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Nov 20 · 35
Maude Laurent Nov 20
Invisible man
Pained as he breathes
Attached to a life
Bound to the trees
He waves at the world
But the world cannot see
As he slowly dies
Unknown by anything
Nov 20 · 252
Cheers, you're older
Maude Laurent Nov 20
Congrats it's over
Another year spent,
Time well consumed
By useless content,
The days resumed
Until there's nothing left,
I'll be seeing you soon
Your friend,
It's was my boyfriend's birthday so I made him this sad poem. Here's to birthdays.
Nov 16 · 27
Middle of Nowhere
Maude Laurent Nov 16
I got lost in your eyes
But now it's getting dark
And I can't find my way back home
Oct 27 · 109
Human Race
Maude Laurent Oct 27
I've seen the world
It falls apart
Slowly but inevitably

I watch it fall
There's nothing I can change
Not by myself

The streets are on fire
There's violence in the air
And I don't have a voice

Why are we hurting eachother
When we've only begun to change
I don't understand

Can't I call you sister
Why can't I be your friend
Why did he shoot my brother
Why can't this all just end

Colors, all we are
Specks of dust
In this empty atmosphere

And yet we still
Can't get along
There is a lot going on in the world today. Let us be kind to everyone, regardless of where they come from. (Note that this poem isn't from my real life, my brother is fine)
Oct 20 · 769
Paper Wings
Maude Laurent Oct 20
A white feather swan
Out before dawn
Little minnows swim
In the clear, calm pond
Their world so black and white
The birds cannot take flight
There is no colored dye
For their origami sky
Sep 24 · 545
Maude Laurent Sep 24
How the wrong side of the page
Happens to be
The right side of the page
Sep 23 · 245
Season of Orange and Red
Maude Laurent Sep 23
Cold of air
The leaves that fall
The chill of morn
The birds that call
Their daily song
Among the slow
Of the summer
Fall is here
Aug 1 · 197
Days with Dad
Model cars

Flying planes

Tracks for using

Tiny trains

Stretch across

The wood floor grains

Going outside

The bright burning sun

We walk on together

Father, son,

Bonded with by the shot

Of a hunting gun

Of a deer on the ground

And a Polaroid camera
I don't know why I made this but I'm a girl btw, hate fishing and we don't even own model cars or trains or planes.
Jul 24 · 152
High School Bitch
Maude Laurent Jul 24
Toxic makeup

Clown paint on your faces

Hiding, hiding

What are you afraid of

Why do you care

People talk anyways,

Still running scared

Afraid they will find

A way to see through your facade
I'm done with school but just made this to say goodbye to the petty pieces of **** I dealt with while I was there.
Jul 21 · 345
Oh, The Humanity
Maude Laurent Jul 21
The world forever in my arms,
The dangers and the growing harm,
People fighting among the flames
Time goes on, ashes remain,
I held the globe, ocean and land,
Now a sphere of barren sand
Millions of small insignificant grains
Fall apart and float away
Jun 22 · 127
Maude Laurent Jun 22
Come back home
Stop wandering far
People who love you
Dont know where you are
Return to us all
Hear desperate calls
Calling out your name
Pray you'll come home safely
One of my friends has been missing for two days, please pray for him, we dont know if he is okay
May 19 · 177
Maude Laurent May 19
Crimson red
Stain on the carpet
Blood on the head,
That's what they said
Next to the bed
Laying there dead
Glass shreds
Scattered by the legs
Of the broken chair
He was there
She gasped for air
Drunk man swinging
A chair in the air
The man did go
Nobody knows
Crying alone
Wife's lifeless stare
Stays with him there
Fate fittingly fair
He kicks away the chair
Life is like a box.
Sometimes it feels full,
Sometimes it feels empty.
But most times
It just sits on a shelf in the attic
Unopened and dusty
The world disappears
In the space
Most would fear
Even in this galaxy

Flying among the stars
Living past the moon
Inside of your shuttle
Enveloped in shimmers
Sparkling little dots

I can't express this
Nothing compares

Yet this feels familiar
On this journey
Understanding what
Really matters

A place here I
Rest and peace
Makes me feel
Safe and sound
You'll understand when you understand
Apr 28 · 144
Instrumental Tides
Maude Laurent Apr 28
There are the waves
There is the crash
Upon the shore
Forever lasts
Beat pounding
Form finding
A makeshift drum
Consisting rhythm
Never minding
Who will listen along
And dance to it's music
Apr 25 · 757
Heart Conditions
Maude Laurent Apr 25
One, you love

