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Matthieu Jan 11
Compliments compliment a yearning for love
But the leaves leave, like everyone.
Even from earth, space spaces things out

Sullen faces face the rising sun
Eerie silence silently patters the surface
Blue and black suits suit him best

It’s hardly hard to walk among the rest
Seasons season a life of despair
The buckle buckles after years and years

Our clutter clutters our heart and our mind.
However many roses rose from cracks he passed by.
Only his net nets a sense of worth..

Tears welling well into the cold, empty night
A glass of bitters, bitter against the palette
Feelings of dying dyes his kaleidoscope eyes.

Plotting plot notes of a final farewell...
Would his passing pass by everyone’s eyes?
This was an attempt at homonym structuring. I actually found it rather perculiar to push my vocabulary and thought pattern in a new direction writing this.

I didn’t expect it to manifest as a question to the path that we walk and if it was a road built by or for us... so there is some irony to the creation of this little piece.

The excercise was to be more creative in storytelling and using multi-use words without a dictionary or google etc etc.

It isn’t totally perfect and I will attempt an update next week but I hope today you enjoy this for your own pleasure -

Thank you kindly for reading and if you have any suggestions to improve or other multi-use words send me a message! I’d love to discuss :)

Matthieu Dec 2019
Breeding heathens in my darkest hearts, I hear you there

Scorned a devil laying deep, with my scrimaged soul to bare

And found myself apart from you

The love you'll never know was there

A sidestep from the heroism who stumbled into fate my dear

Quiet little tapping of the man whose laid to waste

Tied with all the anger that there is no controlling me, mate

Australian under the southern cross

Identity here is all but lost.

I trusted I could love again but bitter I've become

so filled with ******* lust for life

Yet sleeping between the busted pipes

Meowing of the tabby scratching up the chesterfield

against the glossy white shadow of the moonlight

Oh how I have become such a fan of silence in the russian snow

Breathing in chernobyl's chilly glow and winter air,

I feel my breath against the planets southern hemisphere.

I just want an escape from here.

I just want to escape.


Matthieu Oct 2019
Thank you for sharing your poems on this site
Thank you too, for reading mine.

Thank you, yes you!
For opening up,

To share your soul,
To be strong enough.

Some of you I feel the tears, the fears,
I remind you now, you're welcome here.

Some of you have puffed and passed,
Jesus, how you've made me laugh.

Thank each and every one of you,
For sharing the journey you're going through.

This community has been a sense of life,
a place of acceptance that's hard to find.

Im grateful to you all for the time, the energy, the comradery, the sense of family,the support, the empathy and love in every poem that's posted, and to have experienced your view of the world.

It's a reminder that this platform has been an outlet for many people trying to decode their reality, to express the emotions,

Thank you :)
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  Oct 2019 Matthieu
Faizel Farzee
I walk among the living
       But I'm dead inside
A saddened void where my heart
  once reside, devoid of all feeling
                 I'm Numb
When the numb replaces the pain,
Clutching at my chest, there's nothing
I'm going insane
I touch your flame,
Just to feel something....anything
  Oct 2019 Matthieu
Griffin Hehmeyer
From today until yesterday
From now until forever
I'll be walking here beside you
I'll be walking here whenever

And when you come to crossroads
Whatever road you choose  
Take comfort in the fact
That ill be walking next to you

In times of strife
In times of famine
Times of loss and woe
Wherever you decide to wander
That is where I go

Through mountains breaking through the clouds
And valleys far below
whenever you decide to travel
I'll be there through wind and snow

And when it comes the time to end
This journey you have done
I will be right by your side
For our journey has just begun
Matthieu Oct 2019
Boldly Go Where Your Heart Beats It's Verse,
Don't Believe That You Can't Find Your Worth
You Are Golden, Brilliant In The Sun
Don't Forget Someone Loves You Now, My Son

Sleep So Silently, You'll Rise Smile On Your Face
Don't Desire Age, Don't Lose Your Sense of Place
Revel In Your Innocence, The World Won't Seem So Strange
You're Beautiful, You're Beautiful, And Safe.

Don't Miss Your Chance To Be,
Who You're Destined To Be.
Love Everyone You Come Across,
Chase Your Dreams, And Never Stop.

Boldly Go Where Your Heart Beats It's Verse,
Don't Believe That You Can't Find Your Worth
You Are Golden, Brilliant In The Sun
Don't Forget Someone Loves You Now, My Son
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