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Maude Laurent Feb 10
The last time I saw you
I met you in sorrow
We laughed and we talked
Like there was no tomorrow

Tomorrow has come
I'm stuck in the rain
Between all your love
I still feel the pain

My eyes grew
A funeral black
When I thought you had my back
And I was wrong

Does it matter anymore
The tears I've wept
The nights that I
Haven't slept?

The hypochondriac insomniac
Who lives in turmoil.
I used to have a friend, now I don't. Never turn on your friends.
I don't want to let go,
I don't want to lose you,
I care for you still
Now I can't feel

My emotions are wild,
I wake up in tears
As well as drown in them,
Forgetting how to swim

I would let go,
But then I'd fall
And end up being
More broken than I already am...
To the ex friends we care about, please come back
Why do you look at the ground
Eyes down,
As if you were ashamed
Of all you stand for?

Why do you mumble quietly
Afraid to speak
What you actually think
For fear of being wrong?

When did you get this feeling of
Of how talented you are
And how skilled you've become?

It started when you
Walked through those doors,
Were told to sit still
And to only speak when spoken to

Welcome to School.
This is true for most people, and I'm trying to keep my head up everyday and not be ashamed of who I truly am.
Maude Laurent Jan 28
Once upon a time I would write about you,

As if I could keep you on a piece of paper.

Forever trapped within these pages

I thought I had you to be by my side.

I held you in a book,

To preserve your every binding
I watched you closely,

I kept writing your story inside of the chapters we had created.

Was it not enough for you?

When had the walls become so stained with the ink that flowed from my pen?

Smooth like blood and yet you never told me, I had to drown in it to realize I had let you down.

My hands slipped,
and the book fell far from my reach.
Its last written page red tears on blood that my hand had bleed upon.

Within my sight I saw another writer, who grabbed you from where you had fallen, and left with haste.
I tried to stop them but it was too late,
the book would forever be lost to my eyes.  
I had no choice left but to cling on to your lifeless pages that I had ripped from your heart to give me solace.
Where was the comfort then?

From every heartfelt word I had written,

Every sleepless night,
Where was the humanity?!

At last my soaked eyes lay upon a blurry sentence of truth. My heart would never accept them though.
Someday, I vowed,
You would return to realization that I had never hurt you.
All of those voices you heard were lies.

Eventually you'll see, that I will write you again,

New pages and new adventures.

Forever a worn soldier of time and memories...
To friends who abandon us...
It's good to see you smile
You haven't in a while,
To hear your laughter again
And see your happy grin

My heart restores,
I am assured once more
This is for a friend of mine
Maude Laurent Dec 2019
I actually have a blog about poetry
It's quite simple and easy to read
And i'm telling you, sooo..
Click on the link in the notes below :)

(Copy & Paste)
  Dec 2019 Maude Laurent
I am dancing
with your demons,
and you're dancing
with mine.
And for a moment,  
we forgot we're in hell.
We're not living, we're just killing time.
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