Two, stay by
My side

Three, I need you with me
When I open up my eyes

Four, please don't leave me
When I get in a mood

Five, I'll give you kisses
If you promise to be good

Six, all your love
Is what I've been wishin

These are my human heart conditions
The human heart conditions...
Apr 12 · 137
Artificial Colors
Maude Laurent Apr 12
The way you shove religion
Down my throat
Like it's some sort of bitter medicine
We should just endure

Saying we should have faith
When you lack faithfulness
That I should trust you
When you cannot trust yourself

Force me to take a sip
Of this medicine named "church"
And believe it will change
The way I think

It will not work
But you won't stop trying
At least you're finally showing
Your true, yet artificial colors
I do believe in God and stuff but it's complicated.
Apr 7 · 309
Chip Malfunction
Glorious feast
Wonderous assortment
Of delectable treats
But only one
Can satisfy me
With delicious dips
It happens to be
My gluttonous chip malfunction
I work in retail so... chip malfunction but twisted into food. Enjoy!
Feb 19 · 485
Incandescent Cinders
Maude Laurent Feb 19
It's hard to breathe
The smoke in the air
The ashes falling everywhere
The cigarette on the floor
The smell of fire under the door
The dead of night
The wandering sirens
The flames lick the rooftops
The screaming of silence
The eyes stare forward
The motionless figures
Desperate to turn back time
Feb 17 · 118
Stuck Truck
Maude Laurent Feb 17
Among the fresh snow
A tire spins relentlessly
Hoping to free itself
From a powdery grave
We were stuck in the was cold
Dec 2020 · 286
Maude Laurent Dec 2020
Is the escape
From the reality
That we call life sleepy
Dec 2020 · 531
Eighteen Candles
Maude Laurent Dec 2020
One year over
Another gone
Faster still
As time goes on
The hope that life
We will prolong
As we listen
To death's dear song
The music plays
Bittersweet melodies
Of your 18th birthday
My birthday was on the 13th, just thought i'd put this out into the world.
Nov 2020 · 68
Love situations
Maude Laurent Nov 2020
The way your skin sweats
And sticks to the surface of my being,
Reliving a dream
Back to a sweet love.
And then you leave
My head in confusion, I
Pick up some
Of your
On the
Just to be
Whole again.
I see your figure
Come into view again,
You were never gone,
I was just blind.
The poem is made in a way so when read it sound smooth at first and then choppy after she gets confused and then smooth when he "comes back."
Sep 2020 · 213
Itsy-bitsy spider...
Maude Laurent Sep 2020
I told you I was leaving
My life was in your hands
And I thought "Why not give him a second chance"
So I gave it to you with caution
And you promised me wonders
Beauty of things to come,
Behind your eyes
The constant lies
I still believed you could change
But over time
I realized
The only things that do change
Are the seasons
And I had spent too many of them
Caught in your unseen web.
Sep 2020 · 163
To Angel from school
Maude Laurent Sep 2020
Never knew you
Never even said hi
I wasnt even there
When you said your last goodbye
I never got to see your face
Or hear you speak a word
But heard of you from a friend
Of your life and who you were
Another smile
Another day
Another tear
You shed away
I was never there
But other people were
Gone but not forgotten
We all send up a prayer
Maybe it was the mental state
Maybe it was the diversity
I wonder what went through your head
In those final moments
When you decided
You were better off dead
On Friday last week, a person from my school (Fist name, Angel) committed suicide. Although I never knew them personally, I am saddened because nobody should ever do that. Whatever he thought in those last moments, whatever went through his mind, just know that none of whatever it was was worth it. If you need help please talk to someone, anyone. Your life is worth living and I would know. I used to be in a bad place in life where all I thought about is wanting to die, if i got out of it then anyone can. Prayers to Angel.
Sep 2020 · 53
Her mom
Maude Laurent Sep 2020
White dusty fumes
Behind cupboard doors
Powdered floor
Shiny spoons

And one ******* addict
Aug 2020 · 130
Totelly noyt drrunnk
Maude Laurent Aug 2020
My dreams predict
My future,
And I don't lie
Or at least that's what they told me
To be honest
I'm not sure what they mean sometimes...
I see emptiness in my future,
Or a galaxy of wonders,
Or just space where I will spend my days,

I might not understand my dreams,
But at least they show me
Where I left my car keys last night...

