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Mania, as the sun hails through the breeze,
and comes to kiss the cheek of the depressed.
the winter is gone and quaintly I remiss about years of longing.
Flux, the ray places the warm degrees to skin and a feeling comes about and begins to spread. Happiness is here, yet it was not missed. Nadir, the sun is robbed by the winds and time, but the warmth still lingers; just to a lesser deegre.

May I miss the first sun of spring again.
The people I have affected,
as a car
Rolls over a road,
like a bulldozer,
I only hope they managed not to crack

At least I hope some of the concrete stayed in place.

I see some of them stable, yet
Others worry me beyond belief
I worry they are no longer recognizable,
No longer traversable
No longer what I remember

One cross section, of always, gives me fright
And to think I'll never need to go straight down that brown haired road again
From two worlds, one and undone the in between
The glue that holds what can and cannot be seen
I declare that by my hands and my grace
This magic shall no longer be a wall

As love as a haste, let my commandment be a hall
To bridge the gap from where I go, to where I wish
Let me see star, for a lover's last kiss
Inspired by Star vs the Forces of Evil
 Dec 2019 Maude Laurent
silence says more
than empty words
the golden ratio,
2 ears,
one mouth


it works
There are many words,
But only one silence,
In so many worlds
So few senses.
Time is always
the first one out the door
in the morning
 Dec 2019 Maude Laurent
Again she asked me why
Why do you help
That guy?
He's known
To cheat, steal and lie
Why in the ****!
Would you help that guy?
I asked myself
And look inside
Then I realize
If he died
I'd cry
Traveler Tim
Is a worst tenant,
Don't let it rent a space in your head.
 Nov 2019 Maude Laurent
Chandra S
It took years for the physicist
and the meta-physicist
to reluctantly agree.

They took opposing alleys:
One looked into matter
and arrived at its intrinsic energy.
The other looked at energy
and saw matter as incidental analogy;
just a random criss-cross
of cosmic puissance.

They made much ado
in arriving where my good old
three-band radio
catapulted me years ago.

Since my teens;
she had faithfully been
my worthy companion.
With sweet melodies,
thoughtful talks,
rousing commentaries....
she kept me company
through thick and thin.
For a scanty eternity,
she was the only tie with humanity
in my plain, flat life;
lonesome, sickly and solitary.

We knew each other closely;
fondly and dearly
and I would talk to her,
some would say foolishly,
and though strangely,
she always responded readily.

For years sixteen
that Philips machine
was with me
and I saw
into her inherent energy
that underlies every material entity.


When she died suddenly
without warning....abruptly,
I knew a friend had gone
but the essence lived on.

We had perfect camaraderie:
She was all intricacy;
body, battery and circuitry,
and the spark that came from me;
ah!!! my art of tuning adeptly.

Though I got newer models and makes,
the heart still beats with a dull ache
for the one who began as mortal matter
and bonded timelessly with my being;
...merged and mingled...
as an undying memory,
in what they call
my imperishable, impregnable spirit.
Inspired by: Loneliness, sickness, contemplation, nostalgia, longing and a Philips radio set.

The radio set was purchased by my father when I was a year old. It was a 3-band radio and came with a leather case that had a shoulder string. My parents would take a walk after supper and I would be perched on one of their arms while the radio would be slung on the other shoulder. I grew up with it. It kept me company for as long as it lasted and remained a true companion in my varyingly solitary moments.
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