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Maude Laurent Jun 25
I watched you on the edge
Cried when you fell
I caught you with my lips
Before you went to hell
I tasted your eternal love
And then I wanted more
But now all of you is gone
And the rest is on the floor
Yes I did get inspired by a fricken drop of ice cream doing exactly that, but I did drop my cone so I'm happy :)
Maude Laurent May 17
Shadows that watch you sleep
Drifting silent
And they creep
Along the lonely alley

Not a penny to your name
Not change to spare
You walk along
The sidewalk there

You know no man
Care not to ask
Why would they
Hurt you like this

Setting out for
A revenge so hatred
A thought in your brain
A conscious slain

For all vengeance costs
For a life you've lost,

You cannot go back home,

And a real man dies alone
Inspired by Zack Hemsey's "Vengeance"
Maude Laurent May 10
Taking chances
Slow dances,
Midnight kisses
Wished wishes,
Birds cheeping
Still sleeping,
Waking up
Morning, love
I'm a corona girl, in a corona world, it so stupid, i hate all of it.
Maude Laurent Mar 11
The moon
In the tree's
And they danced
I watched
Their limbs
And I captured
That moment
My camera
The craters are there
The vines point
Straight to
The faint light
Small rotating orb
Like a twig
They all fall
Their weight on me
And the moon is gone
A fleeting beauty
Such of only
Existed in my imagination
My words
"It was never real"
And my heart breaks
This is a metaphorical poem referring to a beautiful love that you thought was real only to find out that reality is harsher than we want it to be.
When life gives you
Paths to choose from
And they all look bad...

Make a new one
A little inspiration for your day :)
Maude Laurent Feb 21
I never said I wanted you
The words warned me of your kind
But I never cared to listen

Maybe I should have.
Maude Laurent Feb 20
These black and white
Piano keys
They never understood me,
At least if they did...
They don't anymore.
I stood there,
While their response answered
And their notes sung a dark sound
Of furious despair
As I wept,
Fallen flat on the floor,
For the one I loved.
This one hits closer to home with the despair and sadness when you lose a loved one, specifically for piano players. I do play some piano, but I'm not that good at it.
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