And I don't lie.
Bored... I'm so fricken bored. But have a fun friday geesh!
Aug 2020 · 459
Inspiration for the day
Maude Laurent Aug 2020
More often then not
There is a voice in your head
Telling you to give up...

Don't listen to it
I cannot say everyday will be perfect, but not every day is horrible.
Aug 2020 · 92
Soldier of the past
Maude Laurent Aug 2020
I never thought you'd leave me
Never wanted to watch you go
But I knew it would happen gradually
And now I finally know
That those memories of you and I
We're never meant to be
You were in my life for a reason
On the path to my true destiny
Sometimes I miss a soldier, forever lost in her eyes, forever gone to me...
Maude Laurent Jun 2020
I watched you on the edge
Cried when you fell
I caught you with my lips
Before you went to hell
I tasted your eternal love
And then I wanted more
But now all of you is gone
And the rest is on the floor
Yes I did get inspired by a fricken drop of ice cream doing exactly that, but I did drop my cone so I'm happy :)
May 2020 · 131
Die Alone
Maude Laurent May 2020
Shadows that watch you sleep
Drifting silent
And they creep
Along the lonely alley

Not a penny to your name
Not change to spare
You walk along
The sidewalk there

You know no man
Care not to ask
Why would they
Hurt you like this

Setting out for
A revenge so hatred
A thought in your brain
A conscious slain

For all vengeance costs
For a life you've lost,

You cannot go back home,

And a real man dies alone
Inspired by Zack Hemsey's "Vengeance"
May 2020 · 69
Days that pass
Maude Laurent May 2020
Taking chances
Slow dances,
Midnight kisses
Wished wishes,
Birds cheeping
Still sleeping,
Waking up
Morning, love
I'm a corona girl, in a corona world, it so stupid, i hate all of it.
Mar 2020 · 301
Shutter Sound
Maude Laurent Mar 2020
The moon
In the tree's
And they danced
I watched
Their limbs
And I captured
That moment
My camera
The craters are there
The vines point
Straight to
The faint light
Small rotating orb
Like a twig
They all fall
Their weight on me
And the moon is gone
A fleeting beauty
Such of only
Existed in my imagination
My words
"It was never real"
And my heart breaks
This is a metaphorical poem referring to a beautiful love that you thought was real only to find out that reality is harsher than we want it to be.
Mar 2020 · 166
Maude Laurent Mar 2020
When life gives you
Paths to choose from
And they all look bad...

Make a new one
A little inspiration for your day :)
Feb 2020 · 117
When Warned
Maude Laurent Feb 2020
I never said I wanted you
The words warned me of your kind
But I never cared to listen

Maybe I should have.
Feb 2020 · 194
Loss for Music
Maude Laurent Feb 2020
These black and white
Piano keys
They never understood me,
At least if they did...
They don't anymore.
I stood there,
While their response answered
And their notes sung a dark sound
Of furious despair
As I wept,
Fallen flat on the floor,
For the one I loved.
This one hits closer to home with the despair and sadness when you lose a loved one, specifically for piano players. I do play some piano, but I'm not that good at it.
Feb 2020 · 91
Held me
Maude Laurent Feb 2020
The last time I saw you
I met you in sorrow
We laughed and we talked
Like there was no tomorrow

Tomorrow has come
I'm stuck in the rain
Between all your love
I still feel the pain

My eyes grew
A funeral black
When I thought you had my back
And I was wrong

Does it matter anymore
The tears I've wept
The nights that I
Haven't slept?

The hypochondriac insomniac
Who lives in turmoil.
I used to have a friend, now I don't. Never turn on your friends.
Feb 2020 · 641
Confined Words
Maude Laurent Feb 2020
I don't want to let go,
I don't want to lose you,
I care for you still
Now I can't feel

My emotions are wild,
I wake up in tears
As well as drown in them,
Forgetting how to swim

I would let go,
But then I'd fall
And end up being
More broken than I already am...
To the ex friends we care about, please come back
Feb 2020 · 125
Maude Laurent Feb 2020
Why do you look at the ground
Eyes down,
As if you were ashamed
Of all you stand for?

