251 · May 2018
Maude Laurent May 2018
When did we
The world
As it is

The people
Who care
What happens
To us

How many friends
Would die
To save us?

How many people
Would care
If I died?

When did we
Ever realize
How words can hurt?

Did we ever realize that?

I regret to say most have not

They don't know how it feels...
Bullying is bad for everyone... No Bullying, realize that everyone is equal to you and we are people too...
247 · Sep 2019
Maude Laurent Sep 2019
The only place I can be myself,
Left in the sound
Left to the beat
Carried away.

In my own little world
The only sound is the rhythm,
The rest is silence
New things are seen
Darkness seems to fade.

I am lost,
Lost in the sound,
Lost to the soul,
Lost in the best way,

Only to be broken
With the uniform

The "educated"
Find no meaning
No understanding the reason
That these sounds
Let us free

They have never let loose
Holding their chains
Music is not their foundation
Not their inspiration
It is our aspiration

Let us go
Let us hear
Let us out

Let us have our lives back
Our school won't allow us to listen to music in class even when we are working on assignments diligently, i get that you cant have phones in class but if we are on the computers they can see if we are working our not. I wan't my inspiration back!!!!!!
239 · Mar 11
Shutter Sound
Maude Laurent Mar 11
The moon
In the tree's
And they danced
I watched
Their limbs
And I captured
That moment
My camera
The craters are there
The vines point
Straight to
The faint light
Small rotating orb
Like a twig
They all fall
Their weight on me
And the moon is gone
A fleeting beauty
Such of only
Existed in my imagination
My words
"It was never real"
And my heart breaks
This is a metaphorical poem referring to a beautiful love that you thought was real only to find out that reality is harsher than we want it to be.
238 · May 2018
Small talk hurts
Maude Laurent May 2018
No wonder we never get the memo,
We think about it very little
As if! Ha! Sometimes never at all
we think we are so tall,
mighty above whom?
Where did we get the idea
that we were better
than anyone else?
The rugged words we say
to pull someone down into the dust,
so as the simple words fade away,
do you think that ourselves we can trust?
For although few words may be spoken,
Is one simple word not enough?!
To bring someone down and be broken,
No wonder that life is so tough!
Now that you think that it's fine,
as if one little thing doesn't matter,
put yourself into their shoes sometime,
I'm sure then you won't prefer the latter...
For all the victims of bullying, and for all the bullies who need to think about what they're doing to us victims!
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