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Maude Laurent May 19
Crimson red
Stain on the carpet
Blood on the head,
That's what they said
Next to the bed
Laying there dead
Glass shreds
Scattered by the legs
Of the broken chair
He was there
She gasped for air
Drunk man swinging
A chair in the air
The man did go
Nobody knows
Crying alone
Wife's lifeless stare
Stays with him there
Fate fittingly fair
He kicks away the chair
Life is like a box.
Sometimes it feels full,
Sometimes it feels empty.
But most times
It just sits on a shelf in the attic
Unopened and dusty
The world disappears
In the space
Most would fear
Even in this galaxy

Flying among the stars
Living past the moon
Inside of your shuttle
Enveloped in shimmers
Sparkling little dots

I can't express this
Nothing compares

Yet this feels familiar
On this journey
Understanding what
Really matters

A place here I
Rest and peace
Makes me feel
Safe and sound
You'll understand when you understand
Maude Laurent Apr 28
There are the waves
There is the crash
Upon the shore
Forever lasts
Beat pounding
Form finding
A makeshift drum
Consisting rhythm
Never minding
Who will listen along
And dance to it's music
Maude Laurent Apr 25
One, you love

Two, stay by
My side

Three, I need you with me
When I open up my eyes

Four, please don't leave me
When I get in a mood

Five, I'll give you kisses
If you promise to be good

Six, all your love
Is what I've been wishin

These are my human heart conditions
The human heart conditions...
Maude Laurent Apr 12
The way you shove religion
Down my throat
Like it's some sort of bitter medicine
We should just endure

Saying we should have faith
When you lack faithfulness
That I should trust you
When you cannot trust yourself

Force me to take a sip
Of this medicine named "church"
And believe it will change
The way I think

It will not work
But you won't stop trying
At least you're finally showing
Your true, yet artificial colors
I do believe in God and stuff but it's complicated.
Glorious feast
Wonderous assortment
Of delectable treats
But only one
Can satisfy me
With delicious dips
It happens to be
My gluttonous chip malfunction
I work in retail so... chip malfunction but twisted into food. Enjoy!
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