Why do you mumble quietly
Afraid to speak
What you actually think
For fear of being wrong?

When did you get this feeling of
Of how talented you are
And how skilled you've become?

It started when you
Walked through those doors,
Were told to sit still
And to only speak when spoken to

Welcome to School.
This is true for most people, and I'm trying to keep my head up everyday and not be ashamed of who I truly am.
Jan 2020 · 108
The Story of a Writer
Maude Laurent Jan 2020
Once upon a time I would write about you,

As if I could keep you on a piece of paper.

Forever trapped within these pages

I thought I had you to be by my side.

I held you in a book,

To preserve your every binding
I watched you closely,

I kept writing your story inside of the chapters we had created.

Was it not enough for you?

When had the walls become so stained with the ink that flowed from my pen?

Smooth like blood and yet you never told me, I had to drown in it to realize I had let you down.

My hands slipped,
and the book fell far from my reach.
Its last written page red tears on blood that my hand had bleed upon.

Within my sight I saw another writer, who grabbed you from where you had fallen, and left with haste.
I tried to stop them but it was too late,
the book would forever be lost to my eyes.  
I had no choice left but to cling on to your lifeless pages that I had ripped from your heart to give me solace.
Where was the comfort then?

From every heartfelt word I had written,

Every sleepless night,
Where was the humanity?!

At last my soaked eyes lay upon a blurry sentence of truth. My heart would never accept them though.
Someday, I vowed,
You would return to realization that I had never hurt you.
All of those voices you heard were lies.

Eventually you'll see, that I will write you again,

New pages and new adventures.

Forever a worn soldier of time and memories...
To friends who abandon us...
Jan 2020 · 633
Maude Laurent Jan 2020
What you deserve

Isn't me
To all friends who back stab you...
Jan 2020 · 391
Cut off
Maude Laurent Jan 2020
If you are my light,

Then why do I want to stay in the darkness?
Jan 2020 · 66
Stay here
Maude Laurent Jan 2020
Stuck in reverse
Caught in a verse
I don't know anymore

But the letters remain
They all keep me sane
From the blood in my brain
To my poisonous veins

They scream in my head
Things I have read
Things that I said
From which I have fled

The empty kills quicker
My blood becomes thicker
I numb my body
But my heart still hurts

Holding on to life
The staining ink
Remains my core

I never want the letters to go away

Because then I'll be alone
I never run out of words to write, mostly
Jan 2020 · 144
To a friend
Maude Laurent Jan 2020
It's good to see you smile
You haven't in a while,
To hear your laughter again
And see your happy grin

My heart restores,
I am assured once more
This is for a friend of mine
Dec 2019 · 85
My Advice
Maude Laurent Dec 2019
I actually have a blog about poetry
It's quite simple and easy to read
And i'm telling you, sooo..
Click on the link in the notes below :)

(Copy & Paste)
Dec 2019 · 152
Maude Laurent Dec 2019
The sun is looking
To shine on you
But the clouds shadow you
And the snow falls
Just like the day it did before
Dec 2019 · 647
Painted kisses
Maude Laurent Dec 2019
I hate myself
For wanting you,
A birthday wish
That can never
Come true
Dec 2019 · 359
When we grow up
Maude Laurent Dec 2019
When we grow up
And the sunlight fades
A grey shadow clouds over you
And you you cannot run,
And you cannot cry

The child like innocence
Taken from your hope
Your smile disappears
And you find a world of hate
And a world of responsibility

The weight on your shoulders
Drags you to the ground
Every second your breath expands
Time moves in spite of it
And our bones fade

Time, never a memory,
Only a moment
To eternity
It's my birthday, some things never change
Dec 2019 · 89
Maude Laurent Dec 2019
You hold me in you warm embrace
But I cant focus
I say I just need some space
But you dont listen

All I want is a shoulder
A room to talk
A meadow or wood
Where I can walk

I need to vent
My brain is bent
This heart that you stole
Is only begging for a little control
Dec 2019 · 65
Maude Laurent Dec 2019
Try and see me
My skin is a window
As clear as day
Invisible I walk
Nobody can see me

I watch the world crumble

And my glass continues to break
I am aware
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